How Does A Bail Bond Business Work

Once a person is arrested, he or she has to wait in a holding cell, face an arraignment and have a court date settled for trial.

This date could be months or years away and until that time the person has to remain in the custody of the authorities.

That is until he provides a financial incentive which enables him to leave custody and return voluntarily once he has been called. The person will not have to face the discomfort of imprisonment in a holding cell.

The financial incentive, also known as bail money, varies upon the seriousness of the offence committed. The higher the bail, the more grave the offense. The person is liable to this specified amount of money if he or she refuses to present him at court. Since this amount is not always readily payable, family members or relatives consult with a professional or a bondsman that will handle the bail bonds for them.

Bail bonds are also known as surety bonds. If the accused does not meet to the terms of his release from custody, then the bail bonds ensure that he will be liable and will pay the entire amount of bail. The court is financed a blanket bond that is used to cover a majority of clients. Each client has a cash guarantee of 10%. People resort to bail bonds to avoid the discomfort of spending days, weeks or even months in a holding cell until the court calls them for trial.

Bail bonds businesses are usually on call regardless of date and time. There will usually always be bail bondsmen available to clients. To post a bail bond one has to undergo an undertaking under contract, which is legally noted by the bail agent or bondsman. This bondsman assures the court that the defendant will show up in court whenever the judge calls for them. Friends or family members may bail the defendant provided they have residence in the vicinity for a certain period of time. This person cosigns the legal agreement and is responsible for the full bail is the defendant does not show up in court once he or she has been called.

Since people are arrested in a daily basis, the bail bond business is vital to them. This is because the people that get arrested almost always lack have the full amount to provide for bail. No one wants to spend several days in a holding cell until his or her trial since it is extremely uncomfortable and restrained, that is why the friend or relatives of the criminal will go to great lengths to help settle this temporary freedom.


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