Buying Selling Runescape Accounts

Buying selling runescape accounts is just the best way to earn your revenues. Once successful with this endeavor, you will have your money back in just a click.

Learn from this write up.

If you are getting trouble with the current venture that you have, you can consider engaging in a buying and selling runescape accounts. This matter entails processes that you should know.

Be Specific, Connect Properly

In buying runescape accounts, you must first be certain with yourself what the specific account you want to buy is. This will greatly affect the selling process in the future. After that, you may already look for the principal account that you are going to buy. Take into consideration the items as well as the levels in the account that you are up to. In that account, you must look for the means on how to connect to the owner. Usually, you may find there their emails or their IM account name. Once you have already reached them through this, you may already arrange possible meeting to personally know them.

Negotiation and Verifications

Once you have already set an appointment with them, you may already create a negotiation appropriately. Make a one stop deal to your target account owner. This means that your agreement must cover any of the items that are included in his account. But you must also make sure that the deal is very reasonable. Mutual agreement is a must in order to avoid conflict at the end. Once the agreement was closed, you may already purchase the account. You may send the money directly or you may use other means like PayPal. Make sure that you will provide a time span for you to have the password as well as the name of the account. Once you have received such, you change the settings urgently to avoid the possibility of hacking. After that, you must recheck the account to verify the modifications.

Initial Step in Selling

In starting to sell a runescape account, you must first register to a site called black market. In this site, you will find people who are very much willing to buy your account. You may also check some of the information in the site just in case you are planning for a long term stay. Then after that, you may also take screen photos of your account. Make sure that important information is found in the photos. These include blackmarks, character, banked items and stats. Then right after that, you need to make a fresh thread in a specific forum intended for the account that you are planning to sell. In creating a thread, make sure that it is something that will catch the attention of your possible buyers. Variety of payment options must be included.

Last Steps

In order to have more possible buyers, you may leave your contacts. You must also make sure that you have deleted the pins as well as the recoveries before transferring them. Once you have already received the amount that you have agreed upon in your buyer, make sure to extend your gratitude to them. You may also answer back if there are additional queries from them.


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