Owning a Freedom Boat Club Franchise

The Freedom Boat Club franchise is the perfect option for business minded people that want to be in charge of their own income and financial stability, as well as boating enthusiasts alike.

The Freedom Boat Club is a membership boat and yacht club that has been in the business since 1989 and has started franchising in 2000.

It originated in Sarasota Florida with headquarters at 7835 Camargo Rd, Cincinnati Ohio. It is the most well known and respected boat club in the country that provides hassle free boating options. One does not necessarily need to possess a boat to participate in the Freedom Boat club, and is given the option to just select the boat style of his or her choice and the member may then experience that boat with his friends or family. There are more than 60 locations in the country, from Florida to Ohio, so many options to access the facilities. It is one of the best boat club options in the Recreational Facilities and Services industry, privately held and operating a company with at least 200 employees with around 6,000 members.

The concept applied to this kind of business is called the shared asset model. Membership to the Freedom Boat Club allows the member unrestricted access to all the boats in the company’s fleet. The company is in charge of making the boat purchases for you, the storage of the boats, dockage and maintenance, insurance and taxes. Upon arrangement of the style of boat they wish to use, the date and time when they wish to use it, the boat will be there ready for their use, with no added or extra charge of use of the boat to the original fee. The only thing the client has to pay for is the fuel of the boat. The option to use the boat when necessary rather than purchasing one is a cheaper alternative altogether. There are several types of memberships available for the client’s personal preference and lifestyle. Free with the boaters membership is the education, insurance, invitation to social functions and the best service.

To start and apply for a Freedom Boat franchise, one requires accessibility to a reasonably large body of water, this may either be fresh or salt; a willing population of boating enthusiasts; a marina with 2-4 boat slips and an optimistic, goal and business oriented mentality. The franchise provides reciprocity between clubs, a peer network with annual conferences, online website and online reservation system, web portal access to all the business forms, materials, promotions and manuals, group insurance programs, boat purchasing and training and operations assistance.
The fees include a $25,000 initial franchise fee with a 6% of sale royalty fee. The start up cost is $175,000-$550,000 with a net worth requirement of $250,000 and cash liquidity requirement of $150,000.


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