Starting a Pawn Shop Business

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This article briefly discusses the pawn shop business. Find out some of the things you need to know in order to start your own pawn shop business.

Pawnshops have been in existence since early history and is said to be one of the oldest trade known to humankind.

The fact that this industry still remains to this date only goes to show how solid and resilient it is. This should serve as an assurance for those who have their sights on starting their own pawnshop business.

The pawnshop industry fills a need that the banking system cannot cover. A bank loan generally takes time to process, time which the average pawn shop client does not have. The concept of easy cash is the reason why most people are drawn to pawnshops instead of banks or other lending institutions.

How exactly does a pawn shop business work?

Simply put, pawnshop owners or pawnbrokers offer high interest short-term credit to their clients. The amount of loan is dependent on the value of the pledged good. Compared to banks, pawnshops provide an easy and quick way to loan money.

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    A pawnshop transaction can be divided into four steps.
  • One, a client brings an item (usually but is not limited to jewelry) to be used as collateral for a loan.
  • Two, the pawnbroker assesses the value of the item and proposes a loan amount. It is vital therefore for the pawnbroker to be adept in testing the authenticity and value of precious metals and gems. If the client is agreeable to the amount, he or she then enters into a transaction with the pawnbroker which culminates with the latter lending the client the money. The pawnbroker then issues a pawn ticket wherein the following information is indicated: the item’s description, the amount of money loaned, and the date the money is due back.
  • Three, the client repays the loan after the given period of time and to get the pledged item back.
  • Four, in case the client fails to repay the loan, the pawnbroker gets to keep the item.

How to get a pawn shop license

No person can run or operate a pawn shop business without a license. To get a license, you must first accomplish and submit a pawn application form to the Non-depository division of your state’s Department of Financial Institutions. Subsequently, you also need to pay the stipulated application fee which on average range from $1,500 to $2,000 per branch.

    You will then be required to submit the following supporting documents to verify your financial standing and character.
  • A comprehensive financial statement duly verified and prepared by a certified public accountant. Your aggregate net worth and liquid assets must meet the minimum amount set by your state.
  • A credit report for your business so it is best to have this report on hand.
  • Written proof that you have garnered the required minimum number of years of finance related experience.
  • A criminal record report from the state police where you reside.
  • Reference letters preferably coming from depository financial institutions.

You will be given a pawn broking license only after your application has been approved. Once you have your license, then and only then can you be deemed authorized to launch and operate a pawn shop business.

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  • 1. Bryan St.John said on 1/16/2009 12:29:37 PM
    wanting to open a pawn shop in iowa. Need to know about licenses i need & loans I need to start. what ever else I need to start this business.
  • 2. carol goforth said on 1/19/2009 2:07:57 PM
    Very serious about opening a pawn shop and pay day loan type business in small town in Texas....What is the criteria as far as licenses before we go any further.
  • 3. Peter said on 1/26/2009 12:37:58 AM
    Hello, my questions are:
    1. How much should the aggregate net worth be? US$ 1 Million or more?
    2. How much should the working capital be?
  • 4. Jake said on 2/6/2009 10:22:32 AM
    is there any special weapon broker licenses required when operating a pawn shop? I am planning to open one and accept firearms.
  • 5. justin said on 2/10/2009 11:54:33 AM
    1) what would be a reasonable amount of start up cash (not counting my monthly utilities and rent)to get my pawn shop going?(no guns!)I live in Indiana.. thanks for all the good info! peace.
  • 6. Steve said on 2/25/2009 8:39:41 PM
    I was researching about opening a pawn shop , how do some shop operate without lincense where they say they buy your item and then give you 2wks to buy it back ? They charge 25 per hundred ? Dont understand
  • 7. Duncan said on 2/26/2009 11:21:58 PM
    I live in North Carolina, are you saying without being rich with excellent credit, then there is no reason to consider opening a pawn shop, in the little town I live in in Eastern NC a Pawn Shop would do well, I have a store in downtown across from courthouse that I can lease for $500 a month.(a old gas station)
  • 8. KEYS said on 3/1/2009 5:18:00 PM
    Thanks for the present information. I ask what offices or directives in business should be contacted and/or established in order to run a successful shop. Should a Jeweler be hired to examine precious metals & gems? Can firearms be traded or submitted for Pawn in NY with a license shown by the Pawnee? Is there a more comprehensive list of information that could walk me through the steps of opening this business, that weighs the pro's an con's of the business? I thank you for our attention to my inquiry.
  • 9. Mark said on 3/3/2009 1:43:46 PM
    1. How much should the aggregate net worth be in PA or where would i go to find that information.
    2. Also i was wondering pretty much the same things as KEYS.
    If anyone could help me that would be great, Thanks.
  • 10. Jon said on 3/4/2009 1:24:20 PM
    I want to open a pawn shop in wi. I went through a bankruptcy. is this going to cause a problem starting the business.
  • 11. Kamangu Tube said on 3/11/2009 3:41:40 AM
    Would love to know the requirements to start a Pawn Shop in Jacksonville, FL. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
  • 12. Shawn said on 3/15/2009 5:33:08 AM
    I, like Mark am interested in opening a pawn shop in PA. Are there any comprehensive courses that you can recommend regarding the business operations?
  • 13. Rick said on 3/18/2009 3:58:18 PM
    I want to open a pawn shop in Texas, How much should the aggregate net worth be? US$ 1 Million or more? 2. How much should the working capital be? Thanks for the present information. I ask what offices or directives in business should be contacted and/or established in order to run a successful shop. Should a Jeweler be hired to examine precious metals & gems? Can firearms be traded or submitted for Pawn in NY with a license shown by the Pawnee? Is there a more comprehensive list of information that could walk me through the steps of opening this business, that weighs the pro's an con's of the business? I thank you for our attention to my inquiry
  • 14. David said on 3/26/2009 8:12:53 PM
    I need any information on the licensing or permits other than a business license to open a pawn and pay day loan business at a single location in Tennessee. As of yet nobody has been able to answer my question. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  • 15. GT MURPHY said on 4/1/2009 7:02:02 AM
  • 16. philippines said on 5/11/2009 8:09:31 AM
    Philippines has the highest interest rate return of investment in less than 2 years surely possible. only $60k/branch for complete investment
  • 17. philippines said on 5/11/2009 8:17:50 AM
  • 18. ROB said on 5/16/2009 3:03:53 PM
  • 19. Dwayne said on 6/1/2009 4:24:22 PM
    I'm looking to start a pawn shop in a small town in Kansas, how much start up capital do you think I need, and do I need to be bonded?
  • 20. cassandra said on 6/18/2009 11:49:42 AM
    can a pawnshop loan on a vehicle if the person pawning that vehicle is not the person named on the title?
  • 21. jorge said on 6/23/2009 2:18:11 PM
    I want to open a pawn shop in Denver. where can i get the license?
  • 22. jabooh said on 7/4/2009 1:44:43 AM
    "written proof that you have garnered the "minimum" number of years of finical related experience."

    a)could you define a little more of the details of what minimum years would be ?

    b)could you define what kind of related experiences would be acceptable and an example of what might be unacceptable? thanks
  • 23. J.R. Downs said on 7/26/2009 1:01:55 PM
    I cant find an application on the web for my licenses to fill out to start a new pawn shop? Need help!
  • 24. jessica .n said on 7/26/2009 10:55:49 PM
    i want to open a pawn shop in PA. how much start up capital do i need.
  • 25. alon said on 7/27/2009 6:05:21 PM
    To all, each state have different regulations regarding pawnshop for example in Florida you need not to be a criminal you need a net worth of 50k and up, or to put down 10k in bond, this is in order to get a "license". about the working capital you need as much as you need to actually make a business for yourself, the more working capital you have the more money you can loan.
  • 26. alon said on 7/27/2009 6:06:33 PM
    in florida this is the website
  • 27. steve said on 7/30/2009 12:08:50 AM
    Can you own a pawn shop if you had a felony. Not in the last 20 yrs.
  • 28. James expert adviser said on 7/30/2009 8:19:44 AM
    @Steve, You can own a pawn shop if you had a felony but getting finances will be tough.

