How to Start a Title Company

Looking into the American market one can easily predict the scopes of Title business, there is a wide opportunity for entrepreneurs to excel in this business. It is worth investing and explore in the title business.

People who are into real estate dealings generally need the services that are provided by a title company.

How to Start a Title Company

This is perhaps one of the reasons why operating a title company can be a very profitable venture these days given the number of people and organizations that engage in the selling and buying of properties. By operating a title insurance agency, you will help ensure that the real estate property titles that are being sold to your clients are free from defects. You will also be giving protection to sellers of real estate properties as you will also be providing title insurance policies. The following are things that you will find very helpful if you are interested to start a title insurance company:

Are you fit to operate a title company?

If you are planning to operate a title company, it is a must that you assess yourself whether you are fit to be in this business or not given the complexity of a title company’s operation. Most of the people who manage title companies are real estate attorneys but you can still be capable of operating a title insurance company as long as you have been previously employed in a title company and you already have a good background in operating a title insurance agency. Experience in the industry is very important so you will more likely succeed in this business if you have had considerable experience working in the title insurance industry.

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What you need to start a title company

You must make sure that you have all the legal requirements before starting your real estate title company. Inquire from your business bureau and department of insurance for a list of requirements that you will need to get started. You will also need to hire employees and staff who will man your title company’s operation. You will basically need a title searcher, closing agent, title examiner, and somebody who will issue policies.

Getting Clients

Your experience working for a real estate title insurance company can prove to be very helpful in getting clients for your real estate title company. You can take advantage of your network of colleagues who can refer you to potential clients. You can also contact lenders and realtors in your areas to get potential clients for your title company. In addition to this, it will be a good idea if you can promote your business by paying for ad spaces in real estate magazines and local newspapers.

