Starting Warehousing and Distribution Service

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Entrepreneurs find that the warehouse and distribution service is a great way to conduct business. However, in order to start warehousing company, you would need a huge overhead account to buy warehouse property and facilities; people to work in the warehouse industry (most importantly, logistics officers to make sure that operations run as smoothly as possible and machineries to use.

Simply put, a warehouse is a commercial building for the storage of an assortment of goods.

Customs, importers, exporters, manufacturers, transport businesses, and wholesalers use warehouses to store their products. For some entrepreneurs, the warehouse and distribution service is a great way to conduct business, and eventually proves to be a great investment.

Most of your overhead expenses will go into buying, constructing, renting or outfitting a building or several buildings for your use. A warehouse business will not be a warehouse unless there is that physical structure that can hold all the goods, or the “wares,” as they are called. Warehouses need not be acres wide, but spacious enough to hold whatever your customers would want. Some warehouses hold small products: microchips, auto spare parts, etc. Others hold larger products like luxury cars, boiler parts, etc. Some of your customers may be selling small products like light fixtures or bicycle parts, but needs warehousing storage for a huge supply of them.

It might be wise to accommodate customers whose products can fit into your warehouse. Don’t try to take in more than your actual warehouse can handle because it will only disrupt everyone’s operations, including your customers’.

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Also, you should try to find your warehouse(s) location somewhere far from residential areas but near other industrial buildings, or at least, places where your customers can have easy access them. Warehouses are usually large plain buildings equipped with loading docks to load and unload trucks. Depending on what company you are servicing, you may want to find a location near airports, railways or seaports.

Warehouse and distribution companies need a lot of people to work within. Some people will have to be assigned to moving goods, receiving or distributing goods. Logistics officers are essential to this type of business, for they can make operations run as smoothly as possible. It would be unwise to think that only a few workers can make this type of business run without a glitch. Without logistic officers, you would have a difficult time accepting (or picking up) wares, placing them in storage, keeping track of orders for distribution, or releasing orders.

One marketing trend that is happening with great success is doubling warehouses as retail stores, with the larger orders on top of tall shelves and smaller bundles on the lower shelves for the walk-in consumers. Another marketing trend is more geared to Internet subscribers. Small orders are being shipped worldwide from various warehouses. Typically, a couple of companies would order large bulks of materials once per month. These days a large number of individuals and small scale business order smaller quantities of materials from warehouse distributors, but they order more frequently than the larger companies. Depending on how you wish to go about your business, you can either go for the typical supplier-warehouse-consumer deal, warehouse / retail outfit deal, or Internet based consumer distribution system.

In any case, all these involve setting up a distribution system: deliveries should be made either by boat, plane, train or by courier system. Your logistics officers should handle these flawlessly to ensure that deliveries are made on time, and without damage to the goods. It would also be prudent for you, as owner or manager of the warehouse business to get insurances for your company and your consumers, just in case things do not go according to plan.

Lastly, warehouses need hardware and machineries. Tall, sturdy shelves are essential, as with forklifts, trucks and whatnots. Computers are needed to track down services done and deliveries to be made. Electricity will take up most of your utility bills.

