How to Sell Trees

Did you buy a new house and it is fully landscaped? If there are lots of trees at your lawn and you don’t want it to be inhabited by insects and other animals, you can earn money through selling trees.

In this article you will know how to do it.

The best thing about the trees that are planted at your lawn is that you can make good money out of them. Since you are new in the place that you are living in right now, you can use the money to buy the other furniture that you need. In the succeeding paragraphs, know how.

Selling Trees for Money

To make sure that potential customers will like what you are selling, you need to inspect them for pruning, disease and pests. If the leaves of your trees are sticky and infected with aphids or fungus, you no longer have the chance to sell them. To resolve the problem, you can talk to the Master Gardeners because they will offer the possible solution top your trees.

For you to have knowledge about your specimen, you need to research about them. You also need to take photos of their parts. Did you get a sample of the flower? That is better. You also need to bring samples to the Master Gardener for them to study and know the applicable solutions that must be done to the trees. Upon giving the plant an ID and naming its variety, that can already be the right time for you to have it sold. Through this, you will learn more information about it and how much they are selling their plants for.

The next question you have to answer is where to sell the trees. You can call the local landscapers by trying first those older and bigger companies. According to the law in the United States, most of the US nurseries will not be able to accept your plant due to the strict guidelines of the USDA. This is because of the fact that there had been a serious explosion of infections that came from plants in the recent years. So, this implies that you cannot sell your plants and trees to them. By selling them to landscapers, you will find the process so easy.

You can also have another option and that is through advertising your trees in the online world specifically in Craiglist. Since there are lots of Internet users everyday, you will have several buyers of your plants. To avoid liability, just let the buyer touch them. After agreeing to the terms and conditions of the selling process, you need to ask a gardener to transplant the trees since transplanting has risks.

The pricing is also a very important one. Usually, the landscapers will ask you to price the trees 50% off since they need to make back the following costs: care, labor, travel and transportation.


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