Employee Relocation Benefits

It is important for any worker to know about employee relocation benefits. There are times when a company would need to send someone in another location. Usually the benefits include housing and other transportation.

There are also companies who shoulder the expense of the family. You can find several relocation benefits that a company should give its workers especially if the location is internationally.

Employee relocation is an essential thing to consider. Though it happens very rarely, this is something that could happen anytime. Relocating an employee is an exceptional task often confronted by many employers. Relocation is done based on a number of factors. There may be some construction or field work going on in a far flung area due to which the organization has to send one of their employees to the location. There can also be a transfer to some other branch of the organization. Employee relocation benefits are administered and managed by the human resource departments. A number of benefits are awarded to the employee being relocated.

Employee Relocation:

Employee relocation can fall into any one of the two categories. Either the employee will be relocated domestically or the employee will be relocated internationally. In a domestic relocation, the organization sends the employee to some other branch of the organization in same country, state, nation or locality. It is often done and almost every employee confronts domestic relocation. International relocation is not so often done. The reason behind this is the cost and other expenses that are required to be incurred. The air fare charges as well as the residing charges of the employee in the foreign country may add to the expenses of the organization. But, large organization often sends their employees onto world trips for several business purposes. International relocation of employees dates back to the ear of Dutch East India Company when the company sent it hundreds of military and chief officials to South East Asia relocating them from their base country.

Typical Benefits:

Typical benefits given to the relocated employee include family and children expenses. The organization is supposed to pay the children school expenses and typical family expenses. Owning a home is obviously a very costly idea, but that is also often done by large and renowned organizations. You can definitely find an international employee in your country living in his private home. The tuition fees expenses of relocated employee’s children are also charge with the organization.

Employee Relocation Policy:

The employee relocation benefits policies are required by the stakeholders to review. This is done in order to ensure the relocating employees about their safety, respect and happiness. International organizations are required to do so because they are overlooked by standard-setting bodies. If they don’t, they may be not able to properly avail the employee relocation features. Employee relocation is often done with the permission of government. But in many jurisdictions, it is not necessary and the company can relocate the employee internationally anywhere.

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    I work for a SADC regional organisation and they have decided to move offices from one member country to another. I have been tasked to prepare the transitional plan.What elements must I include in this plan.


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