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  • 1. Sam Gilman said on September 5, 2009
    This was helpful. No information about actual costs such as operating a warehouse as a business.
  • 2. Jim Kendziora said on September 11, 2009
    I have approx.1800+ of square feet and wanted to know how I could get started on utilizing this space for storage, pickups that have been delivered to my site etc. On a smaller scale not a huge operation. Also what types of insurance I would need and pricing on goods or space are calculated?
  • 3. Fanyana said on September 22, 2009
    I have been working as a warehouse and distribution manager for over 8 years and I always wanted to start my own business in warehousing and distribution. I have done chemicals raw materials, rubber, plastics, food and finished goods. I am based in South Africa. Please supply me with advices as to how to go about and how can I obtain customers. I have a very good record in this industry.
  • 4. Ben Okyere said on December 14, 2009
    i have about 160 sq feet plot of land in Ghana, Tema, the industrial city. i plan to use it as a warehouse. what are the basic requirements in terms of machinery, staff and other logistics? thank you.
  • 5. Sydney said on December 26, 2009
    I am warehouse and distribution manager for a large Food retail Company in Zimbabawe and I always wanted to start my own business in warehousing and distribution. I have experience in food processing and finished goods distribution. Please supply me with advice as to how to go about it. i have six years experience in this industry.
  • 6. Chris said on February 7, 2010
    Chris - Sydney Australia. I subleased a small area after door knocking. I found a company that did not want to use a corner. I was lucky as It had great truck access and the corner was easy for pallets and racking. I then utilised the services of to get national distribution and freight rates. As the operation grew then I searched for a new area. smell of an oily rag.
  • 7. Amol Maske said on June 10, 2010
    Dear Sir/madam, I want to start warehouse business in India, Maharashtra state. Could you please therefor give guideline for it? Thank you. Regards, Amol
  • 8. George Chandy said on June 21, 2010
    We have large size warehouse in and around Mumbai from 1000 sq ft to 500000 sq ft for rent and purchase.
  • 9. BOITUMELO MATJANE said on July 19, 2010
    I have being working for customs for 5 year and want to start my own warehouse, please advise on where do i start,
  • 10. Jerry Zeigler said on July 19, 2010
    Hello, I have a warehouse and office with 10,000 sq ft in the St. Louis, MO area. How do I find customers who may be interested in this as warehouse-distribution center?
  • 11. tejinder gill said on August 3, 2010
    I want to start warehousing and distribution in toronto canada I have trucking business experience, i want to collect material place together and ship to place needed
  • 12. Lawrence said on August 16, 2010
    I am working in a 3PL logistics company as Business Development mgr, so can you pls help me in getting customer who are interested for warehousing & logistics. India, Maharashtra, Mumbai, 421 302 Thanks, Lawrence
  • 13. Xolani said on September 8, 2010
    I have a warehouse. How do I find customers who may be interested in this my warehouse?
  • 14. Chase said on September 17, 2010
    Hi,I run a warehousing and Distribution company in Durban, South Africa presently servicing Retail trade but looking to expand, with any new contracts etc.
  • 15. lesedi nthobatsang said on October 3, 2010
    i'm a young woman in Botswana looking to start a warehouse...i need guidance and advise in how i cud go about in starting my own business... there isnt a lot of people who are willing to help me here in botswana because i would then increase the competition locally....
  • 16. Anthony said on November 22, 2010
    I would like to know how to start a warehouse business and here to look for grant money to start it.
  • 17. olamilekanokedeyi said on December 13, 2010
    am new to this business which i will like you to update me more on how to go about this business and how much will it cost me to start up the business,hope i read back from you soon. thanks
  • 18. Domnic M said on January 17, 2011
    Need help in starting the warehouse business. I am an MBA graduate and have good knowledge of property dealings. Any inputs around property available for sale will be appreciated. India, Maharashtra, Mumbai.
  • 19. venkat said on January 18, 2011
    I am a software engineer but wanna get into business and start a ware house.I want to start this in southern part of India, Can you pls share some info on this. Thanks
  • 20. Hayden said on January 25, 2011
    @ Venkat an indian Software engineer....How unusual lol ;-)p, no wonder you want to find something else.
  • 21. TED SOMMERFELD said on February 4, 2011
    Hi I currently run and own a warehouse and distribution company and need to expand my customer base, what is the best way to to find new customers
  • 22. melwin said on February 6, 2011
    I have approx 6000 square meter area height is 4 meters located inside small industrial area but close to my location there are big warehousing,so what business like warehousing & distributing? what i can start and how? and please advice me how to calculate the space and charges. Thanks
  • 23. Bavash said on February 22, 2011
    Hi, I am from Dbn, SA, and wish to start a business in warehousing and logistics. I am completely new to this field. I am currently seeking investors, clients, and warehouses to rent, with the intention of buying within the next year. Please assist with any information. Thank you.
  • 24. vijay said on March 4, 2011
    Hi I'm from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia intend to start warehousing business. I have approx 14000 sqr meter warehouse which is currently empty. Intend to start up soon i need some quality information on the basic requirement. Kindly advise the necessarily. Help me on the space calculation also. Thanks
  • 25. James Taole said on March 5, 2011
    Hi I'm from francistown botswana. I have been running a business on small scale in a corner of a gym warehouse. Because of the small space I have not been keeping stock but it appears most customers want to buy what they see. I have now found a large space in a warehouse on sharing basis with another company which does vehicle tracking they dont use the other space available. I need guidance on this issue
  • 26. anthony arokianathan said on March 6, 2011
    hi, we have 30000.00 sft( 1 acre land) open land with barbed wire fence wanted to know if we can use it for warehouse business and how to go about it
  • 27. Sebastian said on March 30, 2011
    Hi we have 9000 sf warehouse in Ontario, Ca. we are looking for more customers for warehousing or distribution. We have a local p/u and delivery truck and over the road truck. Can anyone help out?
  • 28. John M Mallory said on April 5, 2011
    Hi we have 80,000 sq ft location in Chandler Arizona we are looking for Fulfillment , Distribution & Warehousing for this area. We handle local pickups and delivery. Are location is climate -control and security systems to manage the wide variety of needs to our clients. Thank you, TOTAL SOLUTIONS, 601 S 54TH ST UNIT 35, CHANDLER, ARIZONA 85226, 480-235-4730 ASK FOR JOHN MALLORY
