How to Become a Sniper

Are you planning to become a sniper? This is a dangerous yet rewarding profession. Not everyone can become a sniper because it involves rigorous training. Just follow the how tos in becoming a sniper and you can make attain your dream job.

As long you possess the skills and qualifications, you will surely be able to pass every training/examination.

The Requirements for Becoming a Sniper

A sniper shoots well and this is the only way to become one. Well of course, there are other considerations aside from being able to make a great shot. During the training, the psychological and physical condition of an individual is usually being considered. Interpreting info accurately and quickly is vital so that you can have a good performance record. You can become a sniper for the police and military or any other group. The missions of snipers may vary depending on their job title but one thing is common, a sniper should shoot well and accurately.

You need to be active in the service. You can either enter the police or the military; try to make sure that you maintain a strong and good service record. Oftentimes, a sniper is recommended by their immediate superior. Your service record will definitely count a lot so you shouldn’t have any disciplinary records. It would also help if you receive commendations. Your immediate superior should back you up so that you can proceed with the training.

Snipers are sharpshooters. You can also apply for this position but it’s better to be recommended. Those who are already in the SWAT have a high chance to become snipers because they have already undergone rigorous training. Department policies might differ so you need to inquire. At times, the department will require you to serve the division for a certain period until you become eligible. While you’re waiting, you can practice your shooting. This will enhance your skills as a marksman. If you’re already eligible, you will need to take a written examination. You will also undergo a physical exam and psychological evaluation. When you pass these three examinations, you can now start with the proper training.

Trainings to Become a Sniper

If you’re from the military, you should talk with the concerned recruitment agent. For those who really want to become snipers, they need to undergo relevant training and make sure that you make yourself known throughout the basic training. Your superior might recommend you but you can also volunteer for the sniper training. Once the training commences, you will be required to take battery tests. Snipers should have keen vision and are physically fit. Psychological trainings are required to ensure that the person is in his or her right state of mind. After passing, you can now attend sniper school. Full pledged professionals can earn $36,000 to $60,000 annually. This profession is a bit dangerous so be extra careful with your decisions.


  • Greer said on October 4, 2010
    I am currently a qualified sniper in the military. You have some good knowledge on what a Sniper have before trying to become one, but for becoming one it is a lot harder than just asking at basic training. Sniper is a Title that comes with hard work and dedication. Even the best soldiers and or sharpshooters do not ever get a chance to become a qualified sniper or get to be label a sniper as profession. There are selection process's just like Special forces and or delta selection that determine if you are what we are looking for.

    It is hard but not impossible with the will to want to do it. Most snipers fell into the opportunity by mostly luck. Things you can do to show interest in your Battalion sniper section. ( Stay away from the company sniper section since they will not count towards you r sniper time). You must be better than everyone and show it. Tell people that you want to go to the Sniper Section and talk with a sniper and see when or if they are having a selection. Get with you chain of command and let them know so you can attend the selection process. My process's are about 3-5 weeks long. Once selected and pass background checks and what not. You are on a probation period for 6 months and then sent to Sniper School. If you pass?????!!!!!!????? Then you are in the section. If not You must attend another selection later on down the road. These are just the things I KNOW because I am a sniper by profession. If you have any questions you can contact me via e-mail jgreer2009 at gmail dot com
  • Jared said on February 2, 2013
    I need a sniper buddy some one who can help me and teach me I live in Beverton Oregon my name is Jared maxwell I'm 14 and willing to learn. I'm great a camouflage not so good at shooting long distance because of where I live . If there's any one out there near by willing to help me contact my cell phone# 19714004112 Just say I'm willing to be ur sniper buddy or something along the lines of that. Thank you
  • Damaris said on April 9, 2014
    My dream job is to become a sniper. i watch every sniper movie. but the problem is i'm in papua new guinea..


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