    Jestin James
    Startup Biz Hub - Senior Advisor (Staff)

  • 29. Jennette said on 8/2/2009 4:35:39 PM
    want to open a pawn shop in North Brunswick, NJ. How do I go about finding out what the rules & regulations are? How much interest you can charge? What you can and cant do? etc
  • 30. Lorraine said on 8/18/2009 5:30:57 PM
    This is a question for Michael in California. What city are you planning on opening your pawn shop? I do not have any specifics for California but I too am interested and thought we can share information if you are interested.
  • 31. carter said on 8/18/2009 8:40:50 PM
    I want to start a pawn shop in atlanta, ga. Any help that can be given would be greatly appreciated.
  • 32. cliff said on 8/30/2009 1:09:40 PM
    i want to open a pawm shop in miami, florida. where can i get the license and how much money do i need to start it up
  • 33. Richard said on 9/9/2009 10:39:25 PM
    I want to start a pawn shop up in IL. I was wondering does anyone know what I need to do to open one.
  • 34. dominico uno said on 9/17/2009 3:41:09 AM
    i want to open a pawn shop in Philippines, particularly in quezon city and nearby provinces anyone's help?
  • 35. Nancy said on 9/26/2009 1:20:27 PM
    This article is very helpful; I want to do business in California and now I know what I need to start. Thanks much.
  • 36. michael said on 9/28/2009 1:54:46 PM
    Hello. My name is Michael I Am 17 Years Old. And I Want To Start My Own Pawn Shop. If There is Anymore Information That Anyone Can Tell Me To Help Me Out. Plz Email Me At thanks.
  • 37. Ruben Zaragoza said on 10/4/2009 11:07:42 AM
    I want to start a Pawn business but i do not have a building. Can I do it from home? If so what do I need to get started. I live in Dallas, TX.
  • 38. Jon said on 10/17/2009 10:27:14 PM
    I have worked in a smaller sized pawn shop for the past 4 years and have a vast knowledge of how the business is ran and what things need to be consider when starting the pit falls. If you want to chat or need some help let me know. I would like to start my own shop but I will need at least $25,000 to $30,000. Most of your money is the interest you make not on the goods that you get. The state I am in you can get about 35% return on your money in the form of interest. I have seen people put this in pawn for $100 and leave it their for a year and pay $350 in interest and reclaim it at the end. Their is good money here.
  • 39. patricia deleon said on 10/20/2009 7:15:54 AM
    Is the government grands and loans available for start up if I wanted to start open a Pawn Shop? Also does it matter what area I am in? I live in a very small town, and there is only one shopping center literally! and the next town over is the same way. Not to sound bias, but the area is mostly made up of cacians. The next town over has more of a mixed vibe, and it's known for a diverse population, should I consider having my business there. If I didn't open it up in our town, I don't want my kids getting a bad rep at school. that is how small this town is. I also want to know with my antique background can I use that for a cover in the name instead of using Pawn shop in the name. Is there another name to use? I mean is there other names I could use and incorporate my antiques so I maybe can stay in my hometown as well, the reason I ask is because where I live I can work from my home. I have a real dilemma, having space to use for a business but how to word it, any ideas?
  • 40. Soon2bRichBitch said on 10/23/2009 7:06:38 AM
    looking to open pawn shop in new york city if anyone has information on how to get a license?
  • 41. shawn beginner adviser said on 10/30/2009 9:33:23 PM
    anyone wanting to open a pawn shop should reply back to me. I am willing to talk about helping "you" get in the business.

    I would like to sell some type of "franchise", where I could provide inventory and knowledge to get "you" up and operating and then provide support till "you" get it.

    I of course would need to take a cut of "your" business for this. I would rather be a consultant for you than work at my brick and morter.

    You could even come work at one of my stores for training. I have an open mind and would like to hear some thoughts on this idea.

  • 42. Ed said on 11/1/2009 3:37:32 AM
    I would like to open a pawn shop in colorado, who do I contact about getting a license, and minimum capital to start
  • 43. shawn beginner adviser said on 11/1/2009 7:35:57 PM
    Ed, Go to the court house to the planning department, and the business license place. They will let you know any special codes associated with pawnshops. County to county, city to city the codes are different so go check, they will tell you what you need to operate a store. Minimal capital?? I would say after all remodeling and stocking your shelves with inventory you would want no less than about 20k in cash and that # assumes very little 5k/mo.

