Home Based Business Tax Benefits

If you are planning to have a home based business that can provide you several benefits especially in tax so that you can really save lots of money.

Would you like to know them?

In order for you to ascertain the success in your business, you should always implement tax saving techniques. Just imagine if you can turn the original business tax to benefits. That can surely pave the way for you to prosper as the years go by. In having a home business, what you need to note is that you will have a variety of taxes to pay for but you can claim them as your benefits to help you in offsetting the business expenses.

Discover the Home Based Business Tax Benefits

Just before you start your business, it is very important that identify the most beneficial setup for it by simply consulting a tax attorney or accountant. The following are just some of the home based business tax benefits that you can enjoy:

  • Easier filing of the tax returns: If you are a sole proprietor, it would be easier for you to file the tax returns because you no longer have to submit complicated and lengthy forms. You just have to fill out IRS forms that may come in one or two pages. The best thing about them is that they are so simple so filling out will not be as difficult as what you have always thought.
  • Mandatory Audit Free: Since you no longer have to hire either a tax consultant or an accountant, you can save lots of green bills.
  • Business Dissolution: If you want to dissolve your business, you will also be able to escape from tax implications.
  • Manage the Expenses and Deductions Personally: Since you are the proprietor, you can figure out the expenses and the payroll expenses and cash flow will also be managed better. In managing the finances, you can also adjust your expenses that will be very beneficial thru the tax write offs.
  • Healthcare for you and for the employees is considered a deductible expense. But there are limitations in this matter so you can check with a tax consultant or accountant.

There are other possible deductions for a home based business which include the business portion of the home expenses. But in order to know the amount you can claim, you need to calculate the total space used for the business.
Other Additional Deductions

  • Home insurance
  • Internet
  • Electricity
  • Telephone
  • Rent
  • Mortgage

Aside from these expenses, you can also deduct other expenses such as:

  • Advertising costs
  • Business tools (paper, printer and computer)
  • Business-related entertainment and meals

Today, the home based business is booming in the industry because of its capability to be a tax shelter.


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