How to Start Apartment Movers Franchise

The Apartment Movers Company is one of the best moving systems in the country.

The center consists of only the best dedicated and hardworking individuals that have been trained to provide the most convenient and excellent customer service.

Moving has always been considered a stressful job, and with Apartment Movers, the task is made so much easier. With the Apartment Mover’s you can rest assured that all your moving and transport needs are supplied at your convenience. The company offers only the best service to satisfy your moving needs.

Since its dawn in 1995 and franchise birth in 1998, the moving industry has since retained an extensive program that aims to provide only the top quality service at the most affordable price. The company provides laborers, professional packing, loading and storage, unloading, inside delivery setup, debris removal and placement services. Packing boxes may also be provided upon request, unless of course the customer would prefer to pack the items himself. If this is the case the company extends his purchase power over partnerships so as to offer you the low packaging material pricing.

Containers as well as other materials for storage and transport are available upon request to assist all of your moving concerns. The company specializes in the small moving of either home residential or large company businesses. You can either move items piece by piece or have them hauled all in one day. The moving all happens at your convenience, however you feel comfortable doing it.

The franchise has 4 employees and 2 in the franchise department. The company seeks franchises nationwide and offers several exclusive territories. The total investment required to operate the Apartment Movers franchise is around $75,000 - $150,000, with a franchise fee of $24,500. The ongoing royalty fee is 5% with a ten year renewable term of agreement.

As per operations are concerned, the number of employees needed to run a franchised unit are ten and absentee ownership of franchise is allowed with 40% of current franchisees are either owners or operators. Upon approval of the application to start the Apartment Movers Franchise, you may be called upon by a professional that is provided to brief you with the initial information. The training at headquarters is available for a week and at the franchise location for around 3 days. Any further questions may be forwarded to the ongoing training personnel. This support includes newsletters, meetings, the toll free phone line, the grand opening and security or safety products, security and safety procedures, field operations and evaluations and purchasing cooperatives. The marketing support provided is co-op advertising, as slicks and regional advertising.


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