How to Become a Health Inspector

If you want to become a health inspector, you will need to know about the job and its responsibilities. There are certain certifications and educational requirements depending on the career path that you want to follow.

Potential employers can provide you with the job requirements so that you can pursue the right path.

The Job Requirements

Health inspection offers different careers and become a health inspector is just one of them. The requirements vary and will depend on the career that you want to achieve. As a health inspector, your work is not limited to checking restaurants to ensure that establishments are operating in a hygienic and safe manner. You can also work as an environmental health specialist or you can specialize in investigations that concern the safety and health of different environments like nursing homes, housing units, day care centers, public pools, and other locations.

In order to become a health inspector, you will need a high school diploma and OJT (on the job training). You may need certifications and some pass some examinations as well. Aside from that, you will need to have excellent communication skills since you will be reporting about your findings. Some individuals are able to land a job and earn the title of health inspector with only a high school diploma but in the related careers, you may need further education. There are now A.A. degrees that are very much related to inspection. You can also pursue a bachelor’s degree if you like. Some jobs require graduate work and additional training to be able to spot potential hazards.

Certifications Needed for Health Inspector

Determine the career path of your choice so that you will know the requirements early on. You can also consult the Board of Certified Safety Professionals and other related agencies. With so many certifying agencies, you need to obtain only the appropriate certification. Ask the companies that are hiring inspectors so that you will know what certifications are needed. This is also the best way to find out which trainings you need to attend. You can use the internet to find training programs in your area. Determine the duration of the training and the accreditation services.

It would be best to find a training program that you can afford. It should also fit into your schedule. You will usually spend one to six years to become a health inspector and you need to excel. You can also file an application to become an intern so that you can increase your experience in the field. Once you’ve obtained the necessary trainings and extra education, you can now apply at health departments in your area. With the needed certifications, you will surely qualify and have a chance to earn a median salary of $44,625. Become a health inspector now.


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