Business Format for Franchise Model

A business format franchise has something to do with the granting of some aspects of business such as business formats, operating systems, and trade marks. These franchises have a significant level of availability in specific fields.

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In a business format franchise, the franchisor has all the power whether or not to grant the franchisee the permission to have access to some things such as the business formats, operating systems, and trade marks of the franchise. When we talk here of business format, it talks about the marketing, advertising, selling, inventory, finances managing, accounting, and matters about the personnel. In a business format franchise, the entire business format, including the components mentioned previously, is taught by the franchisor to the franchisee. Also, in a business format franchise, the franchisor can provide his or her franchisee with sales assistance and a portion of his or her corporate credibility.

In a business-oriented Internet site, business format franchises are referred to as the second generation when it comes to the franchise concept. According to the same site, a business format franchise is a unique way of doing business. It looks at the franchise system as a distinct and dynamic way of performing business. In a business format franchise, the franchisor benefits from rapid growth and development with limited risks. At the same time, the franchisee also gains some benefit because he or she is assured that he or she will be granted proven business systems and strategies by the franchisors.

A business format franchise can be formed out of the concept that there are a significant number of franchisors available in every sector or industry that are willing to work with franchisees in dealing with business matters. Also, many franchisors are there to help the franchisees develop successful businesses or in this case, franchises. Though this concept is existent in our world, there are still limitations to the things that a franchisor can grant to a franchisee, especially information which are considered as top secrets. Also, franchisors who are too lenient in terms of business matters may find it hard to engage in a business format franchise. Business format franchises are usually found in the fields of automobile, business, catering and hotel, home and education services.

The major advantage that can be derived from a business format franchise is that the franchisor and the franchisee will have a smooth-flowing give and take relationship. The franchisor and the franchisee benefit from each other. As what was emphasized in the preceding paragraphs, the franchisee may be able to start his or her franchise with a considerable amount of help coming from the franchisor. Also, the risks and the financial headaches surrounding the field of franchising are also reduced. Franchisees are assured that the business formats and strategies offered by the franchisor are effective. At the same time, the franchisor is also assured of growth and development when the franchise of his or her franchisor expands. In addition, it would be fulfilling for a business format franchise to see how his or her franchisees prosper.


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