How to Market Ice Cream Store

Ice cream business is a fun business. Aside from selling different flavors of ice cream, you must focus on customers and serve them the best ice cream they can get.

Ice cream store is just like venturing in any business. Basically, your main task is to meet and also to exceed the expectations of your customers.

From the moment that they look at your store up to the moment that they will take their leave, you should be able to meet your customer’s experience as well as what they really want. This business is definitely not just about the selling of ice creams but also about focusing on what your customers need and serving your ice cream. If you can deliver them right then you will gain loyal customers.

Marketing Plan

The marketing plan of your ice cream business must include marketing objectives, strategies, good positioning of brands, messaging and public relations activities. When doing your marketing plan as well as considering the structure of your prices, you must identify first your target market. It is very essential to know the needs of your customers and fulfill in great satisfaction those needs. Then, you will need to visit similar stores and note their prices.

Research, Techniques and Campaign

As an owner of an ice cream shop, you can have the best opportunity and sell popular ice products that people want and love. You will even have the flexibility and the freedom since you will be the boss of your ice cream store. Make your ice cream store the business that you always want. You can open a traditional ice cream store than can become popular for both local and tourists. You can also decide on a scoop shop that sells high volume of ice cream for takeout. You may even just establish a low risk but profitable ice-cream cart. You may choose on selling wide variety of flavors or specialize on tastes. You can have ice creams like:

  • Organic ice cream
  • Premium ice cream
  • Super premium cream
  • All-natural ice cream
  • Exotic-flavor ice cream
  • Soft-serve ice cream
  • Ethnic-flavor ice cream

You can also have other frozen desserts like Gelato, frozen yogurt, or frozen custard.

If you already have a name for your ice cream store and filed the necessary documents needed for startup you can now market your business. Market your business by displaying large banner signs or distributing posters. You can even have a marketing campaign offering free ice for the first 20 customers. Vary the marketing campaign of your ice cream store and you can definitely attract more customers. Also, if your ice creams taste great, word of mouth is enough to gain many customers for your ice cream store.

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  • charles said on June 14, 2011
    Thank you very much for your assistant, I have tried venturing into the ice cream business, but I left it in the management of my cousin who messed the product up for me. I intended to sell my brand name, giving them the quality ice cream they deserve. It has been my dream since I was a kid and I still intend opening an ice cream joint as soon as possible. This time, I will surely see to the everyday running of the place. Where I intend to locate this ice cream joint is in a college/university environment, my target market is the university students because I intend to sell along side the ice cream, shawarma, fast and delicious noodles. Please with all I have said, if you find it necessary to still advice me more, I will appreciate very well. The location of the place is: gwagwalada, Abuja, Nigeria. Thank you so much, I anticipate your reply.


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