How to Open an Irish Dance Store

If you are going to open your own Irish dance store, you should have passion for Irish dance and music. That way, you can easily succeed since you can better manage the business.

You have to develop a business plan that will serve as your guide from the very start to the launching of the business.

Irish Dance Store Business Plan

Do you have passion for dancing? If you do and you’re an Irish, it’s time to start your own Irish dance store. Starting this type of business is really easy as long as you developed a comprehensive business plan. This is the most commonly overlooked aspect when starting a business. In fact, many businesses fail because they don’t have a roadmap or guide to success. You can use the internet to help you in developing the plan and after that you can now work on the different aspects of the business one at a time.

There are many things that you have to work on like the marketing aspect, advertising, and financials. Through the marketing study, you can determine if there is need for such store in your area. If you can’t find an Irish dance shop in your area, then your business has a potential. Choose a location that is near music stores and set up appropriate decorations. You will have to find a supplier of the items that you plan to sell. It would be best to offer a wide range if items and brands so that you can attract many customers.

Irish Dance Store – Items to Sell

What items can you sell in your Irish dance shop? Among the products that you can sell are socks, wigs, tiaras, crowns, music, videos, DVDs, CDs, accessories, jewelry, broaches, Irish gifts, jig shoes, pumps, and even Irish foods. These are among the things that you can sell. You can divide your products in categories and they should have designated sections inside the store. Try to get some extra hands so that you can manage your store with ease. Your sales staffs should be well trained in dealing with various kinds of customers to ensure continuous profits.

Before launching your business, you have to secure a license. This is important to avoid potential legal problems in the future. Your store should also have phone lines for easy access and a business website. Shipping the items can be a problem but if you can find a supplier who will drop ship the items, the better so that your inventory will be exclusively for local customers. Advertise your business by giving out flyers and business cards in very busy streets a week before the opening. The store should be Irish inspired and you can also play form Irish songs on the opening day. As long as you followed your plan carefully, you will succeed and the store will enjoy a steady surge of customers.


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