  • 44. Winston Doyle said on 11/2/2009 12:24:30 AM
    I can help on a commercial basis. Recently retired, I have had 50 years experience as owner of a group of pawnshops in Sydney, Australia.
  • 45. luke Wilson said on 11/3/2009 8:35:38 PM
    Could anyone help me with the requirements for Arkansas to get your license. Also if you can get a license with a felony. This website has been very helpful. Any response would be greatly appreciated.
  • 46. Eddie said on 11/9/2009 3:10:31 PM
    I am interested in opening a pawn shop in nw fla, can anyone help w/ requirements and any helpful info.
  • 47. Kim said on 11/17/2009 5:28:08 PM
    I need any information on the start up cash, rules, regulations, licensing or permits to add a pawn business at my existing business location in North Georgia. I already have an established business and want to add it as an addition. Thank you
  • 48. veronica fuentes beginner adviser said on 11/18/2009 12:06:42 PM
  • 49. veronica fuentes beginner adviser said on 11/18/2009 12:07:30 PM
  • 50. armando serrano said on 11/21/2009 4:52:34 PM
    I am looking information of a broker to open a pawn shop and license to buy gold, I am located in a jewelry mart in los angeles and I have an established business. I been told that you need a expediter broker, it is truth? please help me to find out thank you Aserrano
  • 51. Scott Edgell said on 12/5/2009 11:35:51 PM
    I am seriously interested in opening a pawn shop in eastern PA. I have capital, and little knowledge of the industry. I would be interested in Shawn's offer above and would also enjoy speaking with any others in eastern PA that would be interested in starting a venture. I have a partner who is currently an executive in the finance industry. Please feel free to contact me
  • 52. steve shapiro said on 12/11/2009 4:49:19 AM
    NY, New York. How can i open pawn shop in N.Y. and license for this. Thank you.
  • 53. DAVID J. BARFIELD said on 12/16/2009 4:54:22 PM
    Need more help in starting a pawn shop. DALLAS, TEXAS USA
  • 54. danny said on 12/16/2009 5:45:03 PM
    SHAWN...Hey I'm located in Queens, New York. Interested in your business proposal about helping start up a pawn shop. Got, what I think is a great location. Thanks
  • 55. JOHNNY GARCIA said on 12/19/2009 5:08:09 PM
    i need info on licensing and all basic info on opening a pawn shop. i have $150,000.00 dollars cash available and i also have a partner that has run several shops as a area manager for a large national chain hear in miami for the last 4 years so experience isn't an issue. but i still need so sound advice location i have percentage in area is 25% on loans that is the going rate in this area of town. please help in any advice would be very much appreciated you call me or e/mail 786-278-4400 /
  • 56. Paul said on 12/23/2009 4:33:31 PM
    Live in Virginia. Trying to open up a Pawn shop here. Ran a large pawn shop for a year when I got there they made $83,000.00 a month when I left we were making $102,000.00 per month. Can help anyone with advice on daily running of a pawn shop. Possible looking for investors. Different requirements for different states so don't ask me license questions. Would consult and can give you clear and precise answer on day to day business. Paul 757-236-6730
  • 57. aaron said on 12/28/2009 8:33:04 AM
    I'm looking to start a Pawn Shop in Central Pennsylvania. Where would I be able to obtain all the information I would need to start the business? ie. licenses, reports and net worth or start up capital?
  • 58. Michael Collins said on 12/29/2009 12:29:48 AM
    This is good business, hassle-free. In a country like Uganda, where access to finance is difficult, pawn business would help a great deal. Please provide some little more literature about the business.
  • 59. tom reed said on 1/2/2010 6:54:33 PM
    I'm looking to start up a pawn shop in kentucky were can i go to find out what i need to know
  • 60. Jason said on 1/2/2010 9:54:07 PM
    I'm opening a pawn shop in Hamilton, MI and I'm wondering was is maximum charge that i can charge for storage and handling fees?
  • 61. Gary said on 1/3/2010 10:05:43 PM
    What is the maximum interest and fees that can be charged in Tennessee?
  • 62. Gavin said on 1/6/2010 2:06:39 PM
    Need help, want to open a pawn shop in central jersey. Was thinking about taking someone on as a partner. Or possibly we could share and exchange info? Gavin, 484-686-4426, Email:
  • 63. kelly warmoth said on 1/8/2010 6:13:43 PM
    what are the licensing procedures for a pawn shop in my area. Butte Montana, USA 59701 Silverbow County.
  • 64. Jake Smith said on 1/11/2010 9:11:37 AM
    I am looking to start a pawn business in Michigan. I was wondering if someone could let me know the process. What it takes to get the license, positives and negatives of the business. Anything that would help me in my journey. Thank You, Jake
  • 65. John Madsen said on 1/12/2010 4:28:51 PM
    I would like to start a pawn shop just west of Nashville tn asap, before someone else does, great location. I don't really know what i am doing, so I need all the help i can get. Have about 20,000 in capital. will that work.
  • 66. John P said on 1/13/2010 11:29:09 PM
    I would like to open a pawn shop in southwest Colorado. who, what and where do I do to start up and besides the budding expense what would I need to start in $$$$ ??
  • 67. Carli DiPaola said on 1/18/2010 10:39:53 AM
    I am looking to start a pawn shop in a little town called Caro, Michigan in Tuscola County. Can you please send me the information on what I need to start this business? Such as licensing, permits, and etc.? Thank you so much!!
  • 68. elmer cramer said on 1/20/2010 6:01:43 PM
    I'm wanting to open a pawn shop in stafford, virginia and i needed to know what requirements this state has for being bonded and the laws around opening one. Thanks for your time.
  • 69. Chad C said on 1/26/2010 1:30:27 PM
    I'm wanting to open a pawn shop in a small town in WV. I'm looking for someone local who can help me get started. You can contact me at I already have some inventory and a very nicely located building. I would appreciate any help on getting this started you can offer.
  • 70. sheldon said on 1/30/2010 5:10:49 PM
    yes i have a couple of questions about starting a pawn shop, is there anyone that knows a lot that could give me there phone number to call them and ask them some questions?
  • 71. Michael Vuong said on 2/3/2010 4:29:08 PM
    i want to open the pawn shop in dallas texas, i heard you have to send the report to pawn shop controller every day. do you know where the phone and address, also what is the format for the reports. thanks for your help
  • 72. Adam G said on 2/6/2010 6:46:04 AM
    Hi ya'll, this information is great. I am considering opening a pawn shop/hunting/outdoor business in central WV. All help or advise is appreciated. Please contact me @
  • 73. Adam G said on 2/6/2010 6:50:41 AM
    To Chad C: Where in WV are you located? I'm in Clay County. Would love to hear back from you I believe in our state, pawning and especially outdoor sporting goods is a very profitable business. Let me know if you're interested. Thanks.
  • 74. aaron maxson said on 2/8/2010 12:02:06 AM
    Hello, I am looking for anyone with information on obtaining a pawnbrokers license in phoenix arizona.
  • 75. Glo said on 2/9/2010 1:05:57 PM
    Federal law states PAWN LICENSE does not entitle one to do loans on anything that needs a title. THEN HOW CAN YOU DO TITLE LOANS? Please advise!!!:-)
  • 76. Munee said on 2/15/2010 1:58:13 AM
    Looking for a partner in a pawn shop located in cleveland oh. I have around 20k & some contacts. My # is 216-630-8401! Please feel free to buzz me...,,,
  • 77. Kenneth D Ramsey said on 2/16/2010 6:51:28 AM
    I live in Oklahoma City Oklahoma and have ordered your cd rom and i was wondering how many years you have in this business and if a person after reading your program if they have any questions of they can contact you personally for your insight on the question. Ken ps as per say i want also to do a pawn a car
  • 78. tom said on 2/17/2010 2:14:34 PM
    I have been in the business for 20 years. I am also a consultant. I would come to your business and train you for up to 30 days. It is a cost that could be rolled into your business expense. I have opened over 25 locations. Some private and some corporate locations. I am a member of the NPA. The national pawnbrokers association. What I can teach you in 30 days will make sure you do not make the costly mistakes every pawnbroker has made. Valuations of gold, diamonds, electronics, wholesalers who you can open accounts with, Diamond wholesalers who will give you diamonds to sell for free on consignment. Gold refiners that pay 99% of gold value. I have done it all. Things you should expect being a pawnbroker. 60 hour weeks, security issues, theft, dealing with local police departments, reporting your items to the Police, dealing with people who are not in a good mood a lot of times, location, location, location, STRESS, STRESS, STRESS. This business is not like Pawn Stars. They are in a unique business location and they are on TV. You can email me at
  • 79. kellie robertson said on 2/19/2010 10:22:53 AM
    canton pa. i need information on how to start up a pawnshop what i need to get as in license, insurance and any other information that could help me. thanks
  • 80. Charles said on 2/23/2010 10:39:38 AM
    I grew up in a VERY musical family. Music was regarded as priority. Study. Practice. Understand what the magical theory can do. After school, I sold Yamaha, Steinway, Baldwin, and literally 100's of other brands. I lived in a paradise of fine woods, brilliant mechanical engineering, and the 12,000+ individual pieces are the DNA found in the world’s finest grand pianos.