  • 29. Sam said on April 7, 2011
    Hi, Sam in Jhb, South Africa. I am looking for a good distributor to distribute Fashion Diaper Bags and Baby Apparel. I am having difficulty locating distributors for my products. Any suggestions?
  • 30. S Srinivasan said on June 2, 2011
    Hi all, In case, if any one of you is looking for warehousing space, in any parts of India, please get in touch with me. Thank you, S Srinivasan - +91 9380211133
  • 31. pravin said on June 8, 2011
    Dear sir we are planning to start agriculture warehousing in karmala taluka, dist. solapur maharashtra only for agriculture. Why because when we visited first time we understand local farmers having no such facility to store their product. For getting good benefit to them and we are planning to purchase their product and show them city market kindly send me your suggestions
  • 32. mohammed Sami said on July 5, 2011
    I need to know more about SKUs in warehousing, I got some info but not clear what exactly SKUs stands for. Dubai, UAE
  • 33. Arpan Gupta said on July 15, 2011
    We are looking to start warehousing business in Greater Noida or Noida (Uttar Pradesh) India. Please suggest us how can we can start and how much investment would be needed in it.
  • 34. sandesh ghadshi said on July 30, 2011
    Bhivandi ,Maharastra , India my company name in wings logistics so how do i find customers who may be interested in this my warehouse pls advice
  • 35. Moagi Ndobano said on August 23, 2011
    I am a motswana man, I own a piece of land measuring 4Hectores in Gantsi Township. i would like to develop it into either of the following:
    1. Supplier-Warehouse-Consumer deal
    2. Warehouse/Retail Outfit deal or
    3. Internet based consumer distribution system
    Contact me on my mobile phone should you be interested in doing business with me. Partnership is also welcome. +267 73880941
  • 36. zolzaya lkhagvasuren said on September 8, 2011
    Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Now, I started warehousing and Distribution Service in Mongolia. So, I need some advises and guide line.
  • 37. Jackson Ojiake said on September 22, 2011
    I live and work in lagos. I am a business graduate with over 23 yrs experience in inventory management. I am interested in starting a warehousing and distribution business in lagos,generally refered to as the hub of trade and commerce in nigeria. pls advise me on how to go about it ,in terms of start up cost ,service offering ,trends and possible niches in the market. Thank you in advance.
  • 38. Jose Garnica said on October 7, 2011
    Hello, we have two facilities located in Alsip,Illinois USA. One location is 107,000 sqft. the other is 250,000 sqft. We handle everything from food, paper, plywood,alloys and chemicals. We can handle truck and rail. How can i find customers for our warehouse?
  • 39. Louis Bassman said on December 5, 2011
    Howdy, i am a senior in Des Moines Iowa at Roosevelt high school and i want to own my own warehouse, i want to make and sell baseball bats, my dad bought me a huge wood lathe when i was 15 and i have turned many bats for friends and players around the area. i love woodworking and baseball. i am willing to work hard in school to get a degree that relates to this subject, but other than that, i dont know where to start or how to get the ball rolling, ideas for(location, space size, ect....?)
  • 40. jahangir rokad said on January 7, 2012
    i have 11 acres of land proximity from national high no 8, is about half a kilometer well connected by a pucca road, i am looking for company or individual who might be interested in developing this land for warehousing, kindly contact me if anybody is interested. the location is 14 kms north of bharuch, near to escape route to dahej from highway no 8, zanor chokdi, gujarat, india
  • 41. RAMESH AGARWAL said on January 27, 2012
    I have around 3500 sq ft godown in cossipore,kolkata .Looking forward for warehousing & delivery services. Please help me out for the same .
  • 42. dawood peer said on January 28, 2012
    i, want to start a warehousing business in south africa, durban, your info. thus far is very helpful, except cost is of vital importance....
  • 43. Chrissy Malmin said on February 6, 2012
    Buffalo, New York ---- I have been working in a warehouse since i was old enough too. I have always asked all my old bosses and supervisors... how do i go about trying to make my own? Money,Product, Customers, People i should hire, where would i get lunch trucks for my employees. All these theories and questions come too mind. I am only 21.. But i've been sure for years this is what i want to do. Run my own warehouse.... needs Info Thanks
  • 44. Jubee said on February 28, 2012
    I have a 25000 Sq Ft Area suitable for ideal warehouse in Jamshedpur, Jharkahnd so please let me know if any customer in interested for that. I have good contact of local and international transport service also.
  • 45. Noel Davis said on March 9, 2012
    I have a 3500 sq ft warehouse in miami fl and would like to get into the distribution how do i get on to customers
  • 46. rani rajesh patil said on March 24, 2012
    I want to know all the information regarding how to start the business as a chemical distributor and plz give me information regarding rules and regulation in India for being as a chemical distributor
  • 47. farook said on April 28, 2012
    I want to start a business on warehousing in Chennai or out of Chennai city, so can you tell the process and government rules and regulation.
  • 48. Klint said on May 17, 2012
    We currently have a 136,000 sq ft warehouse in Milton, Ontario, Canada. We are looking for new customers. how do I get in the loop of who needs warehousing and distribution in Canada? Thank you
  • 49. abishek said on June 6, 2012
    i have 653,400 square feet +(if needed), land in south India, with train track and highway at a stone throw distance. any organization or distributor in need of warehousing can get in touch with me , Thank you
  • 50. Geralene Moonsmy said on June 8, 2012
    Hi there, I am from Durban, SA, and would like to start my own business and wanting more information how to get clients for distribution and warehousing. Thanks
  • 51. Michael Workmon said on July 1, 2012
    Hi I'm from Jacksonville, Fl. and I want to know what I need to do to start my own warehouse business. Where would I find the funds to get started. How much space I would need as well. I plan on selling beauty supplies and hair care products. I need info. Thanks
  • 52. anisa oweis said on July 4, 2012
    I have a warehouse in South Florida, Miami and would like to start a warehouse distribution center. The warehouse is about 5000 sqft.
  • 53. Darshan said on July 31, 2012
    Hi,we are TAPAS GLOBAL LOGISTICS ,any body looking for warehouse & Distribution facility in Bangalore or anywhere in india.please Keep in touch. Contact: +91 8494944898 /
  • 54. gilbert said on August 3, 2012
    Hi, If you are looking for a Company Specializing in Warehouse & Distribution located in Southern California, then we are the company for you Triways Inc. we currently have 100,000 sqft available for more info contact me at
  • 55. hazem AS said on August 9, 2012
