How to Become Customs Broker

Becoming a customs broker has its own qualifications that are not that hard to fulfill. These qualifications include that you must be a certified US citizen, 21 years of age and above, and lastly, that you possess your high school diploma.

If you have all this, then all you need to have is a guide on how to become a customs broker in no time.

The career of a customs broker offers such great opportunities to every individual qualified for it. It focuses on the betterment and growth for those individuals joining this field. Although it has many things to offer, it has fewer requirements. Aside from its simple qualifications rule, it will also require only a minimal training in order to become one. Thus, if you want to become one of the customs brokers, you will never be disappointed since it is one of the highly demanded careers nowadays. Here is your guide on how to become not only a simple customs broker but also a successful one.

Go Online

First thing for you to do is to visit and look up the official website of United States Customs and Border Protection (USCBP) on the internet. once you have already reach their official site, you will just have to type inside it search box the specific words which is “customs broker” and then hit enter or just press its “Go” button which is colored green. The next thing that you will do once you have entered the new page is to choose the link which indicates the words “Becoming s Customs Broker”. It will bring you to another web page wherein all you will need to read the varied sections included in it.

Do Some Training Course

If you will look into the “Who is eligible to become qualified as a Customs Broker?” you will see several listed requirements. You should meet each of these eligibility requirements in order for you to proceed to the next step. If you have read all of the requirements and all of it fits you, locate the training course for the customs broker. In this training course, the number of the credit hours that you will spend in it will not be required. This is why online seminars as well as courses are very ideal and easy.

Pass the Examination

After undergoing the training course, it will be now the time for you to take the License Examination of the customs broker. So study well about all the facts involving the career. Then you will have to find the port wherein you are going to operate your customs business by scrolling down “Customs Broker License Examination” and selecting the “Port” word. Submit your application to your chosen port and wait for the approval of the USCBP of your application.


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