How to Sell Patents

If you want to sell patent rights, you will have to consult with USPTO. It is vital that you hire the services of a patent agent or attorney.

With the help of professionals and the internet, you can finish the sale in no time.

Today, selling patent rights is really common. Manufacturers can sell their patents with confidence and ease after they have consulted with the USPTO( (United States Patent and Trademark Office). Designs and inventions can be sold to potential buyers as long as you have an internet connection and computer. Putting up a patent for sale is not as easy as you think. There are some things that you have to consider if you want to finish the process quickly. You can make use of the auction sites and patent exchange websites to carry out the task efficiently.

What to Do?

Before the sale, you have to check with your patent agent or attorney. The value of the patent must be determined properly, as well as the perfect time to conduct the sale. Finding a buyer is not that hard. In fact, once you’ve posted on any of the websites mentioned above, you can gather potential buyers. You have to secure a patent assignment form. Fill it out properly and submit it to USPTO. You can download the form from the USPTO website or you can visit the local office. The sale of a patent will usually involve filing fees.

Aside from the filing fees, you also have to settle maintenance fees. The buyer must be present during the payment schedule. It is important that your name remains as the inventor or patent owner. Keep in mind that you’re only transferring the rights. This can arranged during the sale. The confirmation will be sent by the office of USPTO. This can last for about three months and with the aid of your patent attorney, you can verify information with ease. The professionals have been trained to guide you in the selling process. The patent rights may be forfeited if the maintenance fees are not settled on time. This should be given preferential attention to avoid encountering any problems.

Take your time in finding the right attorney or agent. You can use the internet to meet with professionals. It is important that you value your patent rights before passing it to a buyer. It would be best if you pick a buyer with the best intentions for your patent. You can meet with the buyers as well so that you can talk to them about the setup especially if you prefer your name to remain as the owner. Thanks to the internet, you can sell the patent with ease. Find out the detailed process from USPTO and follow their guidelines.

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