    Hi, I would like set up a distribution centre in cochin, India. I would like to know whether is it feasible to own a land and then build a facility or rather should i lease a property and construct a facility and then start my operations as distribution centre. And should i be a facility provider for any particular commodity, if yes which can be that particular commodity that can be more profitable and has turnover or should i be a general service provider that can accommodate many different commodities.
  • 56. DICKENS said on August 15, 2012
    Hi, I am from Cochin ,Kerala,India. I like to start my own ship channeling service , Kindly update me how can I get ship owners details or from where I can get information regarding ships coming to cochin.
  • 57. VIKAS KUMAR NIRAJ said on August 18, 2012
    I have warehouse nearby Rajendra Nagar Terminal, the Railway station in Patna, BIHAR. The warehouse size is approx.6500 sq. ft. Please give your suggestion how to utilize it to do my own work in it or with other party?
  • 58. Rahul Verma said on August 22, 2012
    Hi, My name is Rahul and am currently residing in UK. Planning to shift to India and to set-up a warehouse in Faridabad or NCR region. Can you please help me in providing information on expenses and minimum warehouse space and specifications for opening a warehouse in India. I have more than 6 years experience in logistics, though i haven't worked in India. Please help.
  • 59. haribabukc said on September 1, 2012
    Hi Everyone, I'm hari from chennai, i have my own warehouse around 62000sqft. its ready for client occupation.but my issues is i'm not able to find the client. could any please help me out in this. 9176851000
  • 60. nitin mishra said on September 3, 2012
    hi i am from madhya pradesh india i have 5000 sq. of land area in sendhwa how do i use it for warehousing purpose? nitin 09713000099, 09826850999
  • 61. Gayle said on September 27, 2012
    Hi already run a removals, storage and Haulage business in the uk. But I currently share a large warehouse with someone else. Unfortunately they are leaving the warehouse in the nt couple of months and I will struggle to keep the warehouse on myself. So question is how do I go about finding companies that would use my warehouse for palletise storage ?? And I can deliver good when ready to be transported because I have a haulage wagon. 2nd I don't know what I should charge for the storage and the delivery charges can u plz help with this. If I don't find a usage for the other half of the warehouse it could serverly damage the business I currently have. Thanks Gayle
  • 62. thami said on October 10, 2012
    Hi my name is Thami and I am interested in starting a warehouse business have good knowledge in the industry, live in south africa durban. Great for import and export distribution please assist
  • 63. EARTHANDSHELTER said on October 17, 2012
    We can arrange warehouse or factory shed built to suit up to 1,00,000 Sq.Ft in Chennai off GST road at about 30 KM from Chennai Airport.
  • 64. Bobbi said on October 23, 2012
    I have a barn / space 1200 sq.ft. with additional 5,000 outside yard space. I want to distribute items for senior care. I own the property. If you have any connections...e~mail me. Located in Wildomar just north of temecula, So. Calif. I need a source for purchasing items for storage & and distribute
  • 65. J.Pillay said on October 27, 2012
    hi i want to start my own small warehouse distribution company, i need to know how to start up, the dos & donts, how much i need to start in a very small scale, i have a 1 ton bakkie & really wana do this type of business, i have tons of experience in retail & a bit of wholesaling, i live in South Africa Durban, thanx... also watz a cheap fast product to start of with...
  • 66. Sydney Zwane said on November 12, 2012
    Hello Hi i'm inquiring about how i can go about starting my own warehousing company i have studied logistics and supply chain management and currently working for a logistics company in South Africa, Basically what i need is to get ins and out about this whole fascinating industry....
  • 67. Amit Mehta said on November 21, 2012
    Dear Sir, I have a 1,00,000 sq ft fully developed land around Kolkata. I want to go for warehousing . Please advise . Regards, Amit
  • 68. Kumar said on November 21, 2012
    Hello, Have 25000 sq ft warehouse facility in Chennai - India near Sriperambudhur with all the needed infrastructure . We have the expertise of Logistics. Can you please suggest few clients who are looking for such warehouse services. Regards, Kumar
  • 69. SII MIAMI said on November 26, 2012
    We currently have a 4000 sq ft warehouse in Miami USA with 7 offices. A complete organisation on hand, accounting, IT, sales ect. We will consider all possibilities.
  • 70. bola aromire said on December 7, 2012
    am from nigeria, lagos state. pls how can i get warehouse and stores looking for distributor pls help me out..
  • 71. NORBERTO GALLEGO said on December 15, 2012
    I'm interested in getting the knowledge on how to create my own business. I want a warehouse in the state of Florida. I have almost no money at all, but i'm willing to borrow money as a loan for the business.I need all the info as possibly about warehousing.
  • 72. SANDESH MR said on December 21, 2012
  • 73. Prakash kumar (Dubai) said on December 26, 2012
    I am dealing in Shipping / Logistics/ Transport & I have a company in Dubai. I have also a warehouse in Al Quoz, Dubai, United Arab Emires. People who interested for Stuffin-unstuffing, short term storage, long term storage, its a good place for that. please contact for more info to Prakash kumar on +97150 7978259.
  • 74. tejas bhosle said on December 30, 2012
    i want to start warehousing business in goa and i also want customer for that business who will store their stock in ma warehouse. my contact details: 9673440651
  • 75. Craig said on December 31, 2012
    I need to establish 500 regional Distribution Centers. 250,000 ft warehouse in East-Africa (Uganda & Kenya). Advice the best International warehousing Construction company to outsource!
  • 76. Bongani said on January 2, 2013
    Hi "logistics community". My name is Bongani, based in Durban South Africa for the time being.After a long carer in mining, banking, fuels refining and marketing amongst industries in which I have worked my deliberate intent is working within a 3rd party logistics "process flow". I want to look at this work as continuously refining the the supply chain for my intended enterprise (warehousing fr now and distribution as a product extension in due course) and enhancing the value chain for my customers (partners). I need to get into contact with the players based in South Africa for a start. Good luck with the journey for now. My contact number is 0832109968 for anybody that needs to contact me. Should I be unavailable on my mobile line please do send me an e-mail on or an SMS on my mobile, with the heading "warehousing" and I will contact you. Regards Bongani
  • 77. john said on January 10, 2013
    have a small warehouse company in mississauga, ont canada. looking to sell downsize 4 years ago in bus over 16 years one man operation
  • 78. tay carodine said on January 17, 2013
    Just purchased a 60,000 sq ft warehouse in Memphis, TN USA. looking to store freight short and long term also have trucks to transport it locally. How do I go by getting customers.
