How to Build a Custom Bar

Bars are specially used in the basement of houses. This is important because most of the basements are used as storage of some stuffs or equipment.

There are simple guides that you can use regarding how to build a custom bar.

It is important to be guided with the tips on how to build a custom bar. These guides will definitely, help you to create your personalized custom bar without worrying about high degree of expenditure.

Obtain Correct Measurement and Choose a Design

In order to get baseline data with the custom bar that you will need to create, you need first to have measurement of the dimensions of the bar that you have. See to it that you come up with the exact measurement of the dimensions of the bar dimensions. Do not just guess for this information. You also need to measure some of the materials that you will incorporate to your custom bar. Examples of these are the mirrors, switches, lights, plumbing and any other materials that must be measured. When you have already determined the dimensions, you have to choose now the design of your custom bar. You can search in the internet for the existing excellent design ideas for this.

Framing and Installation

By the time that you have obtained the necessary measurements and dimensions, the next step that you have to do is to frame the bar and then install the bar's skeleton. Moreover, you have to run all the plumbing and electrical things. Do not forget to insulate all the exterior walls by means of providing insulation between all the studs. Also, install the required appliances, switches and lights. If you have to install some of the accessories like detector for carbon monoxide and smoke alarm, then, see to it that you are done installing these equipment.


The next step that you have to do is to finish the bars with the desired type. Just in case you have not built one, you can install the bar at the top. One of the most popular forms of tops is the granite bar tops. After the installation of the bar top, you have to create now shelving at the bar's back as well as at the bottom of the bar top. If you want to have extra storage stuffs, you can hang some cabinets as well.

Final Touch

According to your own desire, you can install some of the appliances or any other bar tools. In addition to that, application of other furniture will help a lot in enhancing the appeal of your place. Other forms of finishing may also be added such as varnish, stain, paint, fixtures, lighting or otherwise. Most of the people want to use varnish in order for their custom bar to appear classy. However, there are also some who chooses paints because of variety of colours that they can choose from. Lastly, you also need to ensure that there is power that will be supplied to the appliances available.


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