Highest Paying Business Jobs

Many people who are looking for business-related jobs are not aware that they can find the jobs that can give them the big salaries. Find out what highest paying business jobs are at stake for you to have.

You may be looking for a job right now that is related to your business degree and you want something that can really give you a good income.

you must be a student who wants to decide on what business course to pursue depending on the income that you will have once you graduate and start working. Now, it will be easier to decide because by reading on, you will know the top business jobs that can give you the highest possible salary.

Having a business course pursued can be an advantageous decision since it is one of the sectors that can really give high pays and salaries. Usually, people who graduated business degrees find careers in the corporate world where you may start at a lower position and have to chance to climb the higher ladder through promotions. Aside from being employed, having so much knowledge in business and its components and the factors that affect it may even encourage you to put up your own business. In short, by studying business, you can have the option to either become a successful business employee or a successful businessman.

Everyone who is in the business industry wants to be the next CEO of a company. This dream is not impossible especially if you are loyal, hardworking, and persistent. But of course, there are so many opportunities below to concentrate on first where there alone, you can already attain success. On the other hand, investing on your own business can make you your own boss. That is if you have the requirement and the talent to start and run your own business. This choice of career path can give you the opportunity to get all the rewards instead of working for someone else that usually get most of the bounty.

Being a general manager can be the most common high-paying job that most business graduates apply for. In some companies, the job description of this position is somewhat similar to a CEO. This is also considered one of the careers that are most demanding where normally a lot of travels are involved.

To give you an idea, here are the top 10 highest paying jobs in the United States today:

  • natural sciences manager - $97,560;
  • marketing manager - $100,020;
  • computer and information systems manager - $100,110;
  • air traffic controller - $100,430;
  • lawyer - $110,590;
  • dentist - $132,660;
  • air pilot - $134,090;
  • engineering manager - $140,210;
  • chief executive officer - $140,880;
  • surgeon - $181,850

You will notice that two of the top ten are business-related jobs which are numbers 2 and 9.

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  • Toby said on October 24, 2010
    North Carolina. This is outdated. I make almost $4M from commission each year. On a base salary of $370K. You might want to update this.


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