  • 79. Jessica said on January 24, 2013
    We're out of Baton Rouge, LA and looking to start a warehouse business. We have the land but we nee to know how to go about getting customers?
  • 80. john said on January 27, 2013
    small warehouse company in mississauga, ontario, canada. make an offer 2 years left on lease.
  • 81. Azar said on February 1, 2013
    We are looking for customers from overseas to rent ,store their cargoes in Port Klang Freezone M'sia warehouses. We as a provider solution for your logistics requirement inclusive operation handling / transportation / shipping services and etc. We have 800k sqft for available space. The offer price very competitive. Pls contact us at
  • 82. Ed P said on February 6, 2013
    Hello All established warehousing distribution company is looking for partner to run operation in Boston MA. Partner requirements must know and have customers anywhere also have great credit as I am trying to get a SBA loan and my credit has been hurt supporting business at times. You must be in sales or have a customer following anywhere is fine as we have ways of covering with plenty of agents worldwide. Please if interested feel free to contact me. Thanks Ed P One Link Logistics
  • 83. shafi said on February 13, 2013
    i am from india i want some diapers sale now i am purchasing retail but i want to come whole
  • 84. Jerry Garrison said on February 17, 2013
    I have a 2400sqft warehouse with 14' ceilings. I have semitruck docks and a commercial freezer, 10x12'. How do I find a customer that would want me to simply ship their products. I have a UPS account, R&L Trucking account and am set up for receiving and storing and shipping. I just need the right customer.
  • 85. ajay jirati said on February 18, 2013
    i am ajay jirati i have 3-acre land & i want loan for construction of warehouse.
  • 86. Ganesh.J said on March 4, 2013
    I have started the warehousing business for rental basis in weekly and monthly in Chennai and i also want customer for that business who will need store their stock in warehouse. my contact details: 9790981353
  • 87. v.nadarajan said on March 5, 2013
    we have large warehouse sheds at ready to use condition and more sheds are under construction, near Sriperumputhur, near Chennai. Interested parties may contact me by email
  • 88. raga said on March 17, 2013
    Hi, We have warehouses in Hyderabad from rent Rs:5/-, depending upon the size required. Current leasing rate in hyderabad is at least 10 rupees. Location is just 15 kms from the main city, just 2kms from outer ring road entrance. Anyone who is interested can email me at
  • 89. MANJUNATH said on March 21, 2013
    Sir, I have 16 years of Express Logistics & Transportation experience, I have a land of 1 lakh sqft of land situated on roadside about 30kms from Bangalore centre. I wanted to construct 20 thousand sqft warehouse and start business of storage , transportation and consultancy for Bangalore area. So , please assist in finding freight companies who want to make use our services for most economical and cost effective (3pl) storage and distribution services. Regards, Manjunath, DHR Logistics, Bangalore - INDIA
  • 90. Ashraf Alaydeross said on March 22, 2013
    Currently have large warehouse for storage of chemicals for the leather industry. Looking for a logistic company with transport, to distribute chemicals to our various customers in south india. Please be free to contact me: Ashraf MOBILE +91 9962793428
  • 91. Ashraf Alaydeross said on March 22, 2013
    Chennai, Tamilnadu, INDIA. We are a very old company , over 30 years in this business.
  • 92. john said on March 23, 2013
    have warehouse in mississauga, ont canada. will store your product for a great rate. 905 369-9968, john
  • 93. uday desai said on March 30, 2013
    dear sir, i am having one open plot at dahej industrial estate aprox 4000 sq. mtr. and i want to give only on long lease / rent basis only for more detail and any query please contact me on mo. 0 96620 31239 .
  • 94. Richard Hill said on April 6, 2013
    Warehouse located in Fontana California with 10,000 square feet and 1,200 square feet of office space looking to provide distribution for the right business. Available in Two weeks.
  • 95. Amit pathak said on April 11, 2013
    Warehouse located in NH 86 kabrai mahoba with 10500 sq feet ,looking to provide for rent. Contact detail, mob: 7599130384
  • 96. Amit said on April 14, 2013
    I have a plot of 4000 sqft near bypass road in Jabalpur madhya pradesh. Please tell me how do i use it for warehouse purpose, cost for construction and how to get business out of it. I dont have any experience in this industry.
  • 97. Jyotindra Moahnty said on April 16, 2013
    We have 40,000 sq ft warehouse in Jamshedpur-India with covered area of 25,000 sq ft and additional can be covered, if required by client. We require clients willing to build C&f/ depot /warehousing/Logistics operations from Jamshedpur.
  • 98. k.owusu said on April 24, 2013
    i have 8 plots of land in the techiman area in Ghana, i wish to develop it as a warehouse for dry foodstuff for both local and export, please advise.
  • 99. kartik wasnik said on April 30, 2013
    I have 10 acre agriculture land near by N H 7 in madhya pradesh and wish to construct warehouse, suggest for full funding for the same.
  • 100. Manu Magon said on May 6, 2013
    We have a 8000 thousand meter plot in Noida allotted by Noida authority for warehousing with built to suit facility of 160000 sq feet area, can we do wholesale or cash and carry business from there. Manu Magon 9810021709
  • 101. Edward said on May 6, 2013
    I work for a faith base organization, CHAN Medi-Pharm which specializes in warehousing and distribution of health care commodities in Nigeria. We have a need to expand our existing warehousing infrastructure within our current location in Jos and to Abuja and South East. We need companies involved in prefabricated warehouse structures to build the warehouses. Please kindly assist.
  • 102. Amit Yadav said on May 14, 2013
    I have about 10,00000 sq ft.area ,and I want to start a warehousing business. plz suggest me, and tell what is the initial cost, and tell the eligibility criteria.
  • 103. IKBALL said on May 15, 2013
    I have about 150,000 Sq ft space for warehouse that can be used for industrial and commercial products. SARNIA, ONTARIO, CANADA. PLEASE SEND YOUR OPINION TO START AND MANAGE AND MARKETING
  • 104. Yazmin said on May 28, 2013
    Hello, I have a warehouse, 10 trucks and office with 10,000 sq ft in the Los Angeles, CA area. How do I find customers who may be interested in this as warehouse-distribution center?
  • 105. Dean Koh said on May 28, 2013
    I have a 10,000 sq ft warehouse in Singapore. Ceiling Height is 10m high. Racking is in place. Looking for customer to fill up. Anyone interested, can contact me +65 86713875. Currently it is empty. My current total warehouse space is 58,000 sq ft. Now left 10,000 sq ft. We provide logistics services to all customers. From Singapore based warehouse.
  • 106. radha Krishna trivedi said on May 31, 2013
    @amit mehta, Sir please send me your contact details at .We are warehouse consultant at Kolkata, we executed a number of warehouse projects at west bengal, and orissa. contact 09804738392
  • 107. radha krishna trivedi beginner adviser said on June 20, 2013

