How to Become an Import Export Broker

The import/export brokers are those people who are the ones who check whether your requirements for import or export products are complied properly so that you won’t have any problem with the federal customs.

Here are some ideas on being an import/export broker.


To become an import or export broker, you have to be eligible to the job. Before you can even call or consider yourself a broker, you have to qualify the licensing procedures. You have to undergo some interviews and exams to qualify for this license. It is a very essential type of job that is why you should be a licensed broker before you can even start doing the job. Since it is an import or export brokerage, it is important that you are licensed so that the clients are sure that you really know what you are doing and you know the risks of this job.

Another thing is that you should be a citizen of the country where you are going to work as a broker, at least 21 years of age and must pass all the background checks that will be made during the licensing procedure. Specifically, you must pass the criminal background check. This way, the clients are sure that they are not in for trouble. You must be someone who is not an ex convict, someone who has criminal charges pending in court and your background should be as clean as a white linen sheet.

Preparatory Course

Of course when you intend to pass the different examinations that will be given during the licensing procedure, you must at least take the customs broker preparatory course. In this course, you will be well educated about the job and you will be trained how to be a good broker without getting you and the client into any legal trouble. Before the import/export broker’s license exam, you must first pass first the customs broker exam. The government is really strict about these examinations because brokerage is not just an ordinary job. You are going to deal with big batch of products that will come in or out of the country. Any failure or mistake in this will cost the country so much for the possible damage it would cause. That is why, license is really necessary to be a customs broker.

Get that License

To pass the licensure exams, you must at least get an average of 75% on the overall examination. This is easy if you have taken the preparatory course seriously and you have studied the different important points on that course. Sometimes people would flank in a particular exam because during their preparatory courses, they did not took it seriously and they have taken it for granted. You must also bear in mind that these examinations are usually held twice in a year. This is sometime in April and October. You must take note of these so that you won’t be able to forget it and you will have the chance to prepare for it.

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