Becoming a Wine Broker

Getting into the wine business can make huge profits if you will offer the best wines. That is why many restaurants are doing their best to have the best wine list and even grocery stores are offering wide selection of wines.

Usually, the middleman between the producer and the consumer is the wine broker.

Becoming a wine broker does not only implies to be the middleman between the producer and the consumer. This is because it is the responsibility of the wine broker to recommend the best wine that the client will love. In this sense, it is ideal to know how to become a wine broker. On the other hand, this job need not require start-up capital as well as office and supplies. All you need to have are business cards.
Getting Started

  • Familiarize About Wines

    As a wine broker it is important to have knowledge about different kinds of wines. It is important so that you can easily convince your potential customers. As much as possible you should engage in wine tasting so that you will learn the subtle features of various wines. Otherwise, it would be difficult to convince clients if you are not familiar about the wine you are selling.

  • Establish Relationship with Wineries

    Obviously, you cannot do wine tasting unless you establish good relationship with wineries. Make sure that you are familiar with the wine companies so that they can let you taste their wines. In this way it would be easier for you to determine the distinctive difference among the wines. In like manner, customers will trust you if you have deep perception about the different wines. Likewise, you can also improve your knowledge about the wine you are selling by using reference books of wines that can help you familiarize the wines.

  • Dress Well

    Being a sales representative you should look presentable that is why you need to dress well. Apparently, the wine industry implies lavishness and luxuriousness. In this sense, you should be presentable so that you can show good representation of the wines you sell. Introduce yourself to the management and give them the wine selection and how your service can improve it. This is your chance to tell them about your relationship with wineries. Make sure to offer the restaurants distinctive wine selection so that you can easily deal with them. Keep your appointments otherwise it will reflect on your performance that might lead to broken business relationship.

  • Make follow-up

    After you have made sales ensure to make follow-up visits. In this way you will know if they are satisfied with the wines you have sold to them. In addition, you should prepare alternative wines in case they are not satisfied. It can also help if you will take your clients to wine-tasting trips.


  • Phil Willis said on April 9, 2012
    I'm based in Wagga Wagga NSW and am interested in establishing a wine broker business. I have previous wine sales experience and am a passionate wine person with significant knowledge on Australian wines in particular.
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    I need to start this business in my own shop so please guide me and provide the complete details. I stay in Bangalore, Karnataka.
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    I want to start receiving your weekly advisory
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    giving information about franchise of wines and bars
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    I am thinking of starting my own wine business in Colorado. Like a wine room... where people can just hang out for a few hours and enjoy a sip of wine samplings.
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    Hello interested in more information. On becoming a Wine Broker.. I am located in Dallas, Texas
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