How to Become an Insurance Broker

An insurance broker is one of the profitable professions nowadays since almost every purchase of real property or tangible asset is coupled with an insurance policy. In line with this, you might be wondering how to become an insurance broker. There are many qualities and qualifications you should have. This includes a credible background, analytical skills, and a license.

Finally, you should know where to apply for entry-level insurance broker positions.

It is no doubt that the insurance industry is among the successful industries today. Insurance is required for many purchases nowadays. For instance, if you buy a car or house, you might be required to insure them. So during one of your purchases, you must have bought an insurance policy from a broker.

If you want to know about the trade of selling insurance and want to tap into this profitable industry, here is how you can become an insurance agent.

Needed Qualities of an Insurance Broker

Before you decide to become an insurance agent, check if you have what it takes to become one. There are several requirements and among them have something to do with your skills and credibility. Selling insurance will require you to have at more than basic understanding about marketing or any sales technique. You should also have analytical and numerical skills since you will be dealing with insurance figures in this type of job. As for credibility, most states require that you do not have any criminal record to be an insurance broker.

Insurance Broker Licensing Exam

Brokers need to be licensed in order to start selling insurance policies and or representing insurance companies. Depending on state policies, you will have to take a training program in a classroom setting or self-study at home. It is required that you pass the training program before you qualify for a licensing exam. The licensing exam for brokers is administered by Pearson VUE so contact them for requirements and schedules. You should then be able to finish the exam during the allotted time limit. If you pass, your last transaction with Pearson VUE would be to obtain a copy of your exam-passage certificate.

Explore the Insurance Broker Industry

Once you become a qualified insurance broker, then it is time for you to narrow down the industry into the insurance category you want to tap into. Insurance comes in many forms and covers many types of policies. Once you have made your choice, you may start applying for entry level positions from independent firms to multinational ones. The number of companies you can work with is limitless however in a competition-driven industry you must be able to show your impressive qualities.

Becoming an independent insurance broker is also an option that will become open to you. However, you might want to gain significant experience from successful brokers before trying it on your own. The job of being an insurance broker offers many benefits, among which is on the job training which will allow you to not only increase your sales but enhance your selling techniques as well. Before long, you would have a senior position or have the necessary qualities to make it on your own as an independent broker.


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