Grass Fed Farming Business

Grass fed farming can be a profitable business but it differs greatly from mass-producing industrial farming.

Here is an article that discusses the paperwork involved, what type of suppliers are needed, and the type of marketing that will help you gain the market share needed for a profitable grass fed farming business.

Grass fed farming can be a profitable business since the organic or grass fed consumers has been increasing over the years. In comparison to industrial farming however, this type of farming requires more effort. So if you are planning to start a grass fed farming business the following should be considered in addition to procuring the farm and animals.

Paperwork for Grass Fed Farming Business

There is a lot of paperwork needed to be accomplished when you start and operate a grass fed farming business or an organic farm. First of all, you must apply for a business name registration and a grass fed farming business license with your local and state agencies. And since grass fed is a special type of farming you must consider getting accredited with the Department of Agriculture.

During your operations, you must also keep a log of your suppliers plus the services you avail of like veterinary and butcher’s services. This would support your certification of being a grass fed farming business.

Contact Grass Fed Farming Business Suppliers

There are three suppliers of products and services that you will need to work with when you set up your organic farm. First you will have to find a feeds supplier that will supply you with certified organic grass or similar chemical free and natural feeds. In order to keep your farm animals healthy, you will also need to be in contact with a veterinarian who knows about organic farming and uses no antibiotics, and similar chemicals in case your animals need medical attention. And when your farm animals are ready, you will then need a butcher who will process your meat for selling separate from other industrially grown animals.

Marketing Your Grass Fed Farming Business

Before you venture into a grass fed farming business, make sure that you have a market for the products that you produce and a strategy on how you can grab this market to patronize your products. The market that you find may not necessarily be an existing market who favors organic or grass fed meat but your local community’s meat-buying market. Many will find the environmental and health benefits of grass fed meat more favorable than industrially produced so you must have a good branding and promotional strategy that focuses on these two strengths.

Aside from the mass market, you must also consider intermediaries-meat shops. Create deals that will not only get you the income advantage but one that will gain you patronage. For instance, consider whether you should sell packaged meat or butchered.


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