Cost of Grass Fed Beef

If you want to purchase beef, you should opt for the grass fed beef. This is pricier than the grain or corn fed beef.

It would be best if you opt for volume purchases to take advantage of higher discounts.

There has always been the argument between the consumption of grass-fed beef and the one that is grain or corn fed. When it comes to price, there is also a huge difference. If the cost of grass fed beef is a major consideration, you should be making volume purchases. You can contact your friends and relatives that also love grass-fed beef so that you can make a volume purchase.

Price and Cuts

You should be aware that the cost of grass fed beef is dependent on the cut. For instance, the hind quarter of the beef is pricier than the front quarter. You are sure to get huge savings if you order in larger quantities. Families in the US have always loved beef and it is not a surprise that they will be willing to buy by the volume. All you have to do is find a reputed store that sells grass fed beef and you can place the order in advance.

A lot of customers are wondering why the cost of grass fed beef is higher when the fact that grass is available almost everywhere. Well, it is not that easy to raise grass fed cows. This is because the ranch operation has to make sure that despite of the weather changes, there will still be enough grass for all the cows. The cows are rotated in the different grass locations, depending on the growth of the latter. Physical inspection is also necessary to ensure that the grasses are thriving regardless of climate or season.

The Truth Behind the High Price

According to owners of grass fed cows, grass is not necessarily free. There is a cost in maintaining the operation of ranches. Grasses that are used primarily for grazing are also planted. They fields of grass are supplied with the needed nutrition to ensure optimum growth. The natural way of raising the cows is widely acceptable by many consumers, and it also results to healthier cows. The beef will also taste better and the meat is of higher quality.

If you are not bothered by the price, then you can always stick with the grass fed beef. On the average, a pound of grass fed beef will cost you more than $5. Again, as mentioned earlier, you will need to pay a higher price for the cuts at the hind quarter. You will have to indicate the portion of the cow that you want to purchase or the cut. You should opt for the online stores that offer volume purchases but be sure to look into other aspects as well like shipping and the quality of the meat.


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