How to Start Bow Manufacturing Business

Starting a bow manufacturing business can be profitable for any one. As long as you are creative enough, there is always a ready-market awaiting for your products.

Creative people who enjoy making crafts might want to check out and start their own bow manufacturing business later on.

As some might not be fully aware, selling bows (or hairbows, as they are more commonly referred to) is a promising business opportunity because there is always a ready-market looking for new designs and new products. As you can see, bow making can be more than just a hobby that you do to pass the time but you can also make some money out of it. Nowadays, it is common to know about moms and even grandmas who are able to create beautiful bows but do not have much idea about how to sell it to potential customers.

Looking for some information about how to start a bow manufacturing business, the first step for you to look for wholesale shops where you can buy the best materials for the lowest prices. Ribbons, barrettes, hot glues and many others are common tools that you will use on a daily basis once you start to pursue a bow manufacturing business. Aside from checking out the phonebook or the official websites of different shops, it would also be more beneficial if you will ask people you know who probably share the same interest so you can get some handy tips and honest feedbacks (whether they be positive or negative) with regards to the local shops where these materials are sold.
To get you started, another helpful advice for those starting a bow manufacturing business would be top buy shipping supplies in a wholesale basis. This is surely very advisable for boxes, bubblewrap and poly liners so you wouldn’t have to come back and purchase them several times when you run out of supplies.

These days, another good idea for you to do is to set up your own website. After all, there are a lot of website hosting tools that give their services for free. With this, you would benefit from exposure to a bigger number of potential clients, even in a worldwide scale. You can always upload pictures and include brief descriptions (price, size, etc) so people will know about your products. When you do that, make sure that you will post clear pictures and you could even edit them using Photoshop or Corel so you could enhance it in any way you want. Of course, putting some of your contact information (especially your email address) is also a must.

If you want, you can also sell your products directly on your website by setting up an online ordering system. You should include information about additional charges that you might require from your clients. Shipping fees typically vary depending on the distance of the person who orders your product. If you will also offer customized services, being specific about the terms and conditions could help you avoid hassles in the future too.


  • Sanjay said on September 12, 2009
    How to Start Bow Manufacturing Business? and what are the requirements for the same? and what are the initial steps to be taken?
  • Shelia Johnson said on April 8, 2010
    i want to open a bow manufacturing business in Chicago IL, USA
  • sandeep singh1 said on September 6, 2010
    Hello sir, Its sandeep from Uttrakhand (Roorkee, Distt Haridwar), I did want to start a business of my own with a small scale of plastic bottles for the packaging purpose for other factories as the Roorkee itself is locating in hub of SIDKUL industrial area around in Bhagwanpur & in BHEL area and thus having large scale of scope is there for the packaging industry. Pls advice the necessary needs and the procedure for starting a good and small scale unit. thanks, sandeep
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    sir i want to start plastic /acrylic sheet manufacturing business in delhi please help
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  • anoop Singh saini said on April 2, 2014
    sir I want to start my own business but I am not think the business idea what type of business I do. my city is roorkee, haridwar. I am a mechanical engg.
  • sayak said on June 3, 2014
    Sir, I wish to start a sword manufacturing business in in India. I have an good martial art and engineering background. It will be really helpful to me if you kindly tell me about the detailed legal side for this matter. Thank you in advance.
  • ABHISHEK said on August 29, 2014
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  • Giridhara Sathal said on June 8, 2016
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