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  • Phyllis said on March 30, 2009
    This is innovative as real title insurance is not yet in Kenya. However since it has an insurance aspect, it would be a difficult and expensive in Kenya because of the regulations here. Thanks a heap though!!!
  • Chris said on March 31, 2009
    Are you located in Kenya Phyllis? I am in the U.S and could share some ideas. Email me.
  • Amanda said on June 17, 2009
    Chris hey, I am in Georgia, and would love some information that you might have. please email it to me.
  • Andrew said on June 17, 2009
    Hi guys Andrew from Texas here. Chris where are you from? Lets share some ideas??
  • Phoebe said on June 18, 2009
    Hi Chris, I would like to learn more about the business. Could you provide some advice. Just finished undergraduate school and feel that I have a better chance running a company.
  • Chris Shapiro said on July 18, 2009
  • tanya said on July 22, 2009
    I just took an on-line course for title examiner. I am still left "wondering" what to do next and how to get my business started. Do you have any information?
  • Christy said on July 29, 2009
    Hi Chris, I would like to learn more about the Title Company business. Please forward me more information also. Kindly
  • Keith Boyd said on August 4, 2009
    I really would like to learn more about starting a Title Company, please send me as much information as possible. Thank You
  • David Ricci said on August 6, 2009
    I am interested in opening a title company in TX. Please send me information as for what do I need. Thanks, David Ricci
  • Sara said on August 10, 2009
    Hi, I'm interested in starting a Title company in New York. Can you please email me the information on how to go about it? it's extremely urgent. I appreciate your assistance very very much.
  • Joni said on August 14, 2009
    Can you please forward me any and all information you have to start a title and escrow company in Virginia?
  • Nicholas Lake said on August 15, 2009
    I am a notary for NY & NJ. Can you send me information on how to open/operate a title company without costs being in the thousands?
  • Sylvia said on August 18, 2009
    I run title for mineral companies. I am interested in expanding my business to include title and abstracts for real estate. I have created abstracts from patent before so that is not new to me. My question is what do I need to expand as far as legal or otherwise. I am also interested in taking online courses to become a closing agent and title examiner. I am newly incorporated in Illinois and could use some input. Thank you!
  • Carmellia said on August 22, 2009
    Hello! I been wanting to get into this business for a while. I also clean a tile company and they are doing great!!! My husband and I closed down our small trucking company due to the economy and I just rather go for it. I/m studying for my MBA and rather not go work for no one else. I would really like whatever information you could please send as well.
  • Susan Dux said on September 15, 2009
    I am working on an assignment/project for an undergraduate partnership class. Any information you could provide me with regarding opening up my own title company, would be greatly appreciated. I am also a notary who finds the title industry very interesting. Thanks
  • Jay said on September 20, 2009
    Please send me information on starting a title insurance company in metro NY. Thank you.
  • Tammy T said on September 21, 2009
    I am a realtor and do my own title searching etc. I am interested in starting my own title insurance company can you please tell me what I need to do to get up and running legally. Thanks
  • Todd said on September 22, 2009
    I am already an independent escrow agent, I already have the basic start up process done but I need to know the step by step process to start up a title company in Washington State. Whats the estimated cost? Can I get underwritten insurer through a larger title co. that has its own policy to minimize cost and anything else that may need to be done by me. Thanks
  • alice said on October 2, 2009
    Hi i want to start a title company in nj. do i need to work under a bigger company? i have no experience in the field but am a licensed real estate agent. Is it conflict of interest to practice real estate as well as title search
  • Steve said on October 6, 2009
    I have experience in title abstract work and have done hundreds of closings and so has my wife. We are interested in opening a title company in Charleston, WV area. Anyone have any information or any advise? With our combined experience I feel this would be a good start up business.
  • katy said on October 13, 2009
    I worked at a title company for 4 years, scheduling closing, reading over titles, deed, HUD, and other closing document and I'm currently working in right-of-way dealing with deeds, huds and wire transfers. I'm getting my notary cert. and want to be a mobile notary. I am also getting my real estate license. Will any of this conflict with starting a title company in Pennsylvania? Thanks,
  • Terrie said on October 14, 2009
    I live in a small city in Virginia and am currently in the mortgage business. I would like to start a Title Co. I don't know where to start. Any info on start up costs, education and licensing would be appreciated.
  • Barbara said on November 9, 2009
    I have clients who are interested in starting their own title company in Houston and Austin. can you give me information that as to where they can get started... thanks
  • Melody said on November 19, 2009
    I am interested in starting a title company in Wyoming. Can you provide me with start-up information; including licensing, costs, and educational requirements? Thanks
  • said on November 20, 2009
    Hello Katy, I would like to know more about you and your experience in Title Company. Please do email me.
  • said on November 20, 2009
    Anybody really interested in Starting a Title Company, please contact me. I have a good idea. Dinesh
  • Michael Reed said on November 29, 2009
    Gaithersburg, MD. Good evening - I may be able to offer some suggestions on starting a title company in the Maryland, DC and Virginia area (I am looking to expand into Florida, West Virginia and/or Pennsylvania now).
