How to Become a Shipping Broker

A shipping broker is a vital part of the shipping industry. Likewise, it is also important not only in the local shipping industry but also in the international scene.

There are different categories of ship brokerage thus it is necessary to know the necessities on how to become a shipping broker.

There are different types of brokerage existing in the industry that include foreign exchange, stocks, real estate, mortgage, insurance and ship brokerage. The ship brokerage is the most comprehensive as it deals with the international shipping industry. A shipping broker serves as a middleman between the charterer and the owner of shipment. It is not that easy to become a shipping broker as it requires an individual to have wisdom, intelligence and social skills to become effective in the business. This kind of job entails several duties and you should comply with the requirements before you can practice the profession.

How to Practice the Job Professionally?

The first step to do in becoming a shipping broker is to obtain professional training. There are schools offering trainings to become a shipping broker. Aside from schools, you can also look for transportation intermediaries that offer such training. It is important to obtain official educational degree in order to pass the requirements of being a shipping broker. Likewise, you also need to build up basic selling and marketing skills and at the same time understand the complexity of the shipping industry. In this sense, you should learn tactics in negotiating. Thus, it is a good idea to have actual job in a shipping brokerage before deciding to get into the business.

The next step is to obtain the necessary licenses in shipping brokerage. You need also to register on the concerned agency so that you can secure the professional license. In securing the license you need to deal with the processes and pay the required fee. In some cases, the applicant should put collateral in the form of trust fund or surety bond. This is a form of security that would cover future damages in the future and in case the shipping broker fails to carry out the obligations. In addition, it is also important to select processing agency in your state that can help you in all the legal issues that might arise in the business.

As soon as you finish and comply with the requirements and finally obtain your license, the next step to pay attention is to start networking your business. You can offer the different services in shipping brokerage. However, you should choose one in which you are confident to carry out. Indeed, this kind of business is lucrative as long as you know how to employ the right steps in doing the business.


  • SUGAT said on September 15, 2012
    Dear sir, I am interested to start a sihp agency in paradeep port which is in ORISSA. I am able to invest only 2 lakh. so kindly advice me how to start the business. await reply... Regards/Sugat
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    Dear Sir , I am Interested to start a business in paradeep odisha ,i am able to invest only 2 lakhs ,so kindly advice me how to start business is good for me.
  • colbert said on March 3, 2015
    Dear Sir/Mam, Please I will like to find out what it take to own a shipping license, I live in Copenhagen Denmark. A Cameroonian by nationality and I ship used cars to Cameroon and other neighboring countries like Nigeria etc. My greatest challenge so far has been for me to own a license for my self so I will like to know exactly what it take for me to get this important document. I will gladly appreciate your time and solution to my question. Thanks and looking forward to reading from you.


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