    @Amit Mehta, Sir please send me your contact details at .We are warehouse consultant at Kolkata, we executed a number of warehouse projects at west bengal, and orissa. contact 09804738392 || Steel Mini Mill Consultant

  • 108. SUNIL BHALCHANDRA PRABHU said on June 27, 2013
  • 109. Vikram Manoharan said on July 11, 2013
    I am thinking of starting a warehouse and distribution company. can anyone please give me ideas of how to start. i have a warehouse around 13000 sq.feet. any suggestions will be helpful. thanks.
  • 110. vipul said on July 26, 2013
  • 111. Jeffery said on July 27, 2013
    Hi everyone, I have a 20,000 sq ft warehouse in Singapore. Ceiling Height is 7m high. Racking is in place. Looking for customers and distributor to fill up my warehouse with loading bay. Anyone interested, can contact me at +65 94251856(Jeffery). Currently it is available. We provide logistics services to all customers too. From Singapore local based industrial building warehouse located at jalan terusan. Thanks
  • 112. Seeker said on August 9, 2013
    Own large warehouse spaces south of Boston ma, and want to enter into a distribution business. Excellent location to expressway and only 17 miles to Boston. Would consider a partner with up and running business for this venture. Must have proven track record of sales and be a business opportunity that would be profit oriented. Thank you
  • 113. Abhishek said on August 24, 2013
    Looking for a company willing to give C&F for entire jharkhand plz contact @ 09570445445
  • 114. Jitendra said on August 28, 2013
    Dear Sir, I do have my own land space say 4000 Sq. Ft. for ware house purpose where another 4000 Sq. ft. for open space for parking & truck movement. In open space 50 ft. up 33KVA power line has gone. It is situated in Odisha, Kalinga Nagar Steel plant area. Kindly suggest me the best possibilities to start business warehousing & distribution for Steel plant supplies.
  • 115. Heidi Mustafa said on October 24, 2013
    Hello All, I am currently located in Bensenville,IL about 12 minutes from Chicago's O'hare airport. We are a distribution warehouse with 50,000 sq ft available for all your needs. We are also brokers and freight forwarders. We do it all from picking and packing to loading & banding. Contact me for more details 630-595-2800 x 111 or
  • 116. Brent Henry said on October 27, 2013
    Hello everyone, I work for a family run and owned business which is based in Melbourne, Australia. We currently have 6000sq m available with full 24/7 video surveillance. We specialise in Warehousing, Importing, Exporting and Transport. Any questions feel free to email me on No space is too big or too small.
  • 117. Velu Muniswamy said on October 28, 2013
    Hi, I have 1 acre land on express Bangalore Mysore highway Nice road. I am interested in giving it for rent for construction of godowns or warehouse on long term . I expect 10-15 Rs/sqft.
  • 118. motsaalore phole said on October 30, 2013
    very much interested in starting up a ware house n distribution services in Francistown, Botswana. i will b glad if i can have ideas on how to go about it. land is already available, situated in industrial area. respond to
  • 119. Santana Mascarenhas said on October 30, 2013
    I want to start warehousing business for small items near Margao, Goa and also want customers for that business who will store their stock in our warehouse. my contact details: 8390233762.
  • 120. M. balasubramani said on November 20, 2013
    we have warehouses with area more than 3 lakhs sq.ft. at NH5, Chennai. we are looking for renting it out. if any one need warehouse near to chennai kindly contact to below mentioned mobile number. Further we are planing to start distribution warehouse business. any logistic officer with experience kindly contact us. ph- 9840287345
  • 121. Tushar Agarwal said on January 9, 2014
    Dear I want to start my warehouse business in Haridwar Uttrakhand. I want to construct a warehouse 5000 square metre and wants to give it on rent to any company please let me know about this.
  • 122. sandeep choudhary said on January 11, 2014
    I have warehouses in INDIA, Delhi NCR region and can provide 3PL Services if anyone require warehouse services or warehouse then kindly contact on +919971079826
  • 123. Scott Mccoy said on January 17, 2014
    We are looking for customers to store their products in South Deerfield, MA warehouse. We are a solution to your logistics requirement inclusive operation handling, transportation, and shipping. We have 210k sqft for available space. Pls contact us at
  • 124. R.K.Trivedi beginner adviser said on January 28, 2014
    @Tushar Agarwal, We are warehouse consultants at kolkata. We can help you to setup your warehouse. We do overall planning, designing and execution of warehouse. Contact R.K.Trivedi 09804738392

