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Providing services for a cleaner and healthy indoor environment, Duct Doctor USA commits itself in giving only the best to its customers.

Franchising the business is easy as long as you have the capital and the urge to go about studying the how-to’s of managing the business and coping with the industry as well.

Duct Doctor USA is involved in air duct cleaning services. They have been in the business for decades now and do have a reputable name in the industry. Franchising Duct Doctor USA involves some few things to remember to help you gain more chances for being able to franchise the business.

Number one on the checklist on becoming a franchisee is the financial capability. Financially, liquid capital required is $100,000 while total investment is approximately $150,000 including $85,000 for truck equipment. Financial assistance is available via third party. This is a big help for those wanting to franchise the business but is lacking the financial capability.

Duct Doctor USA services aim on improving indoor air quality for both houses and workplace.

Franchising Duct Doctor USA involves a training program with scope on technical procedures, administrative management, and occupational safety.

The kind of service that the company renders indeed requires technical knowledge. This knowledge includes the details of the operation specifically the cleaning part. This is very essential to know since this will define the quality of the company’s services. In addition, the training involves the technical know-how on the proper usage of the company’s state of the art air duct cleaning truck. This is one of the prides of Duct Doctor USA. They have the technology to help them achieve the kind of service that they have sworn to render.

Air duct cleaning and indoor air quality improvement is getting more in demand due to public awareness of the many possible illnesses that clogged air duct and poor ventilation may cause.
One of the best management strategies of Duct Doctor USA is that they make I t a point to lessen overhead cost. This can only be achieved by minimizing wastes and maximizing the resources to optimize the business performance. With the company spending little to overhead cost, they have more chances of allocating their money to other needs of the business such as marketing initiatives. It has been a tradition, for almost three decades, for the company to be engaged with intensive marketing efforts. Duct Doctor USA believes that to remain still in the business is to continuously let the potential customers know of your existence and competencies in the business.

Advertising and promotional activities increase the possibility for any businesses to attract customers and it is true that it is a very important factor to maintain. They serve as tools for businesses to communicate to customers.


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