How to Open an Xbox Game Rental Shop

If you want to start a business, an Xbox game rental shop is a great idea. Until now, the game console is still very popular. All you need to do is to find a supplier of these games.

Be sure to purchase it at a lower price so that you can cut down the overheads.

Starting an Xbox 360 Rental Shop

In the year 2001, Microsoft released a videogame system called Xbox. Several years have passed and yet people are still into the Xbox games. If you have passion for these games, you can start your own game rental shop. The system has 4 control ports which makes it possible to have multiple players. With its Ethernet ports, it is possible to play games online as well. The hard drive can save downloaded game and MP3s. The DVD player is quite impressive and features a parental lock. With its realistic graphics, it’s no wonder why so many avid players love the system until now.

When starting your own game rental shop, you will need to find an ideal location for the business. It should be near game arcades and other video shops. That way, you can increase sales through walk-in customers. There are many games that you can offer since Xbox is supported by many game developers like that of Atari, Lucas Arts, Activision, Vivendi Universal, UbiSoft, Rockstar Games, Konami, Capcom, SNK, Sega, THQ, Tecmo, Namco,and many others. Even Microsoft produces games for the Xbox. You can play puzzles, racing, shooting, sports, action, and adventure.

Finding a Xbox 360 Games Supplier

You can contact these companies directly so that you can get the games at a lower price. You can also look for online suppliers of these Xbox games. It is wise to invest on various games to cater to the needs of avid players. Why don’t you surf the web to determine the most popular games today? By doing so, you can keep with the latest trends and offer the best games. Make sure that you establish the pricing for the rentals. New games can be rented at a higher price, especially the top ten games. Other ordinary games can be rented at a much lower price. The rental rates can be per hour, day, or week. With a wide range of rental rates to offer, your customers will be able to pick the right deal.

You have to inquire about the licensing requirements for rental shop. Submit the documents and pay the fees. Think of a great name for the business and place a signage outside. Everyone should know that you’re selling Xbox games only. With the right advertising methods, you can promote the business in your area. As you expand, you can now offer Xbox videogames in your shop, where customers can play by the hour. Think of other ways to make money that are still related with the Xbox.


  • Daniel said on April 7, 2011
    I need to open more shops im in Johannesburg, Gauteng. South Africa. I need more xbox, ps3 and latest arcade games.
  • Zanele said on December 30, 2011
    Hi I'm in south african. I own a video store in a small town in the Northern Cape, I would like to start an Xbox gaming store alongside the video. Please offer advise on how I can start an xbox gaming store
  • sifiso said on January 11, 2013
  • melissa said on February 6, 2013
    I want to open Xbox gaming in the Philippines can you help me what I need to or the things needed in this business tnx
  • Janien said on October 17, 2013
    Hi I'm in south african. I would like to start an Xbox gaming store. Please offer advise on how I can start an xbox gaming store


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