How to Start Biologics Manufacturing Business

If you want to start a biologics manufacturing business, you should possess relevant knowledge. Knowing the basics can put you at an advantage. You have to create a detailed and full proof business plan to guide you from startup until the opening of your manufacturing facility.

If you are not sure about the operations, you can refer to the plan.

Starting Your Own Biologics Manufacturing Business

When it comes to biologics manufacturing, you should be aware that this is a highly regulated and technologically complex process. This type of business is very much different from the small-molecule manufacturing because it requires considerable planning, skilled personnel, and investment. It involves high risk and one great solution would be to partner with biotech companies to lower the costs. At present, the industry is still underdeveloped. The only way to succeed is to tolerate risk, have enough capital, and have long term plans.

Before you start with this kind of business, you need to determine if there is enough need for biologics manufacturing in your region or state/country. Biologics technology is still immature and it can be hard to start this kind of business because if the regulatory constraints. The good news is that biotech products are now in demand and so this might be the perfect time to enter the industry. To lessen the risk and have more chances to succeed, you have to create a business plan. The only way to create comprehensive and formal plan is to study the market and conduct thorough research. If you do your homework, you can easily plan the startup to the launching of the business.

Requirements and Other Concerns

Determine the zoning and licensing requirements in your region. You have to pick an ideal location for the manufacturing facility. After you’ve found the location, you can now purchase the needed tools, equipment, and other necessities. Hiring the needed staffs should follow and make sure that you hire only the skilled ones. Even if you need to re-train them, your new employees can easily learn the procedure since they have background knowledge and experience already. Take your time in the hiring process and prepare the manufacturing facility by getting the needed supplies as well.

Find biotech companies and you can tie up with them. It can be hard to start a sole proprietorship but if you’re confident that you can do it, then go ahead; if not, you can always opt for partnership. This is a serious business and you have to know the latest trends in the industry in order to stay competitive. Refer to your business plan just in case you’re not sure about the decisions that you’re making. Apply for the utilities including telephone lines so that clients can contact you with ease. It would also be a great idea to maintain an online business to cater to the global market. As a manufacturing business, you can supply the worldwide market.



  • mangesh chate said on May 22, 2011
    i wud like to start syringe production in latur so plz send me some info....
  • said on July 17, 2011
    Dear sir, i would like to setup my own lecithin plant near nagpur. if possible could u please send me a brief details related project.
  • IRISHMEET SINGH said on July 18, 2011
    i am coming up with a new manufacturing unit want some job work assist me for the same its a syrup ,cap and tablet unit non betalactam
  • kapil Bhimani said on July 30, 2011
    i am study in m.pharm biotechnology in 3rd sem. i wann to open antibiotic production (like azitromycine). what my 1st step? After i complete produce a product, how to sell it? can multinational companies give me a contract? how ccqan i get contract from them? plz... plz... give me some information
  • lee said on March 24, 2012
    i would like to start bio product manufacturing .am based in Pretoria,in south africa. am mostly interested in the cost structures part of the business.
  • srinivasa babu said on March 4, 2013
    sir am a microbiologist in veterinary disciplined , Bangalore , Karnataka interested in production of vaccine for livestock ,in same time i don't have the pron & cons of this project , so can get it from you thanking you sir .
  • parsapu vinay said on August 19, 2015
    Sir/Madam, I Vinay Parsapu, I belong to Hyderabad, Talangana, India.. I did My Post Graduation In Pharmacy In Industrial Pharmacy Stream, sir I would like to establish a Pharmaceutical company which is small in Size and about 1cr of Budget. I would like to Synthesize antibiotic,( like azithromycine, cifixime, doxycilline), Pain killers like (aceclofenac, tramondol, acetaminofine) , some muli vitamines, calcium tab. Sir please suggest me the project requirements, and some companies which will buy the api product, and the require machinery, manpower, please help me out..


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