How to Apply for Unemployment Benefits

In case that you lose your job, you can be eligible to receive unemployment benefits which is a state-provided assistance to laidoff and terminated workers who lost their jobs from any reason except misconduct. However, you should call your state’s Unemployment Insurance Office to know if you are qualified to receive benefits.

Due to recession and weak labor market, you may be worried about losing your job in case that your employer decides to layoff workers in an effort to reduce expenses. However, you should realize that you may receive temporary financial assistance in case that you lose job, allowing you to pay your bills and find a new employment opportunity.

Step-by-step Procedure in Filing Unemployment Benefits

Each state has its own requirements that will define if a person is eligible to receive unemployment benefits or not. To know if you are eligible, you should call your state’s Unemployment Insurance Office.

While states have different requirements for unemployment benefits, the most basic condition is that you should not be at-fault of losing your job. In case that you have been terminated from your work because of misconduct, you are automatically disqualified for unemployment claims.

If your state considers you eligible, you should gather important documents and information including your Social Security number and past employments (including the names of employers and their addresses).

Immediately apply for unemployment benefits through the Unemployment Insurance Office. This agency may allow you to apply through online, phone, or in person.

In case that the agency has granted your unemployed claims, you can receive this monetary assistance through online. Remember, you should follow the agency’s directions for claiming; some states provide assistance weekly while some provide benefits bi-weekly.

Aside from monetary compensation, you can also enjoy other services like career counselling, job training, skill enhancement program, resume writing, job interview training, and access to job openings.

Make sure to attend your appointments with Unemployment Insurance Office. You should remember that if you fail to appear, you may lose your benefits.

If you want to continuously receive unemployment benefits, you should genuinely look for a new job and never turn down job offers which provide at least a decent wage. In case that you have been offered to take a part-time job, it does not automatically mean that you will lose your benefits. If your wage from your part-time job will not exceed the state limit (each jurisdiction has its own wage limit), you may still receive your benefits.

Meanwhile, you should remember that unemployment benefits usually lasts 26 weeks and will only be extended in special cases. With this condition, you should realize that this assistance is only temporary.


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