    1. Go to your state's Secretary of State website and conduct a name/entity search (assuming you've decided on a corporation or llc).
    2. Check the US PTO (Patent and Trademark site) for a trademark search to avoid any infringement issues (speaking from personal experience with this).
    3. Go to the state's local dept. of insurance administration for requirements.
    4. Visit a bank experience with title escrow accounts.
    5. Make appointments with title insurance underwriting companies (Southern Title, Fidelity, Chicago Title), and the local rep can walk you through the remaining steps (E&O insurance, surety and fidelity bonding).
    6. Find a nice place to lease or sublease
    7. Phones, business cards, e-fax, copiers.
    *Please note: not all states requirements are alike, and you should consult local officials, but the above-listed steps should be helpful.
  • Richard Serrano said on December 8, 2009
    what are the requirements for New Jersey state to start a Title Business..
  • Donald White said on December 19, 2009
    Hi, my name is Donald, and I am looking to start a title company in South Carolina! Is there anyone here that could help me get with starting information?
  • Chris said on December 23, 2009
    I just started my own title company in October in PA. As others have pointed out, unless you have previous experience in the industry, it will be almost impossible to effectively get a company going, let alone be able to properly service your customers. Anyway, in addition to the licensing, insurance and office supplies, it is essential to invest in title and closing software, preferably a web based version so you can also conduct mobile closings. The most difficult part of starting a title company is not setting up the company, it is getting clients. The Title industry is a tough one to get into because many real estate brokers and mortgage companies have long standing relationships with established providers and that makes it difficult to get them to use your company.
  • melvin said on December 24, 2009
  • Andy said on December 30, 2009
    Virginia. I own a real estate firm and would like to buy an existing title company with a fully trained agent and an established provider. How do I avoid conflict of interest and what information do I have to disclose to my real estate clients?
  • JENNIFER MIDDLEBROOK said on January 1, 2010
  • dinesh said on January 2, 2010
    Hello Andy, I would like to speak with you about buying a title company. Please contact me at
  • Marla said on January 23, 2010
    I would like to look into starting a Title company and I understand you can provide some information. Thank you. Marla
  • Alicia Hoppie said on January 25, 2010
    I'm writing form Georgetown, Guyana, Country located in South America. There is no such businesses here and I would really like to start one here. I hold a law degree and have been working with a Law Firm that handles a great deal of work in realty. Having such a background and knowledge in the field of real property, I would like take my knowledge and experience further by providing a complete title search business here in my country. Can you assist me with the necessary steps/information in starting, owning and running an effective title company?
  • VICTOR DORBU said on January 27, 2010
    I am resident in USA and want to start Title Insurance Company in Ghana. Anyone knows the most effective way to start?
  • Charles said on February 10, 2010
    I'm buying a lot of real estate and would like to start my own title company in MD. Would love to get some feedback. Thanks.
  • Sandra said on February 13, 2010
    I am a notary in Texas but I want to expand by business and add a title company to that. How would I go about getting that started. Should I do an internship at a title company to learn more about the business? Any helpful information will be appreciated. Thanks!
  • prameet mehta said on February 13, 2010
    please give me some more details about this concept and how it works.
  • richie said on February 15, 2010
    i need basic info chris, please help me start my own company in ghana
  • Rachel said on February 23, 2010
    Chris, My law firm and I are looking at opening a title company in Tennessee. Any advice and/or suggestions is much appreciated!! Thanks!
  • sam devshi said on February 27, 2010
    sugar land, texas. would like to operate title company. dont have much cash but a lot of clientele.
  • antoinette said on March 1, 2010
    Please give me all the necessary information for opening a NY Tile Company. I have been in titles and settlement for over 10 years.
  • Danny said on March 28, 2010
    Columbus, OH USA. Could you send me some information on starting a title company? I have 5 plus years in the mortgage industry, mostly on the back end as a loan closer, drawing closing documents, reviewing title work and HUD-1 settlement statements. I am also a licensed real estate agent and would love to be an entrepreneur, but as you know, a real estate agent is a commission based career and with a child on the way, i do not want the risk. I appreciate all you can provide. Thanks, Danny
  • D. LAWSON said on March 29, 2010
    i am interested starting a title abstracter business in Alabama. I am license Real Estate Agent working on my Broker's license to later purchase an existing Real Estate Company. What are the requirements in the state of Alabama?
  • CRS said on April 2, 2010
    seeking info on starting a title business outside of USA.
  • deidera williams said on April 6, 2010
    hi i am in louisiana and i was interested in opening a title company. i dont have any experience but i know i can learn the business. how do i get started and what requirements do i need. thanks for help
  • HuntedHuntsman said on April 8, 2010
    Can someone provide info where to buy software to look up titles for land I am interested in, ( not to start a business). These properties are at the Tx Sherrif's Auctions and I need to know if any liens on the deeds are outstanding.
  • jeff miller said on April 18, 2010
    hey guys i'm looking for title sales people average income 75,000 yr. email me at
