Growing Asparagus

It seems there is no reason why gardeners should not love growing asparagus. First and foremost this crop can last for 15 long years and more given proper care when growing them.

This long productive life should then be a good reason why one should learn the basics of growing asparagus if one wants to make a farm out of it.

There is no reason why many gardeners would love to hate growing asparagus. First and foremost this vegetable crop is described to be a long-lived perennial type and can be productive for at least 15 years or more if well taken care of.

Now if you are interested growing this vegetable crop you first have to know some basics about it and from there you can ‘weed out’ literally all the troubles of having it grown in your garden. Below are general tips about it and how you can effectively grow it.

Basics of Starting Asparagus Farm

There is almost no difference in terms of methods when starting a home business to starting asparagus farm. If in home business, the first task of the entrepreneur is to know the elementary information about the business he enters into, for the farmer growing asparagus knowing what is the nature of the plant he is growing is important similarly.

Asparagus is known to adapt to any kind of soil given that it is given enough and internal drainage. Moreover, the roots of this plant usually do not waterlogged soil that can lead to root rot. Regarding the pH level of the soil where it can grow, asparagus is not particular with this. Soil pH level ranging from 6.0 to 7.0 is good for this vegetable. This plant is a heavy feeder though and likes as much as possible to get full sun.

What About the Weeds when Starting Asparagus Farm

There is a word of caution when growing asparagus concerning weeds. You should get weeds out near the plant when they are still young. The roots of asparagus are known to form a tightly woven mat that that no weed can be removed intact.

Controlling weed growth in your asparagus farm during the early years of the plant can be done through hand labor. This means you cannot use any herbicides to do it for you since usual herbicides are designed to address weed control when the plant is already old.

Harvesting when Starting Asparagus Farm

Most probably, it will take three years for you to anticipate a good harvest of this plant. Long wait but it is worth it. During this time you can get finger-sized spears from your farm ready for the picking. There are many ways you can harvest them. One is by snapping the spear off and second by cutting it. Yet the advisable thing for you to do is snap it from 7 to 9 inch length of the spears.


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