Business Schools in Atlantic Canada

Atlantic Canada is popularly known to be an ideal place for aspiring businessmen to finish their MBA programs because of its excellent curricular offerings.

Aspiring businessmen get their MBA in Atlantic Canada universities, as it is said to be the center of excellence in commercial enterprise education.

Bachelor of commerce and Master of business administration may be taken in St. Mary’s University’s Sobey School of Business in Halifax. It has 103 students paying $14,157 annually. And within 16 to 20 months they can finish their MBA. SMU is remarked to be one of Canada’s best business schools.

Corporate residency MBA is offered at Dalhousie University’s School of Business Administration near SMU. Canadian Universities stated that Dalhousie is the best choice for management education as it is excellent in finance, IT, and international business and marketing. In 22 months, its 100 students paying $19,124 annually will graduate.

Cape Breton University near Sydney, offers MBA programs that contextualize the cultural, historical, and political economy of its region. It will take 16 to 20 months for its 20 students who pay $18,240 for every year to finish MBA.
The University of New Brunswick in Fredericton is known to provide far-reaching and advanced education towards critical thinking, communication skills, financial and market literacy, and business with technology. Its 97 students pay $15,084 every year to finish MBA in two years.

In UNB’s St. John’s Campus, MBA is offered with the lowest teacher-student ratio in Canada. With $18,000 pear year, its 150 students can graduate in twelve months.

The first Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business accredited school in Atlantic Canada, Memorial University of Newfoundland is currently with around 130 students who pay $4,500 annually to graduate in two years.

Executive-style MBA is offered at the University of Prince Edward Island since 2008. It is focused more on biotechnology, management, and entrepreneurship. Students can graduate in two years. At present, it has 70 students paying $11,000 every year.


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