How to Find Rent to Own Properties

Finding a rent to own property can be quite hard. You may need to visit several websites before finding a property that would suits to your requirements.

Nevertheless, finding one is really worth all your time and effort.

Finding a rent to own property can be quite difficult. You will need to search and research online, running through the newspaper ads, viewing rent to own homes, driving around the town, etc. If you are really decided, you must first make a research before putting down any money as well as signing any document.

Rent to own properties is a great option when buying a house.

  • It is very common in many countries around the world.
  • You can purchase a property without paying a lot for down payment.
  • There are many different options available for finding rent to own properties that are affordable.
  • Tenants can rent a home for specific time and can opt to buy that property at such reasonable price.

Where to Begin?

An excellent place to start looking for a rent to own property is the local newspaper. On the classified section of the local newspaper, search for the properties posted as “For Sale by the Owner”. This indicates that the property needs to be sold outright thus you can bargain a rent-to-own agreement with the owner too.

Realtors and Private Financing

Realtors also address rent to own properties. They generally screen applicants for the home owners just like the rental situation. However, in this rent to own, the tenant can put out an offer to buy the property at certain point of leasing time at specific amount of money. Often, realtors also help tenants to secure the necessary financing so that they can purchase the property.

Owners of the property may opt to handle the deal themselves. They often advertised directly in the local publications or directly in the classified ads of the local newspaper. Nevertheless, aside from realtors, rent-to-own properties can also be obtained through private financing. Whatever is your choice, just make sure that you did your homework and research of the property that you are about to buy. Also, research on the owner or the agent or anything related to the property so that you can decide later on if the property is really worth your money and time.


Rent to own properties is an excellent way to obtain ownership of home especially for people who are about to purchase their first home and do not have lots of money for down payment. They can have the opportunity to live first in the home for certain time period and then determine if the home and the neighborhood is perfect for permanently settling down. If they are decided, they can obtain financing and work it out in just a few days.


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