Hobby Farm

Who wouldn’t want to spend a hassle-free weekend or retirement in an idyllic setting? If you are one who is looking forward not just in visiting but owning a farm to retreat to, then this guide is for you. It will help you plan wisely about owning a hobby farm so that doing so is truly an enjoyable experience.

Are you looking for a hobby farm? You may be a family person needing a pleasant place to bring your children to in the weekend, a busy city dweller looking forward to spending your free time in a quiet place, or a retiree wanting to find some enjoyable past time.

Many are now looking for hobby farms for reasons ranging from as simple as just having a place to retreat to, and as noble as aiming to regenerate a piece of land. If you are planning to buy a property for a hobby farm, here are some considerations before finally taking the plunge.

Expectations from a Hobby Farm

A hobby farm could be a source of income. But to be so, it needs a lot of tilling, tending and investing. If you don’t have enough time and resources to devote to it, accept the fact that your farm will remain purely a hobby – something that you pursue without so much expectation of an income. Are you new to raising livestock or growing vegetable? It could take some time for you to learn how to do it properly. Enjoying the learning process could be your best option under the present circumstance.

Buying a Hobby Farm

What kind of farming do you want to pursue? Would you like to raise animals or grow some crops? Be clear about what activities you want to pursue. It will be the basis with which you can base your decision whether or not to buy a property. Remember, all properties are not created equal. Some are suited for dairy, some are not; some are good for growing crops others are not. A property that is less than 10 acres is considered small and will be enough only for a few pigs or goats.

When looking for a farm to buy, evaluate the property for its potential. Is there a ready source of abundant water like a pond or a spring? Is the soil quality good enough for some crops you want to plant? Ask the help of professionals to help you determine this. Are there existing buildings that you can utilize for the plans you have in mind? Would you need a lot of renovation and additional investments like putting up perimeter fences? To find hobby farms for sale, visit www.agriseek.com.

After looking for a land, look for equipment and additional implements that your farm may need. Water is important in any farm. If yours has no natural water source, put in place a mechanism that will ensure constant supply of water, like installing stock tanks or drilling a well.

By its name, a hobby farm denotes something that is a source of leisure and pleasure. Thorough planning and realistic expectation are keys to a truly enjoyable experience with a hobby farm.


  • John Andrew Micallef said on December 26, 2010
    Hello there, My name is John, and i wish to find some land to start a hobby farm to rise beef and sheep please can you help me by show me the first step, i am 50 yr old male and i am truly love to start a hobby farm but i don't have that experience i will be so happy if i hear from you regarding hobby farm. Thank you, Your sincerely John.
  • David Alfieri said on June 19, 2014
    Hi, I would like to pursue indoor shrimp farming in ny state. got any ideas on who can help me?
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