How to Sell Your Art

If you want to sell your artwork, you will need to establish a network of connections. It would be an advantage if you have a website or you can also place an ad on eBay or other online stores.

Take your time in looking for the best options to enhance your market presence.

Some individuals are gifted to create exceptional artworks. If you have compiled a large number of works that are saleable, you can sell it. Most of the artworks can be sold and all you have to do is find out how to go about the process. Among the things you need are the following – proposals, marketing plan, and press releases. Artworks can be paintings, pottery, and many other forms. Once you decide to sell your works, you have to establish a network of connections.

Selling Your Artworks

You can meet potential clients and artists by joining a local artist group or perhaps a local museum. Since you’re new to selling art, you can ask fellow artists about it. It would be best if you have a marketing plan. When selling artworks, you are already doing business. Create a website where potential clients can visit. Take photos of your works and post it on your website with short descriptions. The website must have relevant content. Writers that love your artwork might submit articles to directories with photos. This is a great way to generate clients at a very short period of time. You can also post articles on your site which can provide visitors with useful information.

Press releases can also work for you. You have to contact a national publication and local newspapers. This will increase the market’s awareness about your works of art. Art competitions are usually held and this is a great chance to increase your market presence. You can also talk with owners of restaurants, shops, and cafes because they might be interested in displaying your works. There are also local galleries that you can visit. Find the ones that are interested in your work.

You have to sell your works effectively. When discussing about your artwork, you have to do it clearly and convincingly. To enhance your visibility, it is vital that you invest a large sum of money. Public showing is usually more affordable and you can easily conduct one with the right connections. You have to send invitations to family, friends, and the rich members of the community who will appreciate your works. Aside from your website, you can also sell the art in eBay and other reputed online stores. An open-studio sale is also a great idea where you can invite neighbors and potential clients. You should learn to manage your time. You must have enough time to work on the art pieces and to market it to customers.

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  • Samson said on July 4, 2016
    Am an artists living in Capetown I want to start selling my own artworks ,I am a sculptor, specialized in musicians instruments, like stain less base and guitars internal and external decor art, i am using stainless to do my art etc don't HV a capital for buying Best equipment yet and looking for workshop . if u interested in funding me contact me 0784336268, langa


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