How to be an Organic Farmer

It used to be that there is no market or industry for organic products. But in the coming of the new millennium, demand for organic products has shot up to a staggering $51 billion market. Because of this, there are now many farmers wanting to tap into this new agricultural industry.

The question of how to become an organic farmer now is the question. Read and learn how to become one.

It used to be the before the decade the 90s of the last millennium, the market for organic products is totally zero. There was no conscious awareness as to the overall benefits of organic products. But as the coming of the new millennium, the demand for organic products shot up to a record-breaking market niche; an astounding $51 billion industry in 2008. This phenomenal high demand for organic products has spurted the growth of organically managed farmland. As of the present, it is estimated that there is a total of 87M acres around the world that is farmed organically. This estimates for 0.8 percent of farmland around the globe. In 2008 alone, organic products were harvested from around 31 million hectares.

Given this backgrounder for the growth in the market of organic products, the main question that pervades the mindset of ever farmer opting to tap into this newly born market is how to get into the business and be an organic farmer.

Basically, there is no different that delineates between inorganic farming and organic farming. Both are still concerned in planting products. The only difference is the technique when growing products. If one wants to be an organic farmer, then guidelines below can help:

The Meaning of Organic Farmer

If one wants to be an organic farmer, it follows the reasoning that one should know how to plant and grow organic products. As it is organic farming that is concerned here, to become an organic farmer must follow certain specific style in growing his products. The International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movement or IFOAM has set standard on organic agricultural methods. This is the one that defines one how to become an organic farmer.

The Agricultural Techniques

When one wants to be an organic farmer, he must know basic agricultural techniques that are required in growing organic products. Some of the basic techniques that one must know are crop rotation, use of green manure and compost, and biological pest control. One must know that these techniques are what the farmer will use to maintain the soil productivity and how to control pests in his farm. The organic farmer must also know that there is a limit to the use of manufactured fertilizers, pesticides and plant growth regulators. This basically is what that separates the inorganic farmer from the organic farmers.


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