How to Become a Transportation Broker

There are a lot of things that you see within your workplace or even inside your home that were probably transported by trucks to you. Since it is quite typical that almost all of the goods that we consume or use are being shipped or deliver to via large vehicles such as trucks, it will be easy to conclude that trucking industry today is booming. It can be also observed that this industry increases in size as it grew larger and it is also interconnected with each other.

Thus, becoming a transport broker will definitely be a good one for you if you want to enter trucking industry.

People Involved In Trucking Industry

Transport brokers are also known by its other name which is ‘freight broker’. They are the ones responsible in transporting goods since they are the liaison individual acting between the shippers and Transportation Company. The shippers are the one who requires that the goods or products be sent to a particular place while the Transportation Company is the one providing services regarding transporting goods. These are the ones involve in trucking industry and the ones that a transportation broker usually deals with. Now, if you are determined to become a freight broker, here are the steps on how to be one.

Get Transportation Brokerage Training

First is that you have to acquire a transportation brokerage training. This training will provide you all of the needed and essential trucking information in order for you to receive your license as a freight broker. You have several options here, whether you are going to take the training online or joining a center. Try researching it in the internet and you can contact them as well while you are at it.

Acquire a License

It is not only transportation broker license that you need to acquire but also a broker authority. This broker authority is a kind of credential which is being issued by Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). This organization is part of United States Department of Transportation (USDT). When applying for broker authority, there are forms that you need to fill out, more particularly the OPD-1 form. This form is only the start of the process in order for your broker application to be approved.

Surety Bond or Fund

Once you are done with obtaining your broker authority, get your surety bond or a trust fund. In this case, it is the local bank in your area which you need to visit or any bonding companies instead. The personal credit that you possess will be the major determining point on the amount of the fund or bond will cost you. Thus, it will be good for you to check out first your personal credit and know the personal credit score that you have. Remember that in order for you to do this properly; you will need a $10, 000 funds or bond. Also, you will also be required have a form of BMC—85 or BMC—84 fully filled out. Then, you can now locate a clientele as well as freight agency.


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