    Synthesizers, digital pianos, and hybrids etc. I play very seriously. That is to say.......I play....very....seriously..:) Bach, Beethoven, and the Boys! I know everything about guitars, acoustic/electric. Brass, strings, percussion, It's my greatest passion. The beauty of each and every instrument. The beautiful sadness....cheerful Ragtime.. An $200,000.00 Bosendorfer CONCERT GRAND PERFECTION! Or....a simple .25cent Kazoo ~ I love that I am one of the fortunate few, so grateful, I am always happy, even when I'm furious.. Teaching a room full of phd's the fundamentals of theory......nothing better. PLUS

    I can sell. I believe in it. I'm clean cut and a seasoned pro. at forty. Been around the world to learn. 20 years! Still, there's much room for improvement. Much more to learn indeed! The economy. Nearly 50% of top-notch piano stores sank. We sank. It's been month's and my head hangs....slumped.. gets worse... you know.. A Long time ago, when i was much younger, i wound up with a felony conviction. My father, being an attorney, went home that day, and shaved his ass. That single felony has slammed every door... in my face. I thought that's what the losers said. The negative nellys. The lazy good for nuthin's that were stuck in the mud. I couldn't believe. I still can't believe. Once you've crossed into the land of the convicted, forever more, you're, "one of them." The people in this business KNOW I'm a true professional. They KNOW I recognize quality. They TRUST me, etc... But, when it comes down to making a choice, I'm a potential liability. I understand. Honestly. Not anger. Nor bitter. Nor vengeful.. nor cheated.... I respect our laws. Hopelessness is.. to slowly suffocate..out.. run out.. No wife, no kids, no, nobody really. INFJ. . . .

    But sssSSSHHHH!!! ...WAIT!!! I SEEE it. IT! I'll be back in my element (sort of) with my OWN shop! I recognize quality. I know what'll sell etc... I'd create the CLEANEST TOP QUALITY PAWN SHOP ~ EVER!!! I'll need to start learning NOW! A RAY of LIGHT!! learn and learn and LEARN!!! I haven't felt ...haven't....~f e l t ~...months. Laugh! I have found The Holy Grail!!!!! I am living in the FASTEST GROWING tri-county area, in the COUNTRY! Open up the window shades! Where's my KAZOOOOO!!!! :) .....then I read about the... "no filthy felons allowed".. part email me ~ i'll send you a kazoo ~ fun!
  • 81. mark schatzman said on 2/25/2010 7:44:34 PM
    I am interested in opening a pawn shop in harrison ohio usa I read through some of the code of ordinances. Is it true that each state dictates what interest you can charge on a loan & the amount of time you have to hold a persons item. Other areas i'm interested in are KY & IN. What info. can you give me about these areas. Thanks Mark
  • 82. Max said on 3/2/2010 4:25:51 AM
    Hello, I am currently interested in any information on opening a pawnshop in the Phoenix metro area. I would like to speak with anyone that might have some info on the subject or that has the same interest. contact me at
  • 83. J.D. said on 3/2/2010 5:36:14 PM
    I am interested in starting a pawn shop in colorado, if anyone has any info that would help me get started please contact me.
  • 84. Jeremy said on 3/4/2010 10:52:55 PM
    How much monetary capital would it take to open a pawn shop in lakeland, Florida if i already have all the inventory
  • 85. James said on 3/7/2010 5:07:14 PM
    I like to open a pawn shop in michigan. How much capital and how do I get a license and information how to contact. thank you.
  • 86. Brenda Morrison said on 3/12/2010 1:12:28 PM
    I live in a rural area (Rowland, North Carolina) i would like to know the requirements for North Carolina such as how aggregate amount and assets.
  • 87. William Lucas said on 3/12/2010 5:34:08 PM
    I run a very prominent store in West Virginia I have been running for 3 years now and would be glad to help you get started as I was a new guy @ 1 time and spent thousand learning the ropes, laws, bonds, and licenses, I would maybe even consider for a small fee helping you get started on your business, as i have a little free time now. Most states are the same as for the laws, Some cities have a Bond you have to get but most it paper work and money I have help a friend in florida get 1 started and he is doing great now. If you need any advice just ask. William
  • 88. Tim said on 3/15/2010 11:15:35 PM
    William Lucas, I would be interested in hearing your offer for the "new guy". I am outside of Buffalo, NY. I have been researching the pawn business for 6 months but realize nothing beats hands on knowledge. Start up inventory, store size and security along with what are the best items to focus on are just a few of my questions. Tim
  • 89. Ed said on 3/19/2010 6:08:59 PM
    Central Kentucky. I am interested in opening a pawn shop and was looking for a reasonable estimate of initial operating capital, after stocking store etc. My proforma monthly is around $3500. What is a reasonable amount in reserve for pawns?
  • 90. payam said on 3/31/2010 4:26:38 AM
    hi i need information, to open a pawn shop in boston ma, can some one help me to find out how to start, Thanks,
  • 91. YosefMama said on 4/1/2010 6:01:49 PM
    First off, I find it horribly sad that most of you fail-entrepreneurs will not take the simple advice and CALL YOUR LOCAL GOVERNING BODY AND ASK ABOUT THE SPECIFICS YOURSELVES. The internet just widens the gap of 'potential' for successful business. With that said, I have a question for those that have worked for or owned a pawn/loan business.

    Do you think it's smarter to start small, for the sake of small risk, with the intention of growing quickly and roughly planning for such? Or do you start bigger with a decent existing inventory and try to hit the ground running a marathon?

