Starting Manufacturers Sales Representatives Business

If you want to start a manufacturer’s sales rep business, you will need to consider your educational background. You should be motivated enough and should be willing to work hard.

Get the needed licenses and permits to operate a legit business. Design the contract and have the client sign it.

A lot of people these days prefer to work at their most convenient time. Working at a conventional office can be boring to some individuals. If you’re motivated enough, you can start a manufacturer’s sales representatives business. This will allow you to earn great profits and at the same time, you get to choose your work schedule. Any kind of business will entail hard work during startup and to make things easier, you can benefit from a solid and detailed business plan. To ensure success, you must have the right attitude and possess adequate knowledge.

How to Start Manufacturers Sales Representatives Business?

You must first evaluate if you have enough background and knowledge in running this type of business. You will be hiring representatives and you must get the competent ones. You also have to appraise your skills honestly, so you can run the business with ease. It would be best if you choose an industry that you’re interested in. Since you’re just starting out, you have to focus in only one manufacturer and when you have gained considerable experience you can now explore other businesses. Setting up the business may take time but your plan can guide you all the way.

You have to obtain licenses and permits. You can consult with the city or county office to find out the requirements when obtaining a business license like DBA. At times, you will also be required to get special permits. For tax purposes, you should obtain an employer identification number. When the legal aspect has been addressed, you can now purchase the needed office equipment, supplies, and other things you need in running the business. To keep track of all the income and expenses, you will need accounting software. The hardest part is finding clients. You can check the directory of manufacturers in the US.

When you have found potential clients, you must schedule for a meeting. Write a letter to the head of the company to show your willingness to become a sales representative. You can do some follow up calls. Make sure that both parties sign a contract to close the deal. Even if you have already found a client, you shouldn’t stop your advertising efforts. Depending on the contract you’ve signed with the client, you may still be able to find another manufacturer that belongs to the same industry. You can enlist your business in the Yellow Pages and as much as possible, you must have a business website. Most of your communications will be done online, so this is necessary.


  • Joydeb Sharma said on January 16, 2011
    I am an experienced sales professional and now looking forward to start my own business. But my main obstacle is capital. With a capital investment of max 1 lakh , I want to start a distributorship business. Can u please help me in selecting the right product to start my business or the kind of business I should start with. Joydeb Sharma, Silchar, Assam, India (Mob - 9957566170)
  • Manish said on November 11, 2013
    I am interested in running this type of business let me know how to go . My number is 8975767038. Regards, Manish


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