    Consultant ||

  • 125. shailesh rao said on January 31, 2014
    Hi. I have a place in Mumbai( maharashtra.) Of about 600 sqft.. wanted to put some business in it.. can you let me know Wat all are the needs for it. And how to do the functioning.
  • 126. Patience Mabaso said on February 24, 2014
    Hi, my name is Patience. I am a commercial broker in Durban. I have a couple of warehouses I'm leasing out in Durban and Pinetown. If interested please phone me at 079 108 0821 or email me at:
  • 127. Neko said on March 20, 2014
    Jackson Street Warehouse, 1930 North Jackson Street Athens, Tennessee 37303. We have 100,000 square foot of space available. We offer Long Term and Month to Month lease agreements. We also offer Material Handling, 3rd Party Logistics, Shuttle Driver Services and WMS to our customers per their contract agreements. Call Neko at (423) 261-4357 for more information.
  • 128. Galaxy Services said on March 27, 2014
    Galaxy Services is a warehouse & distributor located in Kendall, FL 33186 and have a 10000 square foot facility with dock height. Galaxy Services also handle logistics nationwide and international we have competitive rates. Call Ivan @ 305-979-7020
  • 129. Anoozz said on April 23, 2014
    We are a provider of warehousing and distribution services in DUBI, UAE and now we have new 20000 sqft warehouse with rack facility is available (1000 pallet positions)at Dubai Industrial city.I want to fill these 1000 pallet space and please share me the ideas to fill the same. Call 00971555590655
  • 130. Raj kumar pal said on April 29, 2014
    Dear Mr Tushar Agarwal we are manufacturer of warehousing building on turn key basis please contact my cell num = 9718588151
  • 131. Robert said on May 8, 2014
    FW Warehousing is a provider of warehousing and distribution services in Indianapolis and St.Louis, we have approx. 60,000 sqft of warehouse space available. We have very competitive rates. (317)410-7454
  • 132. Avn said on May 17, 2014
    Hello friends, I want to say few words about warehousing biz. The most easy biz in world is warehouse and distribution. I am from ncr.if anyone want advice pls. contact on my mail
  • 133. K KIZAR MOHAMED said on June 5, 2014
  • 134. pravin said on June 23, 2014
    Good day sir/madam, I will like to start warehouse business in Malaysia Kuala Lumpur and I have no idea about it how to start it, but I am very interested to do the business can you give me some guidelines and some advice. please do contact me via email
  • 135. vamshi k said on July 2, 2014
    Dear all, We are one of the godrej distributors in India. we are giving best storage solutions for warehouses to increase your storage capacity by using "storage racks" like Pellet racking, heavy duty shelving automated storage and retrieving systems and pallets. Please call us for any information for racks my email id is 09291532268
  • 136. rahul shrivas said on July 26, 2014
    hi, i have 5 acres of agricultural land near gadarwara, madhya pradesh. i am interested to construct a warehouse for storage. kindly suggest me ways to start up the project ASAP. Rahul, M:9990903300
  • 137. Jyoti Prakash said on July 31, 2014
    hello everyone, I am thinking to invest in warehouse construction near Hyderabad Airport, India. Can you plz provide idea regarding feasibility of it. I'll appreciate if you can reply me soon. Thank you.
  • 138. Sidharth said on August 5, 2014
    Hello, We have a commercial warehouse/storage/industrial space in main location near bypass road in Patna with good infrastructure around. Any firm/company interested in JV/Franchise/Business partner/Distribution/Channel partner/Wholesaler/importer/exporter/Manufacturer interested can contact me on 9971884711.
  • 139. JH Thompson said on August 9, 2014
    We operate a retail storefront that is over 12 years old. We use approximately 1/4 of the space available in our building. There is a loading dock; 6 garage bays; plenty of shelving; our location is logistically desirable (former US textile and furniture hub); and technology is readily available within our existing business (computers, printers, etc). We have some past experience as office and logistics management for a business that held exclusive rights to import and distribute a product from England (in the mid '90's); finding a similar situation to more fully utilize the resources we already have, seems ideal. Any suggestions on where to advertise and/or connect with someone looking for this type of relationship? Preferably small items with a limited variety that would be shipped to end users or else in small quantities to retailers. This would be a win/win for another SMALL company looking for affordable warehousing and distributing of their product. contact info for post 139:
  • 140. Michael Suresh said on September 17, 2014
    We are looking for customers from overseas to rent ,store their cargoes in India warehouses. We as a solution provider for your logistics requirement inclusive operation handling / transportation / shipping services and etc. The offer price very competitive. Pls contact us at
  • 141. Sivakumar Tamil Selvan said on September 22, 2014
    Hi good day all, we are looking for investors who are keen to establish a warehouse business is Malaysia. Our countries booming retail and economy structure is proof enough to show how lucrative this venture would be. We have all the expertise required to develop,maintain and run the warehouse operations excellently. For those who are interested kindly reply via email
  • 142. Sivakumar Tamil Selvan said on September 22, 2014
    tips to start a warehouse business in Selangor, Malaysia.