    I have a situation where I have plenty of real estate to choose from, in all sizes, but still in an area where an establish would flourish. It gives me the ability to quickly plan for a bigger space, even on the same block, but never committing unless I had it perfect.
  • 92. hugo duarte said on 4/5/2010 8:41:24 PM
    1902 w. university dr. edinburg tx 78539. is there such licenses for pawning. for a maximum for two months to lend customers. I've heard their is a license for the amount of $3,000.00 dollars that operates as a pawn
  • 93. larry said on 4/6/2010 12:26:32 AM
  • 94. josh said on 4/18/2010 3:38:05 PM
    If you are looking to buy a pawn shop that is well established let me know. I have three successful shops located in VA. Been open 13, 9, & 3 years. I enjoy the heck out of it. I enjoy money too, so none of my shops would come cheap. Let me know if your interested, and I'll keep checking this post.
  • 95. John said on 4/26/2010 9:11:55 PM
    Like every business in America, you need $$; lots and lots of $$. And immaculate credit. Which sucks because I have neither and don't know anyone who would be willing to loan me the hundreds of thousands it would take. America is a land of opportunity, if you already have the $$. Very hard to start anything from scratch these days.
  • 96. George said on 5/18/2010 11:59:45 PM
    Hi, Interested in opening Pawn Shop in Washington State and looking for a partner or anyone who has info or can help me with getting it started. Contact: and lets talk.
  • 97. Kiran said on 5/24/2010 8:31:54 AM
    josh in Virginia.....I am in Virginia and am looking to open or even purchase existing store......please contact me at ....thanks, and also anyone with info on Virginia laws to start Pawnshop.....
  • 98. fatmira lezo on 29/5/2010 said on 5/29/2010 7:32:26 PM
    Hi, Interested in opening Pawn Shop in albania. How much capital and haw much monetary would, and how do i get a license can help me pl with getting it started contact
  • 99. mina said on 5/29/2010 7:54:03 PM
    I like to open a pawn shop in europ plais like albenia. how can i do fast contact
  • 100. chris said on 6/2/2010 3:07:52 PM
    Andrews n.c. i'm wanting to open a pawn and gun shop. with about 1800 people in the city 26000 in the county. there's a pawnshop about 10 miles in the next town. could i be successful.
  • 101. Jerry Cunningham said on 6/11/2010 7:51:46 AM
    Please advise of these and any others to contact me at about consulting on a new pawn operation in Knoxville, TN. Also interested in any Pawn Software to setup new biz.
    93. Tom on 2/17/2010 2:14:34 PM at call me at (865) 522-0800 or email me at
    104. William Lucas on 3/12/2010 5:34:08 PM please call me at (865) 522-0800 or email me at
  • 102. al said on 6/11/2010 9:21:52 AM
    Duncan, Okla 73533 i am retired and i want to open a small pawn shop, i am not going to deal with any kind guns because of to many gun laws at this time, where do i start as far as for getting a lic and where is a good place to learn about jewelry, thanks al
  • 103. Jermaine Steele said on 6/15/2010 1:30:43 PM
    Well I am not looking to start a pawn shop but an electronics store and am in California. Lemoore to be exact and there is potential here for growth like crazy and no electronics store here except expensive radio shack.. Anyone interested in partnering or investing please E-mail me thanks. Jermaine Steele
  • 104. laura bermillo said on 6/17/2010 7:53:50 PM
    hello, how can i start pawnshop here in angeles city pampanga philippines , because i have no idea how to make it , but i really want to start a pawnshop business , where can i find good location , good stuffs, and how to start it, what i need to do first?? how much the capital?? how much i need to start it?? please teach me, if can please give some busi. proposal . thanks , etc. please respond to me , thanks..
  • 105. Brett Janisch said on 6/30/2010 1:18:19 AM
    i want to start a pawn shop and do i have to give loans or could i just give them the money for the item and i keep the item for my shop to sell.
  • 106. Wes said on 7/1/2010 2:04:02 PM
    Brett you would need to check into becoming a second hand dealer. Which means you are only buying merchandise and reselling but not offering cash collateral loans like a pawnbroker would. You would still have a holding period maybe 15 days and be required to file paperwork with your local police agency. Once the 15 day or your states holding period is over you can then enter the item into your stores inventory and sell it. Hope this helps.
  • 107. patricia stueber said on 7/6/2010 1:38:20 PM
    Westmont, IL. How do I find out the state requirement for funds needed to start, pawn shop?
  • 108. carl said on 7/17/2010 7:27:30 PM
    Want to open a vacant pawn shop in Duluth Minnesota. Looking for partner to setup and run store day to day.
  • 109. Jeff said on 7/19/2010 9:48:47 AM
    William Lucas, I live in kentucky, probably not far from you since your West Virginia, but we have wanted to start a pawn shop in my small town in Kentucky for a while, just don't know how to get started and what kind of capital you need. Would you be willing to help me out and answer some questions? I would be interested in hiring you for a small fee to help me. Please give me your email or something to contact you.
  • 110. Jim said on 7/22/2010 11:53:58 PM
    As a pawn shop owner in Michigan i can tell you this. Do not start "pawning" at first if you have a lower capital to start. Start it "Ricko's better then a Pawn Shop" still getting the pawn shop in the title but not putting yourself just as a pawn shop. Just BUY-SELL-TRADE for will make a decent living doing it. How much to start with? the more ya got the more you will make. In my first pawn shop i actually opened it with 5k...yes that's right $5,000 bucks. And 6 months after that my net worth with my business was over 25-30k and returning my investment fast! Just be in contact with local police and be helpful to then. If you piss them off they will have you closed in no time. After the first 6-12 months then get your pawn shop license and start pawning. This of course is a start up plan for the lower income/lower startup costs. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask me. Thanks
  • 111. Jim said on 7/27/2010 12:26:12 AM
    Jim, Thanks for posting. I am thinking of buying an existing pawn shop versus starting one up. But after reading your story, I might change my mind. How can I get in touch with you to get more details on how you did it? After I get started, I would like to stay in touch. Thanks, LP
  • 112. Shawn Mitchell said on 7/31/2010 4:47:15 PM
