US Import and Export Regulations

The United States, like any country in the world, has its own regulations regarding importation and exportation of any kind of products in and from its shores. Below is some important information regarding US import and export regulations.

Like any country in the world, the United States has its own regulation regarding import and export for its industry, small or big.

There are basically many categories on products where US import and export regulations are applicable. If one would enumerate these industries through its products they can be listed as: agricultural products, automobiles, chemicals, defense products, food and beverages products, industrial goods and pharmaceuticals and biotechnology.

The United States Department of Agriculture usually facilitates the regulation on importing and exporting of agricultural products and specimens. USDA Import Permit usually controls the importing. Below are some information given basically by USDA on how import and export are regulated in United States. Though USDA only covers agricultural products, these information are generic and can be applied on any products that can be imported and exported in the United States.

Product Requirement for US Import and Export Regulations

Since every transaction involving importing and exporting in the United States, US Import and Export Regulations necessitate the declaration of product requirements of any shipment. What this means is that any product imported or exported should be declared on what kind of shipment they will go or arrive. This product requirement relates to factors like container type, temperature setting and packaging requirements.

Country Requirement for US Import and Export Regulations

Since import and export means a relation to a another country aside from United States, the US Import and Export Regulations ask for the country requirement of any product being imported or exported out of the country. Foreign country should be declared and other permits like certificate of origin, import/export license, tariffs and value-added taxes (VAT) should be declared. For agricultural products, sometimes phytosanitary permit is necessary.

Buyer/Consignee Requirement for US Import and Export Regulations

Since import and export is a business transaction between two parties, the US Import and Export Regulations mandate that the buyer or consignee of any products should be declared. Along with this requirement, other specification should also be declared like product variety, grade, packaging, availability, payment method and price.

Exported/Seller Requirement for US Import and Export Regulations

The declaration of exported or seller is also required by US Import and Export Regulations. Other specification states that buyer references, method and method of payment should be declared.

All of these are basically the generic regulations regarding importing and exporting in the United States.


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