How to Start a Wine Wholesale Business

Alcoholic beverages like wine take years before an entire batch is manufactured and brought to the market. Even with the years it takes for it to reach this stage, many owners are still thankful that they operate one.

It offers a big opportunity out there which you have full access to and will turn into something big as long as you have a strong starting foundation and it is kept up.

The Basics

The first thing you need to do is to create a business plan. The plan itself will tell and show you vital information along the way, including how viable your business would be and more. In doing the business plan, you will have to identify your market. Look for certified and reputable dealers and store owners as well as other customers that may be interested to procure products from you.

The location of the warehouse and your office has to be identified as well. Consider the factors relating to this aspect like the necessary space, cost, transportation needs and distance to your market and more. Suppliers need to be identified and shown in the business plan. These should not only be reliable, but also willing to consider you as the wholesaler for the products they sell.

Competition and Overall Viability

You will always find competition, so you need to identify yours. Of course, less competition means more profit that can be generated. However, you need to consider as well that suppliers do not allow many wholesalers within a territory since it can only lead to price war leading to commercial suicide for the involved businesses. You need to have an edge over your competitors, so you can start marking your territory. You will need to consider the price, profit margin, the price that competitors charge and use these to your advantage.

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You will need to check whether the business is truly feasible to be started based on the business plan you made. Once it is, you can finally begin building your foundation.

Operation and Funds

These two aspects are already included in the business plan. Where would you obtain the funds you need to start the business? You can begin with the real wholesale operation by beginning with the advertising. Effort and nice advertisements are not the only ones needed here. Application of the things you have learned while creating the business plan should be used here, which will eventually serve as your edge in the wine wholesale industry. You want to make money, so you need to spread the word of your business’s presence. That way, your target liquor suppliers will know about your business.

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  • Stewart said on May 24, 2021
    currently am an importer and wholsaler of wine & spirits. I highly reccomend the above persons interested not to start without sitting down with an established founder or executive of a current wholsaler, touring theyre facilities and have at least $1M in capital (thats on the low end)... This is NOT like opening a retail store and just getting a liscense, renting a store and buying inventory and selling it. NO,NO,NO this is serious stuff. Itll take 6-9 months to acquire all the licenses and documents needed to legally operate and then theres so much more involved like deciding will you outsource distribution, if not u need to buy trucks, vans rent a warehouse get a forklift, get a team for ur warehouse plus a delivery team plus a sales team not to mention youll need to travel europe and find suppliers and get all the legal doc to sell there wine in the US then youll need to start hitting the road nd approaching liquor stores and bars and opitching ur wine. Keep in mind youll be using significant amount of inventory on samples for leads ur looking to sell to plus if u get a sale you never want to run out of inventory and I can go on and on and on andon. SO PLEASE do yourself a favor and if ur really going to go for it, not only ,meet with as many existing owners and executives who are already doing it but also make sure u have at least 2 or 3 people who have worked in the industry for years, and have connections with retailers inn the area. You will not be selling any name brand products so its important to have connections because its going to be nearly impossible to have a store replace the current pinot grigio they sell with ur pinot grigio without know anything about the wine, anything about you or ur company plus its not like any other stores sell that. pinot grigio which gives off a terrible impression if the potential buyer searches the web. Its an extremely diffiuclt business to start and 99% of people who start there own business were salesman for large wholesalers for several years prior to starting there own operationg.


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