    Jim, you have great advice. I had a pawn shop from 1991-98 and it was a great business, but a very tough business too. I have an antique and music shop these days and am thinking about getting back in the pawn business. Divorce pretty much ended my last time in the business, and the current economic conditions are making me think about doing it again. You are correct about the police, they can make it really tough on you if they want. I started with a small amount too, but here in Missouri they have a 50K minimum now.
  • 113. steve said on 8/11/2010 10:17:12 PM
    Wanting to start a gun shop/pawn shop in Florida can you give me any info. on where to start?
  • 114. destiny said on 8/13/2010 5:57:35 PM
    pawn shop i just have a question can you have a felony for hot checks and still get bonded to work in a pawn shop? thank you
  • 115. Rodney said on 8/22/2010 11:44:15 PM
    MY location is Rockmart GA. I'm looking to open a pawn shop or like i read in another response, A buy sale or trade shop. I have 25000. saved but i have bad credit. Is that a problem cause i have no credit line?
  • 116. Matt said on 8/23/2010 8:54:03 PM
    Wow, so many of you people "wanting, wanting, wanting!!" If any of you posters are actually serious about starting a pawn brokerage you wouldn't be asking such nonsensical questions. You'd have already answered them through your own research instead of hounding someone else to do it for you. That's what a REAL businessman would do.
  • 117. rodney said on 8/23/2010 9:49:24 PM
    To Matt i have own another buisness before and it does not hurt to ask and get all the information you can get. So why dont you mind your own and let the rest of us collect all the info we need. So MATT 133 Surf some where your welcome
  • 118. Arman said on 8/30/2010 12:38:20 PM
    I'm selling a inactive pawn shop license that can be used anywhere in Texas. contact me at 469-831-3454. please only serious callers. thanks
  • 119. David Fokala said on 9/9/2010 12:02:00 AM
    I like the valuable information Mr. Jim has contributed. He has openly shared his experiences in this business with people who want to do this business. He might not understand the help he has given in this difficult times. Please, Mr Jim can you give me your contact information or contact me at 301-602-8092. Thanks, David
  • 120. Vee said on 9/9/2010 3:09:20 PM
    Thank you for this helpful site. I like to open a pawnshop in California, mainly in San bernardino, or Riverside county, Looking for a partner who's work in this field and knows the ins and out of the business. Please email me If you are serious about running this business. Thank you!
  • 121. Amy Teal said on 9/18/2010 10:32:21 AM
    Leesburg, Ga 31763. please contact me on information on opening a title pawn thank you in advance 229-364-4287
  • 122. Phillip said on 9/23/2010 9:36:42 PM
    Hello, very interested in starting a pawnshop in my area which is near Louisville, in Kentucky. This has been a life long dream of mine, and my brother's LONG before the b.s. started by the show "Pawn Stars". Any information I could get, obtaining a license, start up cost, etc., Really hope someone can help me out!
  • 123. Jon Carreiro said on 9/30/2010 4:42:39 PM
    Hello , I AM going to open a pawn shop in MA I am 21 and recently lost my mother to cancer and I have plenty of capital to invest. I am really looking for a mentor to help answer my questions. I have spent hours and hours researching online developing a business plan but I still have so many questions. If a experienced pawn broker reads this And is willing to share his/her wisdom I would greatly appreciate it!!!! Jim I do think it is a tremendous idea to start off just selling buying trading especially for someone like me that doesn't have the experience yet. Please contact me . You can also search my email in facebook and find me. Thank you!!!!
  • 124. Jon Carreiro said on 9/30/2010 4:52:50 PM
    Jim you said you can buy sell and trade without a pawn license. What licenses would you need precious metals ? Also does vehicle fall under a traditional pawn license or are additional licenses required.
  • 125. Rafael said on 10/1/2010 3:37:54 AM
  • 126. fmvp said on 10/6/2010 7:10:50 PM
    have been managing 2 stores for 6 years now in so. fla. if you have a shop in the broward area and looking for the Old school peoples type pawnbroker to help i'm looking ! my pay has always been based on the working loans of the store. that being said i'm working in the 100k per year range. as far as opening a store it mainly depends on the city your looking into. some cities will only allow so many licenses to be printed thus limiting the amount of stores in there city.
  • 127. Dan said on 10/11/2010 7:33:22 AM
    Pawnshop owners- you'd be surprised at how much time a decent website could save you. I'm not talking about listing your merchandise online- that would be more trouble than its worth, and that's what ebay is for. A website can, however, provide your potential patrons with valuable information that will save you time explaining things to them. Are there certain items that you specialize in buying or selling? Certain items you won't buy? Frequent questions that you're tired of answering? Documentation that your customers need to bring? Rules about merchandise? (No TVs without the remote control, for example?) Its 2010, and if someone's looking for your shop, they're gonna look online. If they find you online, they're gonna go to your website (if you have one). I specialize in making affordable websites that are VERY easy to maintain. (If you can use this forum, you can make changes to the text on your site.) Interested in a site? Send me an email at dan(at), and let's talk. Sites run between $400 to $3000, depending on how flashy you want me to make it. If it's just your store info, logo, and a few pages of text on a nice template with a few custom photos, plan on about $450, plus $80 if you want over-the-phone training. If you don't want to update it yourself, I can get you a good deal on maintenance services. Thanks! Dan
  • 128. alvin alaniz said on 10/17/2010 10:41:47 PM
    I'm Mexican and want to put a pawn shop but do not know how because I am manager of a company in Monterrey, call from mexico and we are the ones who pay more gold and silver throughout North the country, but I would open one in texas who can help me.
  • 129. Mark said on 10/18/2010 3:16:58 PM
    Jim, Can you please call me as I have some questions regarding opening a pawn business in my town. Mark, 810-728-6868
  • 130. shawn beginner adviser said on 12/15/2010 8:54:22 PM
    Its been a year since I posted to this topic....I am the one interested in helping others and myself be successful in the pawn business/business. It looks like there has been a ton of interest in opening pawn stores since I last posted. I have 3 successful locations and would be willing to train all the way from bottom to top leasing/licenses/pawning/vendors/all aspects of the business sell you inv for startup, etc and just a better way to run a pawnshop. Email me and lets see where it goes. ok email me at