  • jeff miller said on April 21, 2010
    anyone who wants to talk about title email me at we are currently licensed in 25 states looking to grow our business would love to talk to anyone that would like to come aboard as a marketing rep. or franchisee our company is a mid size title agency with annual escrow at about 300,0000 EMAIL ME AT or call 330-685-3475 thanks and good luck to all
  • Debbie said on May 8, 2010
    Information on starting a title company in San Antonio, TX.
  • JOSHUA said on May 11, 2010
  • Mandi said on May 24, 2010
    I manage a car lot in TX, and we're trying to expand our services to include title transfers to people without them having to buy a car from us. Didn't realize so many people were trying to get into this business. I'm looking for information on what, if any, licenses I will need. Since we are already somewhat known, what are the best ways to advertise? Do we just put a sign out front? How is transferring individuals different from what we already do with the car lot? Please feel free to email with information that will be
  • Chuck said on June 17, 2010
    There seems to be a lot of people requesting a how-to guide to starting a Title Company from you. My wife and I have been wholesaling and flipping houses part time for several years now and we would like to legitimize our work through an official LLP. I assume you already have a prepared guide to starting a Real Estate Title company and I would appreciate if you could share that information with my wife and I ( It may also benefit all of us if you would post some of the pros and cons experienced over the years of being involved in this type of venture. As an experienced professional, your advice would mean much more to all us than the hundreds of books it feels like I've read on the topic. Thanks in advance for the help!
  • b wright said on June 28, 2010
    please send info for alabama as i am planning to open a title business here soon.
  • Nagaraj said on July 19, 2010
    Hi.. my name is nagaraj from India. I have 5 years of experience in Title Insurance. I have worked for First American and Fidelity in India as Examiner and would like to start my own business in India. I have lot of experienced Examiners and Searchers. I dont have any idea on starting the business. If any one want to do business in India with me, please mail to my id Thank you.
  • Jessica Asch said on August 13, 2010
    Please send information on how to start a title company in Wisconsin.
  • Alex R said on August 21, 2010
    Hi I am interested in starting a title company in MN. If you could send me any information on the topic I would really appreciated it. I am also interested in your opinion on software. Thanks!
  • Angel Fulks said on August 22, 2010
    Hi I am interested in starting my own cosmetology school. The only problem is I have no idea on how to go about starting my own school. Can anyone give me info on where I am suppose to start? Thanks!
  • James said on August 24, 2010
    Please send information on how to start a title company in India. I have 7 years experience title abstracting.
  • Raghavendra N said on August 30, 2010
    Hi, I'm from located outside USA, to be straight I'm located in India, have 5 years of experience as tile examiner for the vendors here in India who provide title services to title companies in USA. I want to become a vendor for title insurance companies, I'm familiar with State of Florida & Texas. If anyone has the details or any ideas please share thanks a lot. e-mail me at the above address :-)
  • Beth said on August 31, 2010
    Hi, We are a 10 yr old nationwide loan signing service based in Orange County CA, we are looking for a very experienced Title Officer to help us start and run a title company to ad onto our business. We will pay for expenses of start up. Someone who is trustworthy and a team player! Thanks, If interested please respond 800-807-1260
  • Jan said on August 31, 2010
    I have personally started 5 Title Companies in 2 different states over the past 30 years. I have this down to a science and offer consulting services that include the IT side. I can minimize the costs of getting started and take away that learning curve. Email:
  • Anna Sharf said on September 21, 2010
    Philadephia, Bucks County, PA, USA: Looking to start a title company with no previous experience in title insurance but with access to clientele. With rates so low it seems that refinance business has picked up and there is more room now in this industry. Please share your opinion. Thank you in advance. Anna.
  • said on September 28, 2010
    Hello, Anna Sharf happy to see your comments, would like to speak more about it, so please send me your details to my email.
  • Day Clay Robins said on October 7, 2010
    I am interested in starting a Abstract Title and Closing Company in Mississippi could you send me some information how to get stated? I have 5 plus years in the mortgage industry, mostly on the back end as a Loan officer and signing agent mostly drawing closing documents, reviewing title work and HUD-1 settlement statements. I am also a licensed real estate agent. What are the requirements in the state of Mississippi? I appreciate all you can and will provide. Robins
  • Maclain Mullins said on December 2, 2010
    Kentucky--we are starting a Title search company here in Ky and are looking to make business relationships with others. Please Email me if you have any advice,thoughts, or questions.
  • Stephen perez said on January 19, 2011
    Hi, I am currently a notary public, and work with a title company. Would you be so kind to send me beginners info? I know I should have more experience, but I fare well in most endeavors.
  • Himanshu Srivastava said on January 21, 2011
    Hi, I have just started a title company here in India and with people having more than 8 years of exp. I would like to get some information about prospect clients and vendors. Thanks in advance Himanshu
  • RACHEL WALLACE said on January 23, 2011
    Hi I currently own an accounting and tax service and I am interested in starting a title company in Monroe, Louisiana. I would like as much info as possible. Anyone with information please email me at and we can share ideas!
