How Much Subway Franchise Cost

The Subway franchise suggests an excellent franchise opportunity that is proven to give franchisees the instrument and information to operate their own business.

In many years, almost 70 percent of new franchises are being bought by existing owners.

In Bridgeport, Connecticut, two school mates build up their own sandwich shop in the year 1965. After completing and reorganizing the management over the past nine years, they make a decision to franchise the idea and proposed what they think as a healthier substitute to the average fast food fare that is usually found in hamburger and hot dog chain. As of the year 2011, the Subway group has expanded to about 34,246 franchises all over the United States, Canada and more than 95 countries.

The preliminary franchise fee to buy a Subway location is about $15,000, which must be given at the time that the contract for the franchise was signed. The main company guess that a person’s preliminary investment will run from $80,000 and $240,000, in addition, there is a yearly royalty fee of about eight percent, which is a part of every store’s gross sales volume. The entire investment that is said above also involves what the corporations guess to be the standard cost for the operator to manage the business for the first ninety days. As we all know, any business is willing to know not only the out of the pocket expenses but also the cost that is needed to keep the business from running, while you are busy establishing a name for your client.

Franchising Subway is easy. You just need to choose from the two options. Its either you put up a new store or buy an existing one. The company gives loan assistance and full financial assistance for every owner. This doesn’t matter what path you want to take for your success. For the ones who choose to put up a new store, Subway Corporation provides consultation services to help new owners in looking for the right site or location, scheming the store’s interior, and managing to run and put up the marketing program. For those who choose to buy an existing store, the company can give loans or mortgage for modifying and spreading out. Whichever way it is, the new owners go to a rigorous, two-week preparation course that educates them on essential business management operations, management methods, and hiring skills. This training is available in a classroom setting as well as on actual Subway restaurant. Additional educational opportunities are available for store owners or managers that have two or more Subway franchise. Because of the company’s increasing interest in having a worldwide market, educational services are found from as far as Australia, Russia, South Korea and China.

Just alone in the United States, it is believed that Subway shops was serving a total of 3,000 sandwiches and salads in just a span of one minute.


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