  • 131. bill kirkland said on 12/21/2010 4:11:00 AM
    i am thinking about opening a pawn shop in south ga, i'm concerned about the requirements on the criminal back ground report. i have been charged for receiving stolen properties, but it was dropped from lack of evidence. i dont know if this will affect me from getting my license? if anyone know please help me.
  • 132. Randy said on 1/2/2011 11:17:59 AM
    Yorktown VA. have some money in money market but I am really leaning to opening a pawn store in Yorktown VA. Not working have owned a Kawasaki franchise but looking for something more laid back.I have a friend that owns a pawn shop and I have helped him when he needed someone. I enjoyed it but only helped with minor things. What I'm going to do is basically intern there for a few months.I still will need ANY help I can get. Thanks Randy
  • 133. April Clark said on 1/4/2011 11:52:59 AM
    My husband and I are wanting to open a pawn shop in Southwest Arkansas. Maybe Magnolia or Nashville...or even Prescott. I have no idea how to even begin this journey. Can you get the government loans?? What do you need to obtain a license and what about dealing with guns??
  • 134. April Clark said on 1/4/2011 11:54:31 AM
    I would also like to know how to figure out which community or city would be the best place to open the pawn shop. Is there any way to research that statistically?
  • 135. frank said on 1/5/2011 3:11:08 PM
    Jim, I read your comments and advice,on july 12th 2010, would like to talk to you. Frank from Michigan.
  • 136. frank said on 1/5/2011 3:15:18 PM
    Jim this a corrected e-mail I believe my former one was sent with a typo error frank in Mi 2313602245
  • 137. RAJESH said on 1/7/2011 12:10:42 AM
    i want to start a pawn shop in coimbatore 641044 tamilnadu india .please give the details how to apply for the license and all other formalities to be done to start the business.
  • 138. Roger W said on 1/15/2011 9:11:41 PM
    Adam G & Chad C, I', in WV too. How much progress have you guys made? Just getting started (research stage). A bunch of great questions and responses here.
  • 139. John said on 1/15/2011 10:48:52 PM
    Just by reading all of your the time everyone opens up a pawn shop there will be no room for anyone to make money in this business...has anyone bothered to research how many pawn shops that are opening and the pie is getting smaller..I'd think twice before investing in a pawn shop its a little too late...
  • 140. Jamey Keith said on 1/20/2011 3:15:20 PM
    April Clark: My partner and I are in the process of opening a pawn shop in Magnolia. I would advise Prescott because they have no pawn dealers that I know of. As to your other questions: To handle firearms you have to have an Federal Firearms License. I just got the information in to start that process so I cannot answer any questions about that. Grants I am not sure of either. Hopefully that will help you out. If you have anything else to ask please email me at
  • 141. robert said on 1/22/2011 1:19:39 PM
    I would like to open a pawn shop in a small town in Ohio. The shop would do well here. How much money would I need for my license and to get it off the ground?
  • 142. James said on 1/25/2011 1:39:22 PM
    I live in OKC and have over 20 years experience in the Pawn business. If anyone is looking for any info, advice or job would be more than willing to assist. You can e-mail me @
  • 143. Mike said on 1/31/2011 8:11:34 PM
    Hey Guys, I'm Mike I live in MA outside of Boston and have tried find a simple explanation on the MA State Laws to open a Pawn Shop. Can Someone who can help me out with so of the laws, tips, and way to go about opening a Pawn Shop.
  • 144. James said on 2/10/2011 4:16:27 PM
    How hard is the lic. to get. I'm in Texas and want to open a Pawn Shop and i'm have trouble finding good info on doing so. If there's anyone else in TX that can point me in the right direction?
  • 145. al rivera said on 2/12/2011 2:01:50 PM
    I am thinking of moving to the Joplin Nevada Missouri area. I cannot do the heavy work I have done for so many years due to a back operation I recently had. I would love to run a pawn shop. I am pretty knowledgeable in firearms and have dabbled in retail over the years. Anyone interested in help me can contact me at Thanks Al
  • 146. Teresa said on 2/14/2011 6:53:46 AM
    I would like to have a pawnshop in the Philippines and I dont have enough ideas on how much capital needed and how much is the requirement aggregate assets? I would be very glad if anybody can help me. Many thanks if you can email me at
  • 147. george said on 3/3/2011 7:47:44 PM
    Hi, I'm thinking to open Pawnshop business in Broward county(hollywood, MIramar, Fort laudedale) any one is selling business or any one willing to open second one? Any one in business correctly? I need a lot of info and advise. Please contact me if you can be helpful and i will be willing to pay for service. Currently I have Used car dealership in these Cities and would like to have pawnshops too. Thanks
  • 148. Mark Crain said on 3/3/2011 11:25:17 PM
    Thanks for this valuable info on starting your own biz! Very enlightening!
  • 149. Eric beginner adviser said on 3/14/2011 2:13:17 AM
    I have a friend who owns two pawn shops here in Indianapolis, Indiana and he makes a lot of money and he also works a ton of hours. Keep in mind you are going to be married to the business for sometime. The pawn business will take a lot of money to operate correctly. Just think of this say some new customer comes into your store and tries to pawn something and you have to tell him to come back next month when you have some more money or that his item is not nice enough. The word will spread like wild fire that you do not have any money to loan, so then people start to worry about you closing up with the items they have already pawned to you and your store. That will kill your business. I asked my friend one time and he said it takes about 150-200,000.00 to open up correctly and make it work. Most business operations fail due to lack of funds to float the business or being under capitalized. Just some advice to think about.
  • 150. Dusty said on 3/14/2011 10:10:49 AM
    I am interested in starting a pawn/gun shop in Albany Georgia, I am currently a partner in another small business totally unrelated to the pawn industry so I know how basic business licensing goes. Where can I get info on how to go about getting this started? I would like to know what all is involved and how much out of pocket money goes in getting it going.
  • 151. dan escalera said on 4/3/2011 7:33:05 PM
    looking for any info or kind souls to point me in the right direction on getting started in mankato minnesota for as cheaply as possible, i am very intense and very very focused when i do something i throw myself into it,eating breathing being what i am into and i truly believe that i can do this and have been dealing with pawn shops for over 20 years, please help if you can and thank you! really need to know what licenses needed to start-NO firearms,thanks again,Dan
  • 152. Lucius L. Dorise said on 4/8/2011 9:21:45 PM
    Dayton, OH. I'm trying to open up a pawn shop here in Ohio how much money do i need to start the business? Do I need a lot of insurance since I stay in a small city? And how much is the permit here. And i also want to sale guns; and how much is the gun permit.
  • 153. jesse california beginner adviser said on 5/11/2011 2:01:52 AM
    in California one needs two bonds for a license $ 20,000 and $100,000. the amount of start up capital would vary from location to location i would say a good amount to be at least $200,000 figure $25,000 for building and fixtures. $100,000 to loan and buy and $75,000 to Carry you over for the first year
  • 154. Dirty said on 5/14/2011 12:12:07 PM
    New York, wondering how to go about starting a pawn shop. No experience with working at pawn stores. If I have no credit, will I be able to get a loan? No felony charges. Miner drug charges on my record.
  • 155. ivan mark said on 5/21/2011 10:47:50 AM
    i have about 20 years experience in starting gold mining company. recently now am in Ghana. i need a partners business on this gold. have been working for Koficast gold mining company in Ghana. this company is a local mining company, but they sell in cheap price.if i see a partner to donate i will ship to his/her company with 40% deposit. if you have an interest you can reply to my
  • 156. NEW YORK said on 5/26/2011 11:35:02 AM
    I'm seriously interested in opening a pawn shop in NEW YORK Brooklyn or Manhattan. I have capital, and little knowledge of the industry. But I need more info to properly maintain this business I NEED SOME ONE TO TEACH ME AND TRAINING ME. I PAY FOR THIS... or 718-701-9246 LIVE A MASSAGE I CALL BACK
  • 157. Ricky Ly said on 6/6/2011 10:54:27 AM
    Want to own and profit from a business. I am an American and Cambodian citizen. I only have business skills and am here in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. I have not capital, so can you build a business here, and I be a part of it and profit?
  • 158. james m said on 6/13/2011 6:04:32 PM
    Whiteford, Harford County, Maryland 21160. No existing competition in the area. I'm thinking it is because of all of the requirements. Kind of like the requirements for running an hot dog and snow ball stand in this County in this State! Let me know if I'm wrong. I sure would like to be.
  • 159. Somalyca said on 6/21/2011 12:35:59 PM
    I want to open a pawn shop in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. I just want to know that how many capital should I have for running this business? Thanks.
