How to Start a Shrimp Farm

Shrimp are grown largely in Asia. In the U.S., they are raised under conditions that are highly controlled. What does intensive shrimp farming require? What conditions should be met? What equipments are needed? What can you expect under this type of shrimp farming? Find out the answers to these questions from our guide.

Much of the world’s demand for shrimp worldwide is supplied by farms from Asia, where they are grown in ponds, near a coast, in mangrove areas and rice paddies.

Shrimp farms in these regions can be grown in small tanks using low technology. In the U.S., shrimps are grown in highly controlled conditions.

Shrimp Farming Basics

Shrimp are typically grown in brackish water. A female shrimp lays thousands to millions of eggs, which hatch after about a day. The nauplii, as the hatched shrimp is called, are fed algae and brine shrimp nauplii. The nauplii develop into young shrimps after about 12 days. Some farms put the nauplii or postlarvae in nurseries before transferring them to grownout ponds, others use acclimation tanks to prepare the shrimp for transfer to grownout ponds. The transfer usually occurs around the 25th day. The young shrimp stays in the pond until they are harvested after about three to six months after hatching. Shrimp are harvested by net fishing or by draining the pond. Harvests are done once a year, but in tropical climates, where water temperature is higher, a farm could harvest two to three times a year.

Shrimps can be grown using minimum intervention or with the use of ultra-high technology. In low-technology farming, natural saltwater is used by situating the farm in coasts or mangrove areas. Shrimp density is kept low, which is 2-3 shrimp per square meter. No pumps are employed, and water exchange is left to tidal action.

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Intensive Fish Farming

To hasten the shrimp growing cycle or to produce shrimp that are of uniform size, conditions must be controlled (size uniformity is one criteria with which shrimps are graded). A farming technology developed in Texas, called Galveston or “clear water” hatchery employs intensive control to breed shrimp in industrial scale. Large-scale hatcheries like this usually augment young shrimp diet of algae with commercial feed. They use big tanks that could hold up to 30 tons.

As conditions are highly controlled, it is possible to produce seedstock whole year round and to stock shrimp at higher densities. As it is possible to stock more shrimp per unit area, the pond used could be smaller. In this setup, aeration is needed to keep oxygen supply at the desired level. High water exchange is also necessary to clean the water of wastes. And so is twenty-four hour monitoring. Survival rates and yield are higher for this kind of farming. Understandably, production cost is also higher.

For resources, visit the Web site of the US Marine Shrimp Farming Program.

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    Dear Sir/ Madam, I am a student, a shrimp farm owner, and a shrimp farm consultant also. I have plenty of Experiences to share. If you are interested please provide me with these information, so I can get started:
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    #2. Daily Range pH water and water temperature for the past 1 Week. (day and Night)
    #3. Tested soil pH on the area, take about 10 samples 15 - 20 cm below the surface soil.
    #4. The Map Location of your going to be Shrimp Farm.
    #5. Design layout of your proposed shrimp farming. for i.e. Inlet, outlet, reservoir, & shrimp production area, etc.
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    #9. The selling prices for prawn in your country.
    #10. Tested water parameters for Heavy metals, such as Ferous, Alluminum, & Mangan, etc.
    #11. What do you want to make out of your shrimp farm?
    I will assess these answers and will try to help you trouble shoots. Thanks. <--- my email.
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    Hi Mike Seelal, Shrimp farming is more lucrative business and it can provide lot of employment opportunity. It requires more of technical staff and some unskilled workers for only feeding the shrimps. I have been in this line for more than two decades. You can contact me at +91-44-9884117217 for more information.
  • MK said on February 1, 2010
    Hi Smriti, For doing Shrimp farming on a commercial scale you require lot of land. You require a minimum of 1 hectare sized earthen pond. You also need a hatchery for producing shrimp fry( baby shrimps) but it is not a must 'coz many hatcheries are running in operation( on the both the coast) so you can buy from them. Infact you can take up the already existing shrimp farms on leased basis. In Palghar dist. some shrimp farms and hatcheries are available. For further details you can contact me at
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    I m interested in intensive shrimp farming in fresh water lake 22-23 oC and shrimp farming in salt water lake 23oC with 50% more salt that sea water. In separated place of the farm I want to produce tilapia fresh water and trout salt water. Is in Enriquillo Lake Jimani and Cabral Lake(Laguna de Cabral) Barahona Dominican Republic. Is a tropical zone next to Haiti Republic. My E-mail:
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  • biker mike said on February 5, 2010
    hi i am wondering where i can buy either, eggs or small shrimp to raise for me to eat. i live in new york and would be housing everything in my green house that way they make the winter (it stays about 75 in there even in the winter). the only problem is that i can't find anywhere to start me off. i'm looking for either eggs or young shrimp 30-60 days old, if anyone knows where i can get them or sells them please email me


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