How to Get a Franchise Loan

Entrepreneurs interested in managing a business may not always have the necessary financial amounts required and therefore opt to applying for loans.

Luckily because franchises have a proven track record they are more qualified for loans than on free standing small businesses.

Financing for a franchise is much easier to obtain for the entrepreneur as compared to a brand new business which holds no track record of success. Because of this it is important to have the necessary documents for application for a franchise loan. Check with your local community as there are several government based establishments that offer franchise loans. Gather all the necessary data and sources for your franchise loan and be able to prepare all the requirements.

Identify the franchise you wish to invest in. To ensure that you gain the maximum benefit from both the loan and franchise it is important to weigh in and review the franchise you are interested in. Since you will be starting a business on a loan you will want to make sure that you earn enough revenue to pay back what you spent on building the company.

Franchise loan application involves supplying the sponsor with the business model of your franchise. At this stage you must be able to show how the franchise will benefit and your goals for the overall business. Start by identifying the start up costs including the initial franchise fee. Franchises usually supply the necessary materials for the business which includes the tools, equipment and even the training of the business owner. Draft out the other expenditures and costs necessary and be able to show the company as a whole on how it grows and develops and therefore its proven business model and track record.

Draft out the business plan not only of the franchise but also your own integrated business plan. If there are certain factors in the franchise agreement that you wish to discuss then lay them all out plain and simple. You will want to give the financial firm your view on how you plan on running the company. Also stress how you plan on operating the business and even the strategies you wish to implement on advertising and marketing.

Even if you will be applying for a franchise loan you will need to supply some form of collateral or a down payment which is roughly 20 percent. Also be able to shop for available franchise loans. Investors are always looking for people that want to qualify for loans and therefore supply low cost franchise options. Review your sources and be able to locate all available franchise options as those that are either resold or from a different owner may have a lesser sell out value.

Government institutions also have several financial grants and franchise loans options that you may want to consider or apply for. The Small Business Association may have the ideal franchise loan you are looking for so be able to read through all their necessary requirements and qualifications.


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