How to Open a Ballroom Dance Shoe Store

What do you need to own a ballroom dance shoe store? What types of ballroom dance shoe store can one possibly open? If you have these questions, it is probably because you are planning to start a business selling shoes to ballroom dancing lovers.

Our basic guide to starting this business could be of help so read on.

Starting a ballroom dance shoe store requires two prerequisites: you must have some idea about ballroom dancing and you must live in a city where there is a lot of ballroom dancing going on. BaIlroom dancing is a special interest of people and it is usually popular only in big cities. And, unlike an ordinary shoe store, if you run a ballroom dance shoe store, you must have knowledge about the proper shoes for various types of dances and various kinds of dancers so you could give the proper advice to customers.

Types of Ballroom Dance Shoe Stores

If you are a ballroom dancer, a ballroom dance instructor or simply a ballroom dance shoe fanatic, you must know that there are two general types of ballroom dances that require different types of shoes: the Latin or Rhythm dances like salsa and swing and the Standard or Smooth dances like waltz, foxtrot and tango. If you live in an average city, you can open a general type of ballroom dance shoe store – one that sells both kinds, for all ages and a wide variety of prices, styles and materials. But if you are in a big city where there are other similar shoe stores carrying assorted items, you can specialize on either one or in shoes for men, ladies, children.

Steps in Starting a Ballroom Dance Shoe Store

  • Determine the kind of items you want to carry in your store. This will depend on whether you will run a general ballroom dance shoe store or a specialized one.
  • Scout for an ideal location, typically near dance studios or malls frequented by people bound to go ballroom dancing.
  • List down possible distributors of ballroom dance shoes that you plan to get your supplies. Manufacturers usually work with distributors who in turn work with retailers. Ask around from other shoe store owners.
  • Write a business plan and determine how much funding you will need. A ballroom dance shoe for men and women will range from $40 to $100. If you will stock about 20, you will need $1,400. Add to that is six months in rent, cost of renovating, and or purchasing shelves, computers, cash register and packaging.
  • Secure funding from the bank, from personal savings or from friends and family.
  • Devise advertising strategy. You can distribute fliers near streets going to dance studios, post a sign in your shop, and e-mail close friends to tell them about the business.


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