How to Become SWAT

When it comes to emergency situations, the SWAT team is always called upon to act. Hollywood has glamorized this exciting profession and lots of individuals want to become a member of the elite SWAT.

If you want to become part of the team, you can use this guide to help you in following the right path.

SWAT stands for ‘Special Weapons and Tactics’ and in order to be part of this elite group, you will need a lot of hard work. The team is usually composed of individuals having special skills and weapons. You will need to undergo a rigorous training and selection process before you can become a SWAT member.

The Steps to Become SWAT

Firstly, you will need to be part of the police service. You can work as a sheriff’s deputy or as a police officer. To be part of the tactical team, you will need to spend around 3 years as a police. Most sheriff’s departments, state police, or urban police have their own SWAT team and sometimes, they are called SOG, TRT, or SRT. You will need to attend training at the police academy so that you can keep abreast with the legal changes in the state. Favorable classes will benefit you like that of legalities, firearms, and defensive tactics.

Staying in great physical shape is also vital. Have you seen a SWAT member who is extremely fat? This might sound funny but it’s true – SWAT members are all physically fit. You will need to undergo tests like obstacle courses, sit ups, push ups, and running. The selection process is very strict so you need to develop self discipline. In this kind of profession, you will not work alone but as a team. If you want to get an assignment, you should know how to work with a team and you should know how to take constructive criticism. Staying motivated is another key and this is one of the positive attitudes that you need to possess; another is optimism.

Other Info

Working hard is necessary to get the appropriate training and skills. You will not only concentrate in medical response but also in rescue tactics and firearms. You will never know if you qualify unless you apply for the position. There is no guarantee that you can become a SWAT member just because you’re a police. You need to work on it and you have to earn it. Aside from the examinations, you will also need to pass the interview. Through the interview, the board can determine if you can think quickly and determine your personality. Psychological evaluation is also required to determine if you can handle situations even under stress. New recruits can earn around $40,000 but as you gain experience your salary will also increase.

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  • Jeffry Saldana Duran said on October 5, 2010
    I need to know what opportunity I have to take the swat team training the reason I ask is because I used to be 14 years working for law enforcement in Puerto Rico. In would like to be myself sponsor if I have opportunity let me know the cost and if I need something else I want to be instructor in our police department in mayaguez P.R. Thank you in advance .


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