Becoming a Reseller

Becoming a reseller is one of the most exciting jobs there is. As long as you are good with words, meaning the ability to convince people then you can be a reseller.

But, you have to know what is it that you really like to resell. It is very important to draw upon your background and inspiration before you can be a good reseller.

Reseller is somebody who resells any kind of product/s and/or all kinds of services which he/she believes in. More often than not these product/s are over runs of the manufacturing companies. They sell these over runs to the resellers for a discounted price. So if you want to become a reseller then you have 2 options, one is be a part of a company that resells or to do resell on your own.

If you believe that you have what it takes to become a reseller the first step that you need to take is for you to become a licensed reseller, meaning you meet the qualifications and passed the state reseller licensure examination. Once you were able to secure your license the next think to think about is: Do you have a particular product/s or service/s which you want to focus on to resell? If yes, then get in touch with the manufacturer. Let them know that you want to become a reseller of their product/s or an affiliate seller of their product. Once you were able to get a deal with the manufacturer then you can immediately start with the reselling of their products. You can also join groups in the web; they have hundreds, thousand or maybe millions of members who can view the products that you are reselling, or you may also create your own website. Take pictures of the item/s you are reselling, upload the pictures and give a catchy description of it.

If you want to you can also join a company wherein they do resell business. With this, you will be guided accordingly. You will be given an overview of how the product/s was made, from the materials and parts used to the finished product. You will be given the proper training by the experts of the company; in short you will be certified to be a reseller of their product/s or services. You may be given the opportunity to attend seminars and forums related to the product/s or services you are reselling and probably the opportunity to travel. But you have to establish yourself first before you can demand for a higher pay, incentives and of course demand for additional benefits like health insurance or maybe a car which you can use to your job.

Reselling also give opportunities to students, working moms, stay-at-home moms even professionals for extra money earning opportunities. Once you were able to grasp and the whole concept of reselling, you may also want to put up a reselling business of your own.


  • Kalyanasundaram.G said on September 9, 2010
    I am kalyanasundaram.G from madurai, tamilnadu, india. i would like start a two-wheeler reselling business. please give some guidelines for this particular kind of business.
  • adnan said on January 22, 2011
    I am studying MBA. I am also working as a Accountant. I want to do reselling business. In which subject I should do specialization in MBA.


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