  • 160. ayub said on 6/26/2011 2:47:25 AM
    i'm thinking about start my own business, is it good if start the pawnshop here in Albania? thankyou for all, Tirana albania. Or any one can suggest me a good business plan? what kind of business should be nice here?
  • 161. wesley said on 7/4/2011 11:19:04 AM
    Atmore AL USA I have this idea about a 24hr pawnshop near where I live its near a casino! I know it would be a risk but there are no 24hr pawnshops anywhere around. Do you think this would be a good idea?
  • 162. Michelle h said on 7/10/2011 7:24:29 PM
    I live in las Vegas NV and I am interested in opening a pawn shop. Please email me back with advise on how to get started etc etc.. i am very interested..
  • 163. Sonia Y said on 7/13/2011 3:22:53 PM
    I live in Guyana and i want to know how i can start a pawn shop business, what and what do i have to get in order to start my business.
  • 164. Savannah Davis said on 8/3/2011 12:41:14 PM
    You stated that "Written proof that you have garnered the required minimum number of years of finance related experience" - what exactly does this mean?? I live in Florida and wish to open a pawn shop, how would I find out the number of years that are required for Florida?
  • 165. Frank B said on 8/28/2011 9:43:53 AM
    Hello everybody,very good info.but I need a lot more! Anyone with info on starting a pawnshop in CT I would love to hear from you. Maybe teach me the ropes. take me under ur wing! I need to no everything. thanks in advance.
  • 166. Jimmie sizemore said on 9/20/2011 12:07:55 PM
    Looking to open in ky. How much capital will I need and what kind of advice can you give?
  • 167. Armando Gonzalez said on 9/24/2011 7:10:41 AM
    Can you advice me in how to open a pawn shop on line in New York?
  • 168. Robyn said on 10/4/2011 1:33:32 PM
    I have been in the Pawn business for over 20 years. I have opened and ran many. I now find myself wanted to have one of my own. I do not have the capital but all the experience. I live in Maryland and have a perfect location for one to be opened. Just need a partner to help with the funding. I am very up to date on how to run a pawn shop CORRECTLY. Many people do not know how to do this. Contact me if interested. email address is
  • 169. DANIEL said on 10/4/2011 9:40:45 PM
  • 170. Keith said on 10/6/2011 12:38:11 AM
    I am interested in opening a nontypical pawnshop in Florida. I have business degrees, and experience opening and running new businesses. I am 37, and unfortunately, just went through a foreclosure, so my credit is no longer perfect, and instead is ruined. I would love to partner with someone who is like me: honest, loyal, kind, and decent. I am fine with doing most of the work, and heavy lifting, if you would rather be less involved. I am very logical and reasonable, and easy to work with. If you are interested, or have any useful information to share, please email me at Looking forward to hearing from you! Thanks! Keith
  • 171. Keith said on 10/6/2011 12:40:45 AM
    Daniel, email me when you have a sec— Maybe we could work together... Keith
  • 172. Davis Brookings said on 10/27/2011 11:12:22 AM
    I own a jewelry store and a pawnshop in Ohio. I am looking for a partner to expand. The current location is perfectly situated and a business plan, showing growth for two additional licenses, is prepped. If you want to be part of a rapidly growing industry and invest in a solid future, please email me. *Serious inquiries only*
  • 173. ben said on 10/31/2011 2:55:20 AM
    I would like to run one a pawnshop here in the states then open others abroad here I think they will make a killing for my retirement.
  • 174. Chris said on 11/5/2011 12:06:48 AM
    @Davis Brookings I am in Ohio and have been wanting to get into the pawn business very seriously, What part of ohio are you in. I am in Wooster, If close maybe we could talk.
  • 175. lol said on 11/17/2011 7:20:16 PM
    If you post on the internet "I want to open a Pawn Shop" right there that should be your cue that you don't have what it takes to open, let alone, maintain a business.
  • 176. Ray said on 12/14/2011 3:03:02 PM
    Hello and Thank You for accepting my time Time and Concern. I am Eager to know what the Law and Requirements are to Open a Business in Pawn Shop. Verona -PA - 15147.Thank You Happy Holidays
  • 177. James said on 1/7/2012 10:29:33 AM
    Hello. Thank you for the information. I would like to be a pawn broker in Marietta, Georgia in United States. How much capital do I need and where do I go for licensing?
  • 178. Roxy said on 1/11/2012 11:21:04 AM
    I want to open a pawn shop in fl. I went through a bankruptcy 7 years ago is this going to cause a problem starting the business.
  • 179. Lynn Ng said on 1/13/2012 2:18:07 AM
    Hello, I have banking experience for over 16 yrs. I am very interested to find out more detail about start up business "pawn shop". Start up cost, revenue requirement or how much capital do I need and licensing. Thank you..... Lynn
  • 180. Sadie W. Alicea said on 1/18/2012 12:45:00 AM
    Huntsville, AL. How many years of finance related experience. do you need? And is this experience needed in the Pawn Shop business? Also how much is needed for start up cost?
  • 181. stout said on 1/19/2012 12:43:18 PM
    i am trying to open a buy sell, and trade store. i was wondering what kind of licenses i have to have for this buss., and what else i have to have. fulton county NY 12095
  • 182. GSmitH said on 1/20/2012 9:01:21 PM
    I am trying to open a pawn shop in Okc.ok . I have the experience and the capital. I am looking for a dedicated and hardworking partner, or just a silent partner. We can talk at
  • 183. sam said on 1/26/2012 1:00:14 AM
    I want to open a title pawn in atlanta ga. Need help of a experienced person who has some knowledge about. title pawn. My e mail is
  • 184. Red said on 1/26/2012 11:17:58 PM
    NE Florida-Is it just me? A few simple observations. I have never in my life read a compilation of the most stupid questions from lazy and pathetic people who want to do anything but get a job. It's so much easier to prey on people more desperate than you are. I have a better idea, "Hey I'm broke, why dont I open a bank? I have no money or credit. Would anyone like to be my partner?" Stars in your eyes cupcake.
  • 185. james scallion said on 1/30/2012 4:03:12 PM
    thinking of opening a pawn shop in mid size town in arkansas...tell me about bonding and what does "garnered" mean. when talking about experience in the financial it necessary to have an appraisal license ....really need sep by step after obtaining license...u have my email
  • 186. Richard Baggett said on 2/15/2012 10:36:13 PM
    I'm looking for a manager/partner in a new pawn shop that this person will setup & manage. Call me 337-540-1736
  • 187. frank rdz said on 2/20/2012 12:39:43 AM
    hello i'm interested in opening a pawnshop in brownsville tx how much would i need to get the license and do i need a bond?
  • 188. rickmaz said on 2/23/2012 1:52:31 PM
    i am interested in opening a pawm shop in toledo oh . Any one want to invest.
  • 189. DONNIE BOWMAN said on 4/7/2012 12:56:08 PM
  • 190. Patrick said on 4/11/2012 4:34:12 PM
    I recently returned from overseas trip and was impressed to see how various businesses are striving but one type of business: pawnshop is absence. Since returning to the States, I have started on a business plan to open up a Pawnshop business in one of the countries where there is total lack or none-existence of such business. The need is apparent and will no doubt take off immediately. I believe, there is so much money to be made in this market. I am actively looking for partner(s). If you are interested, please contact me first via email:
  • 191. Nick said on 4/21/2012 3:37:57 AM
    I would like to open a pawn shop in upstate new york. I need info and/or business partner... email
  • 192. Kurt said on 5/21/2012 8:03:04 PM
    Looking to Open a Pawn shop in Michigan, possibly Royal Oak. Looking for partner
  • 193. Kevin Ho said on 5/21/2012 10:07:23 PM
    I plan to open a pawn shop in Seattle WA. I am looking for some one can help me to get the license and step by step to build a pawn shop in Seattle WA. Thanks
  • 194. Mojalefa Elias said on 6/1/2012 3:57:21 AM
    I would like to open a pawn shop in Botshabelo,Free state,RSA. How much will capital i need and what kind of advices can you assist me with?
  • 195. Bobby Warren said on 6/6/2012 3:04:45 PM
    I live in Missouri and want to open a pawn shop in southern Missouri. What are the laws and license for my state?
  • 196. christian fox said on 6/11/2012 3:42:20 PM
  • 197. Alan said on 6/15/2012 3:30:50 AM
    Hello, I am a 25 year old businessman and I am looking for a partner to open up a pawn shop in California with. I am dedicated, hard working and thrive for success. If you're Interested and share similar qualities, Please get in touch with me via email:
  • 198. Mike Shelley said on 6/16/2012 3:08:00 AM
    I would like information on owning and operating a pawn shop business. I live in the Colunbia,SC area.
  • 199. Regina Payne said on 6/30/2012 10:05:48 AM
    Hi I was a pawn shop manager for 10yrs for a large international pawn shop. I want to own my own shop but I do not have the financing I know the business and have a great repoire in the Whitehaven neighborhood in Memphis Tennessee. Just need some help.
  • 200. Regina said on 7/8/2012 2:51:59 PM
    i would like to start an on line company to be a pawn broker is that possible and could i get some leads of where to go.
    ~i reside @ Kissimmee, FL
    ~do i need a license for this as well
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