How to Patent a Business

Patenting a business is very important. In general, patent is an exclusive rights set which is granted by the state or the national government to the inventor or assignee of the inventor within a limited time period.

This is in return of the public disclosure or the invention made.

The procedure in granting patents, those requirements which are put on a patentee as well as the extent of such exclusive rights will differ widely among the countries. More specifically, these requirements will be based according to the national laws as well as the international agreements involved. More probably, if you are going to apply for a patent to your business, it will give you an exclusive right and that is to prevent the other from using, selling, making, or even distributing any of your patented products without your permission.

Pointers on Applying For a Patent on Your Business

In order to make your patenting of your business right and secure, you might want to consider seeking the help of any qualified patent lawyer in your locality. But if you want, you can do it yourself. Just follow these pointers:

Online Application

You can opt to apply for your patent online. In this case, you must search a patent which will ensure that your business inventions have not yet been patented. You can do this properly by searching or checking the patent online status with the use of the Intellectual Property Office. Once you have already ensured that your business inventions were not yet patented, you can now start your application process. Apply first for an online registration also through the services of the Intellectual Property Office. This will be the start of your patent application process. Once you have already done all the necessary things to do in registering, you might want to submit your application for further evidence by returning it. File your patent forms as well as the pending application documents with Intellectual Property Office.

Publication and Examination

If everything will be at its normal order, the Intellectual Property Office will then publish the application that you have submitted to them within 18 months. That will be the time that you are going to pay the fee for the substantive examination by Intellectual Property Office. If it will be a success, it will gain be published in its already granted form. This may become a very lengthy process so download from the website of Intellectual Property Office the form made for a request on substantive examination. After the examination, your application will be published for the last time and you can then publicly disclose all your business inventions freely. However, indicate ‘patent pending”, along with every disclosure if there are still any.


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