  • 143. Teo Bee Yap said on October 13, 2014
    We are providing the following services in Malaysia, custom clearance, warehousing, pick and pack and delivery services. My warehouse is located at USJ, Selangor, Malaysia. If you are looking for warehouse space, do drop me an e-mail at
  • 144. Mayank Agarwal said on November 1, 2014
    I have 10000 sqft appx rcc covered warehouse located in Transport nagar Lucknow . I am seeking to become a carrying & forwarding agent of any good Company .If any company to require then please contact with me
  • 145. ARUN said on November 5, 2014
    I am doing furniture and i am interested as a distributor for himachal i have good space in Parwanoo Distt Solan Himachal
  • 146. B.GOUTHAM said on December 17, 2014
    I am thinking of starting a warehouse and distribution company. can anyone please give me ideas of how to start. i have a warehouse around 13000 sq.feet. any suggestions will be helpful. thanks. or Looking for a company willing to give C&F for entire karnataka plz contact @ 09986539244
  • 147. Viral Gandhi said on December 22, 2014
    We had a Commercial Godowns/Warehouses at Lease/Outright . From 1200 Sq ft to 15000 Sqft . Can Call Direct Developer 8879447999/9322777191
  • 148. Eric Shyaka said on January 21, 2015
    Hi everyone, I am looking for someone interested in constructing a warehouse in Kampala-Uganda. I have very big land in the suburbs of the city Kampala. The land is close to the city center and my interest is to develop that land to the maximum. It's 60 acres and you can imagine how it would be beneficial to the developer and I, the owner. Call me on tel. no. 2565857095. I currently reside in the USA.
  • 149. vitas said on February 18, 2015
    hi everyone i am looking for someone interested a warehouse storage in Toronto Canada we can unload or load cont , storage, delivery Toronto GTA for you client , call me +1-416-417-6232
  • 150. Luigi Torrieri said on March 2, 2015
    Have over 100,000 sq ft of storage space to rent. Can handle any type of freight. Great gateway to the north for people looking to distribute north. Located in Edmonton AB Canada. Cheers 1.780.220.9680
  • 151. FERNANDO JIMENEZ said on March 4, 2015
  • 152. Ankur said on March 15, 2015
    I have 6000 sq feet(warehouse) area in Dwarka sector 8, nearby IGI Airport New Delhi. Want to start logistics business. contact 9953311488, Ankur Singh
  • 153. HIMANSHU SHARMA said on March 19, 2015
    I want to start warehousing and distribution in DELHI NCR (INDIA) I have Warehouse experience & i am in touch with transporters as well, i want to collect material place together and ship to place needed. I have 10000-20000 sq feet area in ghaziabad.
  • 154. Amit said on April 3, 2015
    Hi, I am a software engineer and wanted to move into warehouse business. I have 4000 Sq ft of land in Jabalpur(India). I would like to go for a Warehouse with a Internet based consumer distribution system. could you please provide detail on logistics, infrastructure and rough estimate?
  • 155. sandy Ojha said on April 21, 2015
    If any multinational company wants to professionally set up their warehouse in India in a big scale, I can do it with my 20 years of warehousing and supply chain experience.
  • 156. paramji said on June 21, 2015
    We have around 1 acre of land in the outskirts of Chennai, India. We are looking for a JV partner capable of providing cutting-edge technology to setup a model warehouse that can be replicated elsewhere. Call or whatsapp me @ +91-7418793738. We have in-house expertise in IT/web/mobile technologies. JV partner should own/provide new technology/process that have not been tried elsewhere. We can jointly raise funds after trying out this pilot project.
  • 157. Viral sheth said on July 18, 2015
    hi , I have a 2200 square feet warehouse in Mazagoan. Very close and centrally located in Mumbai city. Anyone interested in leasing or outright purchase or starting a warehousing Or distribution business in partnership please. Contact me on +91 9930378858
  • 158. Jayaprakash said on January 19, 2016
    warehouse available near thirumisai very close to chennai public school interested parties contact 9841164950
  • 159. altaf said on February 27, 2016
    Hi friends i have 3.5 acre of land near pullur,mahaboobnagar district telangana and also semi finished structure for ware house,the land is very close (1/2 km)to kurnool ,andhrapradesh.hence it is beneficial.i wanted to develop it as a ware house please contact for rent or any other storage. 8297006500,altaf
  • 160. Sahab singh said on April 15, 2016
    Dear sir/ madam i want to start warehouse business in rajasthan india. I have own land 5 acre at jaipur agra NH 11 (mahwa) distt. Dausa rajasthan. Could you please therefore guidelines for it. Company interested can contact... mob.09983708045.
  • 161. amit kumar beginner adviser said on May 18, 2016
    if any wants to distribution & Warehouse in bihar plz contact - email @ - || Consultant

  • 162. Rajesh Murarka said on July 7, 2016
    Hi. we have a warehouse space of 4000 sq fit in okhala industrial area phase 2 Delhi. Interested company can call me m no.8377064750. And email add
  • 163. Proex The Realtors beginner adviser said on October 23, 2013
    we are property consultants and we can get you the best warehouses | retail | office space | lands - any location, any extent in and around Bangalore, Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Kadapa, Madurai, Coimbatore, Chennai... for more details please call on 9845089286

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