How to Become a Cosmetic Distributor?

With the application of cosmetic products that is essential among women these days, many have been interested in becoming a cosmetic distributor. However, there is a need to learn more about business skills in order to prosper.

The suggested tips below are intended to not only turn this passion into a business but to improve the appearance of a person.

cosmetics distribution

Earning Scope

There is no upper side cutoff on earning. One can make as much as he wants, it depends on what his/her strategies are and how persistent with the business. The profit margin is low but remember this is a distribution business, you will do this in bulk so you will make good money out of it.

Attend Work Shops and Beauty Trade Shows

One of the first tips to consider in becoming a cosmetic distributor is on attending workshops and beauty trade shows. By attending in any of these shows, the opportunity of learning more about cosmetics products is great. You would also discover more about the latest makeup products and trends that are released on the market today. If you like, you may talk to some vendors about their experiences in selling products to their clients. You may as well request a trade discount and you may give them your business card.

Choose Your Clientele and Narrow Your Cosmetics Options to Sell

The next best thing to consider is to choose your clientele by first reviewing factors like skin undertones, age group, color choices, trends and ethnicity. The lines of cosmetic products may only be offered to specific ethnic groups like the Queen Collection from Iman or Cover Girl. Apart from it, there is a need to research the wage information prior to their purchasing habits and demographic. You may as well ask your family members and friends about their cosmetic ideals and take notice of the cosmetics they usually purchase.

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After you have done all these things, you can now narrow the cosmetic choices to sell among your clients. You may also choose to request some samples coming from the representatives. You may try the cosmetics and decide if you really like it and its results. Know if it does not last throughout the day. Also, you can provide some samples in order that others can see how valuable the product is. And then, ask them about their opinions. Once you have finalized their opinions and you have assessed the most likeable brand, choose it and sell it with them to get a good profit.

Get a Distributor Packet from a Company and Establish the Business Right Away

After doing all the previous tips mentioned above, getting a distributor packet from a company is now an ideal thing to do. You need to read on the info from the packet and visit their website to discover more about the company.

Now, you need to search the BBB or “Better Business Bureau” in order to know if the company received complaints from clients. If you believe that the company is right for you, you may send in the money right away to get a distributor kit.

You can now establish your business and you can get a wholesale license from the licensing bureau. You will now need to get an identification number from the IRS. Most importantly, you need to prepare for a specific financial plan by means of opening a credit and checking account under your business name. Also, make use of accounting software that can help you detail the transactions. Print business cards and hand them out to your prospective clients.

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  • sujanaram said on May 28, 2017
    i need some help to be a cosmetic business distributor
  • Vinodkumar.i said on August 14, 2017
    Hi one of the MNC company looking for distributor's in India as well as Bangalore. best products of ageless skincare..(how do I find distributors in Bangalore, can I find distributor's thro online or how do I find! Need help possible.
  • Bui LInh said on August 24, 2017
    Hi, I am from Viet Nam. We are expecting to become sole distributor in VN market for a cosmetics brandname. Hope to find opportunities here
  • sheree said on July 16, 2018
    If I wanted to start my own brand and pay a wholesale distributor to package and sell my product, do I still need the wholesale license and to purchase a kit? and is this above the steps that are needed to be taken for distributing a brand that is already established?
  • Tushar said on July 22, 2018
    I want a cosmetic distributorship in Kolkata, India.
  • Mohd zishan khan said on February 21, 2019
    I want halal cosmetics products lipstick, nail polish, nail polish remover, eyeliner, etc.
  • Priya said on February 15, 2020
    I want to start a cosmetic product sale of all brands in Chennai.
  • Estela said on April 23, 2020
    Looking for aging products to distribute. In high demand where I live in a small county in the U.S. Need someone to inform on the best products to distribute and consult to clients with results!
  • Henry Emmanuel said on January 11, 2021
    I would like to start a cosmetic product sell of all brand in Nigeria. I want to be a distributor.
  • Julie Ann said on April 13, 2021
    We offer private label, white label and whole sale.We are Italian company with all natural skin care products containing snail can reach me at
  • Uttan Chatterjee said on July 16, 2021
    I have opened a retail ladies' shop near the women's college in Burdwan district. The shop carries 3-4 brands. Can you please provide suggestions?
  • Prince said on August 19, 2021
    Hello, I am interested in becoming a cosmetic distributor and also working for a production company. Thank you.
  • Nuwan Thushara said on December 21, 2021
    Hello, I'm from Srilanka. I want to start a business as a local cosmetics seller agent. I also have transportation facilities and stores. I'm pretty sure I can increase the sale immediately. I was waiting for one of your replies. Thanks


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