  • James said on February 3, 2011
    I am looking to start or pick up a franchise of a title company in the state of New Jersey. my email is
  • Ronald Charles said on February 7, 2011
    Hi, As a small business owner in Brownsburg, Indiana, I am currently looking into the venue of starting my Title Insurance Company in that area. Can you please send some guidance on the best way to proceed?
  • Eric Roth said on February 8, 2011
    Hello, I am looking into purchasing an existing Title & Escrow company in WA state. The existing company has been in business for over 14 years. I am a registered land surveyor and my wife has some legal experience dealing with legal documents and recordings. I am currently researching the requirements and what the whole process entails to see if this business is something my wife and I could handle. I would appreciate any information you might have relating to specific training or knowledge that would be necessary to operate this type of business. Thanks for your help. Eric
  • David said on February 18, 2011
    I want to start a title company in CA any help?
  • Murali beginner adviser said on March 8, 2011
    Hello, I have being running Title Insurance (search exam and others) in India for last 3 years, i do have couple of customers from Florida, i'm looking for Customer for MD and in Gerogia. any reference or any suggestion would be helpful and also we are looking for US partners.
  • Ty said on March 12, 2011
    Columbus, OH - Title Company Start Up Inquiry. Seeking information Start up costs and technology requirements for a startup title insurance company? Any resources that assist w/ my due diligence would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  • Christin said on March 14, 2011
    Hello, Detroit, MI. I am a business owner and a entrepreneur in every way. I am in the property management industry and I am looking to start a Title company. I truly plan for the most part to just title my own properties. I have no prior experience would like to know if you can enlighten me on how I should go about getting started. Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.
  • Darren said on April 4, 2011
    I am located in PA and would really appreciate if someone could e-mail me ( an outline of the startup costs for starting a title company. I already know what the steps are I'm just looking to see if we can afford this. Any info provided would be a huge help. Thanks to anyone who is willing to help.
  • Cindy said on April 6, 2011
    I am a notary in Peru, Illinois. I would like to add title work to my business. How do I become trained to start this business? I have no prior experience except as a signing agent for 3 years. How do I proceed. Thank you for any ideas you can pass my way. i am interested in wholesalers, manufactures, clothes suppliers contacts from ANYWHERE in the world. Just to be reliable and willing to form a long time partnership.
  • Mary said on April 12, 2011
    I am in San Antonio, TX and would like information on starting an auto title service company can someone please help me out with this I have experience with auto titles. You can email me at: Thank you in advance for your help and info
  • Ronnie Hampton said on April 15, 2011
    I am a notary in Detroit, Michigan . I would like to add title Insurance work to my business. How do I become trained to start this business? I have no prior experience. How do I proceed. Thank you for any ideas you can pass my way.
  • Asif said on April 24, 2011
    I have been working for Title company for almost 2 years. Now I am looking for one good opportunity to start a my own company of course not on big scale. I am resident of Bangalore, India, please can any one help on this. I am really interested working in this title industry. Email me At
  • zia said on April 26, 2011
    Hi I live in India and work for a BPO which is into title insurance services. Any company or individual who wants to start a business unit or would like to outsource some of the work touch base with me. Thanks a lot.........
  • Marshall said on May 9, 2011
    Hi.. my name is Marshall from India. I have 5 years of experience in Title Insurance. I would like to start my own business in India. I have lot of experienced Examiners and Searchers. If any one want to do business in India with me, please mail to my id Thank you.
  • Maria said on May 21, 2011
    I want to open a title company in Virginia, I can do the closings however, I am not licensed to write title insurance, can you send me some info on what I need to do so that I do not violate CRESPA?
  • Jackson said on May 24, 2011
    Reside in Long Island, NY. I want to open a title company at very minimal costs possible can you help me find the avenues on how to build a title company from ground up. very very important please send me information, enlight me on how I should go about starting me own in the state of new york.
  • Quanesha said on June 9, 2011
    Hi, I live in Miami, FL and would love to receive information on starting a title company. I don't have any experience in this field, however I have always been curious about the business and it seems like something that I would like to get into.
  • KC said on August 18, 2011
    Hello- I work for a Title Company in Tennessee going on 10years. People are naive and most do not fully understand the Title Insurance business and the liabilities involved. Title Insurance is NOT the same as other Insurance (Life, Auto, etc…). A life, auto, etc.. Insurance agent still collects a premium even in the event the client is involved in an accident, etc.. and the client files a claim on their policy. Title Insurance however, is not quit the same and even though the agent is underwriting as agent of a Large Title Insurance Company and have expensive E&O policy, the agent and his company are ultimately held responsible for claims and defending the claims. In addition to the above, there are stringent RESPA laws that limit most of the incentive practices mentioned above and these violations carry hefty federal fines and judgments. I have seen judgments in the millions of dollars against Title agents for violating RESPA.

