Procurement Business Process

If you are in-charge of the procurement of essential materials or supplies, it is vital that you know the process. When a large sum is involved, there are steps that you should follow.

Learn the basics and you will be able to buy the materials at the right time and price.

Every business or company has to deal with procurement. This is one of the most important business processes since it involves costs. The procurement process will depend on the type of business that you have. For instance, in a manufacturing company, one has to deal with purchasing materials that are needed in creating the product. On the other hand, a service business needs to purchase parts or other materials that are vital in delivering such service.

The process should begin with the analysis so that everything will work out perfectly well. You also have to look into vendor relationships to ensure that you’re getting only the best products. If you are not in charge of procuring the materials, the person handling such duties should know what materials to buy, where to get them, and how to keep track of all the orders. Confirmation procedures are vital especially if you’re working with reputed companies.

Knowing the Procurement Process

It is vital that you learn about government procurement, contracting purchase orders, procurement software, order management software, and many other things. The procurement process usually comes with a timetable. If the contract is worth a hefty amount, it will also involve more time. Since each stage has a deadline, you have to make sure that you provide all the necessary information.

Here are the Steps:

  • Some companies tend to have a pre-qualification stage or an expression of interest. This is usually required by companies to determine the realistic candidates. The supplier will usually ask about details on your experience, financial position, and references.
  • When you qualify, you will be given an ‘invitation to tender’. The document will contain information on the criteria that you should meet and you will be instructed on how to submit the tender. It is vital that you meet up with the expectations of the client.

There should be a balance between quality and price of the products or services. At times, it may also include factors such as maintenance arrangements and lifetime costs. Knowing the procurement process will allow you to place the bid that the client will approve. This is very important especially if it involves a large amount of money. For smaller purchases, you can just settle with the local retailers or wholesalers. However, there is a need to find the best deal. You also need to keep the receipts since you will need them for financial purposes. Take time in learning about the procurement process and you will be able to use the knowledge to your advantage.


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