How to Start Hairdressing Business

With just the right capitalization, skill and management system, starting your own hairdressing salon will never be as difficult as it may seem. Start your business smart and be on your way to reach your business success.

Hairdressing business deals primarily with maintaining and styling hair. However, services offered by hairdressing salons can be extended to hand and nail cosmetic treatment, spa and the likes.

Opening your own hairdressing business need not to be that hard. Here are some helpful steps you may take to guide you through the start of your soon to rise business.

First is to be certain with your financial capabilities. See whether you can finance accordingly the demands of putting up the business. This means being able to provide the essentials of the business so that the quality you want to render can be served to your customers.

If the finances are cleared, next is to work on the license papers and hairdresser’s insurance. Get familiar also with safety and health regulation for hairdressing salons so that you may incorporate it appropriately with the daily operation of your business.

Third is to observe your competitors. Determine how they provide service value with their customers, their scope and limitations, their price offering, and other details that may help you to strategize on running your own hairdressing salon. By eyeing your competitors, you may think of how can you better improve your services and satisfy your customers.

Fourth is to determine the services you want to provide which may include relaxing, cutting, coloring, braiding, weaving waxing and some others. Then decide on the number of stylists that is necessary to provide those services. Hire stylists that are expert in the field or at least have professional training. This is critical for hairdressing salons since customer satisfaction greatly rely on them.

Fifth is the location. This will greatly influence the profitability of your business. The salon must be strategically situated for it will dictate the number and the kind of customers that you will have. The facility layout is also crucial. The space must be maximized so that you can accommodate as many customers as possible. The facilities and equipment must be placed in the right position that it will not cause traffic inside the salon. Pay attention also in providing area for waiting customers like a coffee station and or television or reading area. You may hire someone to do the layout for you.

Next is to purchase facilities and equipment such as salon stools, shampoo chairs, dryer chairs, tanning booths, reception desks, display counters, steamers, lamps, tables and other fixtures. Before buying, have a survey of your possible suppliers and choose the one with lower price offering and high quality assurance.

These steps are actually a guide towards the success of your business.


  • Sandeep Haridas said on March 7, 2011
    Hi there, I would like to start up a hair dressing salon and a beauty parlour as well under the same roof, however, I do not have any experience on this, please advice on how to proceed further. Thanks! Sandeep
  • celion said on March 30, 2011
    hi, i am a hairdresser too ..have u done practice management? i need some help about my assignment can u help me then i will help u
  • Bhavik kaklotar said on December 12, 2012
    Hi i am mehul vaja , i am all ready set of this type of business but provide me sum further knowledge about the next future opportunity. plz provide me ,,,


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