    Each state will have its own requirements, such a State testing, Licensing, Continuing education requirements, back ground checks, E&O requirements, Net worth requirements and many states require a License to Practice Law. I have personally debate on weather or not to open a my own Title Co office and as of yet I have not. As most on this page, I am all about opportunity!! If there are any Real Estate Co.’s or Mortgage Co.’s in Middle Tennessee that have a proven track recorded of closing at least 30+ transactions a month, I would be interested to see where it might lead.

    The margins are relatively small for the Title agent and risks are high. This is a volume business and is competitive with other agents and the Underwriters. Hope this was useful and good luck- KC
  • Jason H said on August 21, 2011
    I've owned a busy title company in Baltimore, MD for 8 years. We have licensing in 30+ states and revenues in excess of $5M. If anyone is SERIOUSLY interested in purchasing my company, e-mail me at
  • mvillafan said on September 13, 2011
    I am interested in starting up or being a representative for a title company that is looking to expand their title service insurance in South America.
  • Michael said on September 19, 2011
    Hello, I'm Michael and I'm pursuing the opportunity to start a title company in Sacramento, California. I'd like to create a check off list of your feedback on what I need to do before opening doors for business?? I look forward to hearing from you.
  • Norman said on September 20, 2011
    I live in south FL. and would like to get into the settlement business. please advise if there is a way to enter this business though either starting an independent operation or as a local office for a larger company
  • Dan said on October 11, 2011
    I am interested in starting a title company/ closing company in central PA. There is a great demand and little supply. I have no idea what is involved and would as much information as possible. I thank you in advance. Dan
  • Tony Smith said on October 15, 2011
    Interested in starting an abridged version of the USA type Title insurance, in the sense that we wouldn't be offering title insurance, but merely providing information on the liens on the property and also re-validate all current Certificate of Occupancy and issue new fraud proof titles. Need information on where to obtain a title software? Any advice on the logistics or inherent shortcomings or inputs would be appreciated. Planning on setting this up in Ghana and Nigeria
  • John said on October 22, 2011
    I am interested in starting a title /abstract search company in western new york state. I would appreciate any advice, suggestions, or direction, in this matter. Thank You.
  • AL said on November 1, 2011
    Michael and Tony, We have been in the Title Insurance business for over 20 years. Please contact us We are located in Sacramento, California.
  • Umesh said on November 6, 2011
    Hi, i am interested to start title insurance business in India, i want more information about it, and i want your mail address to share the ideas. we are located in Bangalore, Karnataka (India )
  • Umesh said on November 6, 2011
    Hi, Murali, i want to start up title insurance business in India, please be advice, share the business ideas and suggestions. i am expecting your valuable thoughts and ideas. Please contact me at Thank You


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